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MY thoughts — April 27, 2016

MY thoughts

In my life things have started to pick up, I have been asked to write some articles for a modelling agency and I have picked up my game in doing English GCSE and have been put forward for the higher paper. It seems I have a knack for writing and writing in descriptive terms. Only if I had known this sooner I could have done something about this sooner and blogged sooner.

I enjoy writing as it lets me publicise my thoughts and feelings in a positive way and want people to know about it and it’s never a negative way. I work in a very stressful job working in mental health and working security in pubs in my local town. In these jobs I often come across conflict and aggression on a daily basis. I feel that I am good in both jobs and I am good at protecting people with the skills I have on a daily basis.

The passion I really have is for writing. This has been more visible since I started watching the well know American TV show Castle. I have just started blogging about thoughts and what I see on a daily basis but only writing on a weekly basis. In both my jobs I have to be careful what I write so I don’t breach confidentiality in my jobs. If I want to explain anything I have to change names and some circumstances so not too many people know what is what.

Knower days I keep fit by attending kickboxing classes with Pathfinder Martial Arts and going to the gym at Virgin Active. In this time I feel like a more positive person and feel a lot younger. Now I am feeling a lot better and fitter and also a lot more positive in myself and am a stronger person. People think I am a tough person with in my job roles but to be honest I am just a regular guy. I get worried every time I am confronted with aggression or someone that is feeling suicidal on a daily basis.

I want to be someone that is to be well known in writing whether it is in blogging or writing a book on mental health or dealing with situations. Which is what I deal with on a daily basis. I have become a stronger person in my jobs and love helping people in becoming a stronger person in dealing with conflict whether it be aggression in physical or verbal. I know I can deal with this if I have the right team behind me. Having the right team behind you makes all the difference in any situation. It makes me look at what I am capable of and looking around on the news today I think I would love training and the ability to train with the people that deal with terrorist conflict or riot training on a daily basis. I think I have the ability to fit in and take the banter from the men and women that deal and train in this.

But to be realistic I am now concentrating on writing or blogging. Some of the things I am given to write is about Fashion but most of the things I do write about is what I think about and have the ability at the time of writing. I am not at the top of my game in the fashion industry but do like to have some feedback or guidance in writing on these projects. But what you need to realise is that fate will catch us in some time or other will catch us up. So no matter what you keep having put in front of you relax and confirm and think relax. Things will get better if you want them to be.

So if you are a company that can maybe pay or give bursaries in writing maybe get in touch and let me know what you want writing about. In time I would like to become well known in writing or blogging for a company or internet company. I don’t mind what it is about and if the pay is decent I will write about anything the public wants.

Written by HUNTER

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Day One After the Incident — March 30, 2016

Day One After the Incident

Once Carl was secluded and the paper work for the seclusion was filled out Tim had been taken by the paramedics which had to attend and the ward manage went with him, they took him off to A&E. I was asked to do the incident report on what had happened. I went into the office and there must have been about five staff in the office and asked the other nurse in charge,

‘If you want me to do this report you will have to get the staff in the office to come into the day area while I do this’

She looked around and confidently got three staff to go into the day area for the next ten to fifteen minutes. As some of them walked out you could see the looks on their faces as if they had just been asked to do something terrible. As they walk off into the day area I notice that I get a few funny looks as I sit down at the desk to do the report.

‘Really, What’

I mouth to the staff staring in my direction. As soon as they see me mouthing they look away as if they had just been shamed. I spend the next ten minutes typing away on the computer what had happened, to who, when and where everything had happened and the threats to life made by Carl during the incident. After this was done I had to inform Carl’s social worker and the lead consultant for Carl and of course the local police officer as a serious assault had just happened. Once all this was done I took a look in the diary to see what was happening today, such as patients going into the community, cinema trip or family visits. There was something in the diary for a patient called Mark, he was going into town to buy some clothes if he wanted to buy anything but he just needed a little bit of support. I asked the nurse in charge if it was ok for me to take Mark into town for a change.

‘I don’t get to go out that much with the guys, so could I go?’

‘I don’t see why not I’ll mark you down to go’ said the nurse in charge.

I go back into the day area and see that one member of staff was serving breakfast to the patients and Mark was sitting smiling, just like he did most mornings, Now let me tell you Mark is one of those rare patients you think to yourself why is he here?, he did not disturb anything or anyone on the ward for at least four weeks. Then one day a patient tried to take some of his property and as a result of this Mark beat up the patient but luckily only manged to hit him twice before staff intervened and stopped him. Mark had a bit of a temper from here on in and he had told staff that he was trying his best to hold it together but the voices had got the better of him.  This must have been the worst incident that Mark had since he was with us, he usually kept it together well but occasionally came to staff for some support. So for someone who had been with us for about six to seven months and only ever had two or three big incidents, not bad going I say.

