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Who is Jack — July 24, 2014

Who is Jack

Jack is a 34 year old man, who is about 5ft 8 and is of medium build. Jack is not fat person but he is not to muscular either. Jack has short dark brown hair with it thinning on top; he also has a little bit of five o’clock shadow coming through as well. Jack is a little bit of a dreamer when he is relaxing, what I mean by this is that Jack knows he is destined for better things but as what he doesn’t know yet. He can sit and think of different jobs he would like to do such as working for Mi5 or Mi6 doing something in the lines of Jason Bourne. Perhaps he could be an instructor in combat defence, close quarter fighting, as he does takes lessons in self-defence. Maybe he could head a training department for physical interventions such as Control & Restraint, break away and self-defence for nurses in the community. This would make Jack very happy indeed as he doesn’t really enjoy what he is doing for work at the minute. Jack is often looking for that one great job that will make him wake up and smell the roses. Jack often checks for opportunities on the Mi5 website for something in security or something with excitement where he can progress. Jack has also thought about becoming a close protection officer but he found out there will be two much time spent away from his wife, also it costs a lot to do the training as well. Jack is not the richest guy but he isn’t poor but he has priorities to think of first.
Jack is a physically fit man as he does enjoy going to a gym which is about thirty minutes away from his house if he travels by foot. Jack would like to build his strength up and look a little more muscular, not to look good for others but for his own confidence. He has started looking up different healthy eating plans to go with his weight training or body transformation as some call it nowadays. Plus Jack has also been trying to find a good weights program for himself but has decided to try his own thing and it appears to be working well for him. As long as Jack goes to the gym and he can feel it burn the next day he will be happy. During the days he works out Jack like to do what is known as Interval Running, this is where he will walk for about one minute and fifteen seconds then run fast for either forty seconds. This will be done at least ten times in one session and this should help speed up his metabolism for the next twenty four hours. So the fat in his body gets burnt up quicker. There is also on a Tuesday Jack attends self-defence classes from 5:30 pm until 7:00pm in the local community hall; this is about a five to ten minute walk from Jacks house. This class combines a lot of punching and kicking combinations with blocks and a lot of fitness mixed in with the self-defence and pushes Jack to his limits at times. Jack would like to be teaching his own version of self-defence and fitness but just needs the opportunity to teach people and to be insured through a recognised company. Maybe have his own place to teach classes, set up with punch bags, mirrored walls, padded floor and shelving for extra gloves and pads for people that can’t afford their own. In the gym Jack will have a reception area and a seated area for relatives to sit and wait for students, toilets and maybe changing areas well. On in the back ground Jack will have music playing quietly but have the students to bring in their type of music too. This is one of Jacks goals in life, one of many ideas and dreams he has. What you need to realise about Jack is when he is at work he comes across as confident, strong willed and maybe a little bit of a rough, tough guy and can talk to anyone at any time with no problem. The thing is when you see him outside of work Jack comes across as shy when it comes to talking to strangers, confidence appears not as strong and as appearing as a rough tough guy well you will not see that. Like the saying goes don’t judge a book by its cover, as he can still stand his ground and hold his own. Jack would rather just walk away and not get involved if he can help it.

Jack is married to a beautiful woman who happens to be younger than himself, she is ten years younger than him, not that age is an issue. His wife is from east Europe and is very smart as well as beautiful. He met his wife at work who used to be a cleaner on the ward Jack worked on, as they started dating she had to stop working on the same ward, company policy. Jack works in a mental health hospital and has worked in all types of places from rest bite for you children with learning disabilities to elderly with dementia or Alzheimer’s. With this line of work Jack has experienced a lot of things and now he has learnt to phase it out and not let it bother him. After doing this sort of job for fourteen years you would think anyone could learn to not let things faze then too much. So as you can tell from his job Jack is a caring person who just wants to help people and make a difference. It is not a job were you will become famous or rich as health care assistants are not very well paid and in some places get looked down upon. Jack has found that the ones that do look down upon the health care assistants are the ones that sit in offices all day long and have minimal or no patient interaction. Jack has come to realise that in his mine of work, he will have to either go to college or university if he wants to progress which does not fill him with joy. Jack is a hard worker in his job and he loves being on the shop floor, being on the ward area not in the office or meetings. Jacks skills he uses and has learnt in his job which he finds most useful are verbal de-escalation and using physical control & restraint in aggressive situations. Unfortunately Jack is very good at dealing with potentially violent situations on and off the ward. So he is staffs usual first port of call and I suppose Jack has kind of got used to things being this way. Even though at times it still bothers Jack that he is used this way but he has learnt to accept it.

During Jacks story you will come across his style of healthy eat and his workout routine. How and what he is up to during his working hours plus we will come across any traveling he will be doing as Jack likes to travel a little bit as well. People he meets in and out of work and trusts me there are a few unusual characters in his life. Jacks all time goal which is just a dream really as he knows it will never happen to him is to be famous. Not to be that famous he can’t walk down the street but just enough he gets recognised by one or two people. It could be to be from writing a book of sorts, maybe news articles he has written or the best of all is from a movie or two he has been in. Not a huge role like a starring role but a gripping role for a character. Jack would like to be a successful writer but one of these writers that always sells a book or article no matter what and makes some good money. Jack is not one for having material things but he would work part time still as a health care assistant but then when he is not working he can be writing a book or a news article for a paper, making money from this. All Jack needs to do then is get his arse in gear and maybe start writing about something