Good morning everybody, how are you all?  I have had a week off from work and it was glorious. Now this is my first week back at work and I am running the shifts, what a start to the week. We have had a week of new starters at work and this means lots and lots of ID badges for the new staff and explanations about policies and procedures. 

Well I went to the gym today and tried to do some cardio, due to an injury I got some how, a week and a half ago I got a pain in my ankle, then it spread to the top of my foot and up the right side of my shin. It only hurts a little when I run or walk and basically move my foot. I can put weight on it or if I stand on it with no pain or discomfort, I’m not sure if my foot is bruised a little but it is a little swollen a little bit. I have taken painkillers and anti inflamitaries