Mark had finished his breakfast and taken his stuff back to the kitchen for the staff to clean and asked for another coffee,

‘Strong coffee no sugar milk please’

In his rough gravel pit voice, he got this through years of smoking and when he went into hospital years ago he had a health scare of possible cancer but it was caught in time. I went over to him and sat with him.

‘You want a coffee too?’ said Mark

‘Please, same as you’ I replied.

We went and sat together at the dining table and Mark had ask if I was ok after seeing that incident earlier. This was always a great thing to hear especially from a patient, it kind of made the job feel more worthwhile to me. I let him know that I was ok and that it was unfortunately part and parcel of the job at times. But never mind and quickly changed the topic of conversation.

‘I’m taking you into town today, so you can maybe buy some new clothes’

‘Cool that’s going to be great, when we going?’ asked Mark.

I let him know that we would be leaving in about an hour which would make it around 10:45 am, once breakfast was finished and I would have done the paper work for him to leave the building to go into the community. The hour soon past getting everything done such as section 17 for leave and checking in Marks notes that it was up to date and if there was any restrictions on his section17. I got the nurse in charge to ring the reception to let them know that Mark was going out with staff for a few hours into town.  Once Mark was ready and paper work filled out Mark and myself walked off towards the reception area through three lots of locked doors and then one more set of doors to enter reception. Once the receptionist pressed a button on her desk which was behind a thick glass window, just like her own little office. Once the button was pressed a light above the door turned green and that meant we could go through the door. Mark swung the door open with it crashing against the wall and making us both laugh as it made the receptionist jump. I shut the door behind us both and handed to the receptionist Marks hospital I.D card which she kept until he returned and I handed in my keys and personal alarm, which every member of staff had to have on them. The receptionist pressed another button and held it and this turned another light above the outside door green so we could go through this door to the outside of the building.

‘I’LL open the door this time Mark’ giving him a cocky smile.

Mark looked at me with a smirk and walked out of the air lock and turned left out of the building.  We headed for five minutes’ walk up the road until we reach Clare Street, once we got there we turned down Clare Street and walked for another ten minutes, this was the main road into town from the hospital. Once we both got to town Mark suggested we go to Costa or another coffee shop. We walk down the main street to the first coffee shop and walk in, it only has one or two customers sitting down drinking whatever coffee they have ordered. Mark confidently walks up to the counter and then with a quiet voice orders his coffee and turns and asks,

‘What you want?’

‘Oh thanks, I’ll have a flat white, cheers’

‘One flat white with an extra shot please’ Mark says to the person making the coffee.

With his smile on his face Mark takes both coffees and sits by the window. Mark asks

‘Do you mind sitting here by the window to drink the coffee?’

‘Not at all I reply’ and smile to make him at ease.

We sit down and Mark is not much of a talker he often likes to sit there with his coffee and just watch people pass by. Sounds familiar, just like me. We sit there drinking our coffees and Mark looks over at me and tries to pull off a smile and says this is nice just sitting and chilling, to be fair Mark is right it is nice just to sit and chill like this. After about ten to fifteen minutes we finish the coffees and Mark takes the cups back up to the counter and says thank you to the person working behind the counter. I thank Mark for the coffee and we head out of the coffee shop and turn right out the shop and slowly walk up the high street looking in shop windows. Mark walks a few feet in front of me, as sometimes he does, just to make himself feel more confident and independent. Once Mark comes to a clothes shop he turns into it but quickly looking back to make sure I know where he is going and I give him a gentle nod and a smile to acknowledge this. Mark wonders slowly around the shop picking up T-shirts and folding them back up neatly, then looks at some trousers and picks out some combat trousers that are a dark blue but nearly look black. Mark wraps them over his arm and heads back to the T-shirts, after looking at the T-shirts for a while Mark picks out at least three polo shirts, white, grey and green and puts them over his arm with the trousers. I turn back to the door and pick up a basket for Mark and hand it to him.  Mark smiles and says,


Then continues shopping for clothes. Mark wonders off to the jackets and takes his time browsing while I just look and think about what I would buy, but I’m not here for myself it’s Marks time. Mark decides on a black jacket which is about waist length and has two pockets on the waist and two pockets on the chest area. It appears to be made from a denim material, but looks smart but casual as well. We head off to the cash desk and Mark is looking a little nervous, he sometimes struggles in confidence when it comes to paying for things. I let him know that I’ll walk up to the cash desk with him if he likes and place my hand on his shoulder for that reassurance feeling I think he needs. At this moment we walk up the young lady behind the desk smiles at Mark and greats him and Mark sighs as he places his clothes on the desk.

