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What Makes A Good Looking Man — May 20, 2017

What Makes A Good Looking Man

Good afternoon my fellow readers. I have gone a different way today and decided to try something different. What is it that makes a man good looking? Could it be the way his cheek bones are chiselled, the stubble on his face, his piercing eyes or his gleaming smile?

Some may say it is the way his muscles are developed, but does he know that he has a great body and uses it to his advantage and use others as an object? who’s to tell. Surely if he is good looking on the outside isn’t it important to be good looking on the inside?

Is it because he is famous and has an A lister life style, which could attract what he is looking for. This is nothing personal against good looking people. I am looking for people opinion and comments at the end of this.

Below I have looked for famous good looking people and not so famous good looking people. They have links under the photos so please follow it and read the articles as well.






Now below I have looked for non famous men who appear to be good looking. I would be interesting to see what people think of my selection on this at the end.




Now I know the second one is starting to become famous because of his piercing eyes and his chiselled looks but I think you get where I am going with this. Please go on the links and maybe leave comments at the end..

Badly Dressed Male Celebrities — May 15, 2017

Badly Dressed Male Celebrities

Well as I said I am going to write something different tonight. This time I am going to put a few things down about what has already been written as badly dressed celebrities. So anything I put down has been taken from articles about the top title.

Please click on the links at the bottom of the photos and feel free to read more about these articles.

pic 1

What can I say about the above photo. I am not really going to write much about these photos as the photos speak for them selves.

Pic 2

Out of all the photos, this is one of them that is not to bad. If you wear this you really need the chest muscle with a little hair to show it off.

pic 3

Wow is all I can say about this outfit. It is bright, colourful and out there. The man has stones to wear something like this and credit to him.

pic 4.jpg

This photo is not to bad, just he should leave the cloak off and different pair of shoes.

pic 5

Well to me this guy looks like he is wearing a quilted blanket. But like I said these photos have all come from different articles about celebrities dressing badly.

Well I hope you like the article and please feel free to use the links to read more about the articles online. Plus  maybe leave a comment on my blog page.

Celebrities Dressing Down —

Celebrities Dressing Down

Hello to my readers how are you all? I know I haven’t been doing any writing for a while. My computer has been very poorly. Now I have had it fixed and sorted, I can get back into writing and enjoy what I do. I was thinking about changing it around a little but we will see.

Today I am going to write about celebrities that dress like every day ordinary people like me and you.


In the first picture, we have Zac Efron who looks smart in what he is wearing even though he is looking casual. We see him dressing in grey suede ankle boots with blue worn style jeans with the classic role ups. On top of this he is sporting a black top with a brown worn style leather jacket with a woollen knitted scarf and the always fashionable Aviator sunglasses. This is a classic casual look that is always good when meeting friends for a drink in town for the day time. I personally dress like this and I like the look and I am 45 years of age.

Jude Law


In this photo, we have Jude Law in a state of dress down or casual wear. We see him sporting black Nike trainers with knee length baggy shorts. On top, he appears to be sporting a black top and over this he is wearing as we can see a black bomber style jacket with a zip up front.

For me this is the sort of thing to wear when slobbing around the house or in the garden. Plus, it could have been Jude Law off to the gym or a workout.

In this photo it appears he is shouting or calling out to the photographer.adam


In this photo, we have a photo of the famous actor Adam Sandler, who appears to look totally casual. We wee him sporting black basketball boots. We see him wearing what looks like shell suit style long shorts of a grey shinny colour(hmmm). On top he sports a white polo shirt with what appears to be red horizontal stripes.

This in my opinion is not a great look but that’s just my opinion. If it was me I would have worn a dark grey or black top or red shorts to match the stripes on the polo shirt.



Here we have Liam Hemsworth Known for The Hunger Games and Empire State. We have Liam sporting brown worn leather casual boots with casual fit worn style jeans with a matching brown belt. On the top, he is wearing a white T-shirt and over this he is wearing a blue machine knitted jumper.

This is my favourite style so far in all of the photos, the only difference is that Liam pulls this off better than most men I think. I do wear this style of outfit and it can be changed a little to make it look smart of casual. What I mean is you could wear smart shoes or change the top for a shirt.


Well I hope you enjoy what I have written. If you want more on these photos please click on the links at the bottom of the photos. Please feel free to leave comments on the blog pages