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People’s pet hates — November 23, 2016

People’s pet hates

I was at work the other day and I was eves dropping on people’s conversations. It amazes me on people’s pet hates. 

I was wondering what are other people’s pet hates. Please feel free to leave comments as I would find it interesting to read what others hate:

1- Two faced people, people nice to you but bitch behind your back.

2- People that claim to be brilliant at their jobs but are bloody lazy. 

3- People that can’t handle drinking alcohol. 

4- couples that moan and groan about their partners. 

What do you readers find annoying. Spread it around. 

Shopping  — November 20, 2016


Not long ago I decided to go shopping in Primark for some smart clothes. I couldn’t decide on what to buy. People moan about Primark but they do have some great clothes. I was wearing at the time a hat and a scarf with a jumper. Really I should of worn a slim fit shirt 👚 as I decided to try on some waistcoats. 

The waistcoats was smart but casual at the same time. But unfortunately they didn’t suit me very well. I am usually a medium to large in my tops including jackets. But unfortunately I had to try an X large in waistcoats. Don’t know why? 

Well that day I found out. Either I need to lose some wait around my waistline and build some muscle. Or it is just that they don’t suit me at all. So I decided to try and lose some wait with smaller portions and healthier food with more exercise. 
Well people have a great day. Look after your loved ones. Wish or say a prey for others that are less fortunate. Try do do something nice for someone and ask them to pay it forward. Be good people. 

Book — November 10, 2016


Finished chapter four so happy it going well. I am really enjoying writing this short story in my spare time. Think I’m going to call it Belonging to a new world. 

Photo shoot — November 4, 2016

Photo shoot

Not so long back I went for a shoot in London. I paid £50 but I got that back. It took about four hours overall. The thing that pissed me off was I was told to take someone to give me support. When I got there I was told I was not to have anyone with me. So after a heated discussion my wife had to go round London, Piccadilly entertaining herself. 
As you can imagine this pissed me off hugely but I did enjoy the shoot. So below I have a few shots from the shoot. 
Please let me know what you think 💭 

The Memoirs of an ordinary man  — November 2, 2016

The Memoirs of an ordinary man 

DAY 13,
I went to a the airport the past few weeks and it amazes me how rude and uncaring people can be so rude and selfish. When at the airport (won’t say what one) but a lot of airports it happens. 
I was waiting to hear the gate called for my flight and when it was called people started pushing and pushing people as the went to the called for gate. 
At the end of the day people will get on the flight and get their seat no matter what. No need to be rude and push people. I saw a young mum struggling with her child and people mainly men barging pass her and one moron knocked over the child but carried on walking. Tutting as he walked into her. If I had chance I could of knocked into him.  
On the way back people pushed and knocked into people when getting their hand luggage from the over head hold all. I had one person push me out way and as I got up I called him a few names and he acted as he could not see what he did wrong. If I had treated him the way he treated me I would of been band from flying. 
In my opinion flight crew should have the power of arrests or detaining and fine unruly passengers. There should be security on every flights. I know that there would be security staff on flights with powers of hand cuff unruly passengers and powers of detaining.