‘Would you like the hangers with these?’ she asks Mark.

‘No thanks’ is Marks reply.

Mark stairs down at the floor while the cashier puts everything through the till. The young lady lets Mark know that the total cost is £65.55 and Mark hands over £80as he only has twenty pound notes. Mark waits for his change and then we walk off together and off out the shop. Mark turns and says to me,

‘Dam that was difficult’

‘Why?’ I ask.

‘Don’t know, just was’ says Mark

‘Well you managed it with no problem, be pleased’

‘I am I suppose’ and Mark smiles.

Whilst walking slowly down the street looking in shop windows, Mark decides that he wants to go to a book shop and get a couple of books to read for when he has nothing to do or at bed time. So we head off to the local book shop that everyone seems to go to as it is cheap and cheerful. Once in the shop I ask to hold Marks bags so it would free his hands to look at books. Mark hands over the book and says

‘Thanks matey, glad you came’ said with a smirk.

Mark is looking in the self-help books and how to control your anger. He picks a thin book out and it’s by some doctor and Mark reads the back of it then reads one or two pages and decides this book seems to be ok. Then we head over to the fictional section and I stand there watching Mark gaze through the books and after about ten minutes Mark picks a thick book out and it is about some alien coming to earth and taking a woman to his planet where she becomes his queen, Some Sci-fi story.  Marks heads of to the cash desk and puts the two books down on the counter and says to the cashier

‘I’ll take just these two please’

‘That will be £13 pound altogether please’ says the cashier’

Mark hands over a £20 note and waits for the change, then Mark turns and walks to my direction. We must have been shopping for about an hour and Mark says

‘Let’s get another coffee to walk back with’

‘Ok, my treat this time ok’ I say

‘Yer right’ says Mark and walks back to the coffee shop.

Once in the coffee shop I order a skinny flat white and Mark asks for a regular flat white with an extra shot in it. Once we have the coffees I manage to pay this time just before Mark gets his money out. It took Mark longer as his hands are full with his shopping bags. We head out of the coffee shop and slowly walk back to the hospital and it must take us about 20 minutes to half an hour this time round as we are not in any hurry to get back. Once we are nearly back I chuck my coffee cup in a bin but Mark wants to keep his so he has his own cup on the ward for a while. I don’t know why he didn’t buy himself one when he was out in town. Coming back to the hospital we stand at the airlock door and wait for the light to turn green. Once green I push the door open and we both walk into the airlock and let the door shut. Once the receptionist hands over my keys and alarm and I attach them to my belt she presses the button to turn the light green and unlocks the door. Mark and I walk back to the ward. Once on the ward Mark hands over the two bags with the clothes and books as they have to be written down on his property list. I give Mark a search as per policy when anyone goes out they have to be searched and then let him into the day area.  Once Mark is in the day area he heads off to the toilet. I sit in the office and look for the property sheets to write the things Mark has brought. For a change there is only the nurse in charge sitting in the office. Once I have written everything down I take the things out of the bags and throw away the bags and hand over the clothes and book back to Mark.  Marks comes over and takes them from me and says,

‘Thanks for taking me I enjoyed it’

‘Me too’ I replied.

I head back into the office and enter a detailed entry in Marks notes about his visit into town, how his behaviour was, his interaction and whether there was any risk behaviours while out. This took me about 45 minutes to write the whole thing down on the computer.  Once this was done I signed off the computer and then the nurse in charge says

‘It’s not far from 1 o’clock why don’t you go home now, I’ll log you out on the system for 13:45’

‘I’m on a long day’ I reply

‘You ask need to take some of the time owing so we decided you could take some of it today’

‘OK’ I happily replied.

I get my stuff and head off back out of the building and walk home.

I know the ending is different from part one but you can pick which ending it could have. I just thought I’d try something different and have two endings for the day.







People Watching — March 29, 2016

People Watching

I’m sitting here in a coffee shop with my skinny flat white, not very adventurous coffee I know but I like simple coffee, none of this fancy flavoured coffee. But one thing I don’t mind is simple coffee with cinnamon in it, just to take the sharpness of the coffee away. I have decided to sit by one of the big panel windows in the coffee shop which is close to the entrance, so I can observe people passing me by but not actually seeing me. To be fair about 90% of us people watch but how many of us take things in and wonder ‘why?’ You can observe a lot of things if you just only take the time to do so and it can be very entertaining. I mean that you can watch people and imagine what they do for a living, what they do for fun or what type of person they could be.

Outside the shop the sun is trying to break through the clouds and you can see it is just a little bit breezy outside as well. Some of the people outside with long hair appear to have their hair blowing in the breeze. At certain points you can see the sun breaking out through the clouds and hitting the shop windows making it a bit dazzling in the reflection. But to be honest how nice is it to have the sun out and to enjoy it after such a bad winter and autumn.

Whilst I sit here looking outside I start to take note of the different people walking past the shop where I am sitting with my coffee. I see a young lad dressed in what appears to be dark grey track bottoms, white Nike high tops and a baggy black Adidas T-shirt, this appears to have a few stains on it. I think to myself he must have been hungry when he ate and spilt his food down him. He is walking down the street with a few friends and he walks as if he is very cock sure of himself, you know, confident. As he walks he talks very loud and constantly swearing and shoving his friends, the only thing I find wrong with this picture is that he walking down the street with his left hand down the front of his track bottoms. There is about three of them walking like this, what is this all about? Surely if their hands are cold put them in your pockets, just a thought. As I sit there looking one of the lads points over to what I think is my direction. They turn and head towards the coffee shop and stare in my general direction. I look down at my coffee and take a sip or two and think to myself, here comes trouble. But as they approach the coffee shop they then change direction and walk past. I put my coffee back down but still have hold of it whilst I continue to watch people.

I notice a man and a woman walking by and they appear to be in their late twenties to early thirties holding hands, both smiling at each other while they talk to each other. To me this makes me think Love does exist but you don’t see it that often, I mean true happiness and love together. The young woman must be about 5ft 5, medium build and long brown curly hair and quite pretty and he is about 5ft10 muscular build and very close cut hair and appears to be happy in her company. They walk close together holding hands and arms looking as if they are nearly intertwining. They appear to of been clothes shopping as she is carrying River Island bags and he is carrying a Burtons bag. As they walk along he bends over a little and kisses her straight on the lips and mutters something to her which makes her smile, my thought is that he must of kissed her and said something on the lines of ‘I love you’ but that’s just a guess. As they carry on walking the head off round the corner down another street and out of view. But as they disappear a woman comes storming round the corner like she is on a mission and she has no time for anything or anyone. As she comes round the corner holding her handbag inn her left hand and holding he mobile to her ear in the other hand and not watching where she is going. She walks straight into a young woman who probably in her early twenties. You can see that the woman in a rush drops her phone but just manages to catch it before it hits the floor. You can see that the two women must have exchanged a few words as both of them are pointing and shouting but to be fair the elder lady that was in a rush should have been paying attention to where she was rushing to. The younger lady that was walked into was looking in a shop window minding her own business. This just shows that if you are in a hurry just pay attention to how and where you are going to get there.

I must have been sitting in the coffee shop for about forty minutes now and decide to order another coffee, same as before, skinny flat white. I continue watching people pass by and wonder about them, where are they going, some in a rush and some appear to be taking their time. Some people look like that they are not in a hurry to get anywhere. Some people are dressed smart in a suit or a dress suit, some with briefcases and some with shoulder bags. There are a few people standing outside the coffee shop smoking and some sitting at tables for the shop smoking and drinking coffee. Some people look like they are late for work and some look like they are not going to work but just on a day out. There are one or two groups of people sitting in the coffee shop and having what appears to be a meetings, in these small groups one or two people have computers out working and typing when the people are talking in the small groups. As I look back out into the street I observe a very scruffy man that appears to be in his fifties but it is hard to tell as he appears to be dirty scruffy and not shaven in about four months or so. He appears to be drinking something out of a brown paper bag to which I can only thing is a whisky bottle as it is a smallish bottle. He appears to be a little unsteady on his feet but not too bad, that could be that he has had time to build up a tolerance for the alcohol but that’s just a guess really. As people are passing him by one or two appear to give him some money after he has said something them.

I have just picked up my second coffee and drank the last little bit off and took it back to the counter and thanked them for the coffee. I smile at the shop workers and head for the door, as I walk through the door a woman wearing sunglasses and a woolly beany hat barges through the door and nocks into me as I am already walking through. The lady tuts as she barges past and I respond to her,

‘I think the word is excuse me’

And with that she turns and says in reply,

‘Excuse me, what did you say?’

‘You heard’

And then just turn around and head out the door with a bit of a cocky smile on my face and head up the street. To be fair that lady did barge past as if she had the right of way. Some people are just rude in manors thinking the world owes them.  Some people are funny in the way they act in public and some just want to get on with life and not worry about others. So next time you have some free time just sit in a coffee shop and sit by the window and watch people pass by and turn their lives into something from your imagination.