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Ordinary Life — September 23, 2018

Ordinary Life

It has been a while since I have been on here I suppose, I did think I had myself sorted but work been so busy and trying to go to the gym and kickboxing I am actually feeling worn out lately. I do actually think I am not eating enough through the day to fuel my body. Common mistake from what I hear around. So I have looked up what I need to do is up my carbs a little more, so I am starting to up my carbs as from today and I will see how it goes and if it doesn’t get better then I suppose I will go to the doctors to get advice. 

Work has been good lately and I have started to be the one running the shift more and more, all I can say is it has been interesting. only time will tell on this. What I have also been doing is looking for a new job to see what is on the horizon. Don’t get me wrong I love my job but I am looking for something I can climb the ladder with. I was sitting back and wishing I had more courage when I was younger and joined the police I would have aimed to join the armed police force and maybe tried to go higher something in the anti terrorism department I think it is called SCO19. This would be in my eyes an exciting job and an adrenalin filled job too. I have looked at the NCA at their jobs and it seems you have to be a police officer already. I did try to start with the specials in the police force but after passing the interviews and assessments I got told I am not able to join because I used to have seizures, so this stopped me joining. so was not happy about it. I have looked at Security, anything in security, I have looked at intelligence of any kind, finally at the MOD as well. I was sometime looking at applying for armed police officers for the MOD and no previous experience needed. So wish I had gone for that one. you snooze you lose is suppose.

I am going to keep looking and I believe something will come up for me. I have had a chilling weekend as I am actually feeling a little drained after  kickboxing Friday night and then the gym early Saturday morning. So I went for a walk around town on Saturday and as usual I went to my favourite coffee shop and had a large cappuccino with an extra shot and a ham and cheese panini. As I sat there eating and drinking I start to people watch , young families, old couples , sweet seeing them walk hand in hand as the waddle down the street smiling and talking. I was walking up the main high street and a group of young idiot kids pulling wheelies down the road pulling in front of cars. This did not go down well with the public and one woman stopped her car and shouted abuse at the kids, justified I would say. The little shits all crowded her car and they started getting mouthy at her. One lad pushed her back onto her car and then she smacked him in the face. He hit the floor like a sack of spuds. Some other members of the public came to her aid, not that it looked like she needed it, she had a stance like a fighter. The other people grabbed some of the louts and pushed them to the floor and told them quite harshly to go away. I can tell you I have never seen kids run so fast and one of them left his bike behind . Good on the woman nice slap too. This stupid dangerous stunt by kids is happening far to often in the town where I live and it will be the drivers that hit these idiots that will suffer for this. 

When I woke up Sunday morning I was aching so much I could hardly move and when I stood up I could feel my bones cracking all over , It did feel good though. So straight away I decided I was not going to go to the gym today as it would finish me off, rest day it is called. In fact I actually haven’t done much at all through the day so I have not got much to report for today. But one thing I am going to do is continue looking for jobs. I’ll be looking at the usual places, MOD and government websites, I need a more exciting job something that gets me thinking and looking at more things with an open mind. 

Well people I shall bid you a good day and hope you are all well, and stay safe out there people. There can be a few strange people out there and people you do not want to bump into when it starts to get dark. If you think someone is following cross the street and maybe walk back up the street and pop into a shop or a bar. If driving always keep a car distance between you and the car in front just in case you get some idiot trying to do road rage and that space will give you the distance to pull out and drive off. 

Good day people. stay safe.


Ordinary Day — September 13, 2018

Ordinary Day

Good day to you all, I hope you are all well and enjoying life. I am on my second day off today and in the next three days I will be working three 12 hours shifts, so that Friday, Saturday and Sunday. So I start at 07:00 and finish at 19:00 so this means as I walk to work I will get home about 19:30 and then I will have to cook food for the next day as well. I will not settle until about 20:00 but it is not to bad I do enjoy cooking. 

Well on my first day off I sadly woke at about 06:00 and could not settle down and go back to sleep. So I laid there looking through my social media on my phone, Facebook and Instagram for a while then played a few games on my phone, helps pass the time. Once I got up I made some breakfast which consisted of scrambled eggs and ham with some spring onions, delicious. Plus with this I had a few slices of crusty bread and a strong coffee. Once finished I got ready for the gym and wore my MyProtien gym wear and headed out the door. I went for a long walk around my local park and on my way around the park there was a few, what appeared to be drunks, a group of men staggering around and a few of them urinating in the bushes. The only thing wrong with that is there was a lot of people around the park and people off to work and school. There was also a few women out for a run as it is early and about 08:10. Heading into town I went to my favourite coffee shop (costa) and got my self a Cappuccino with an extra shot, then drank this as I walked to the gym. This must of took me about 40 minutes in all to get there, which is not to bad. 

Once set in the gym I started with a 30 minute run at a steady 10.5 pace and tried to set my mind straight so I did not get bored of running, I do tend to find usually I get bored after about 15 minutes but I managed ok this time. After my run I did my usual 9 holes but this time I did a 30-40 seconds run and then 2 minute walk as the treadmill raised and lowered, which did seem to go very quick. I went to do bench press set at 50kgs and managed only 3 sets of 10 reps. Once recovered I did leg raises, 4 sets of 20 leg raises which I do feel today. Moving on I did seated rows with weights set at 65 kg and managed 4 sets of 13 reps, which did take it out of me and finally moved on to shoulder press. With the shoulder press I managed 32.5kgs on both sides, I did do 12 reps and 4 sets. Finally I did 12 bicep curls with 4 sets and the weight was 25kgs. Once done which took about an hour at the gym, then I decided to walk the same way home which took me roughly about 35-40 minutes to get home. 

Once home I had a shower and got into my slobs, shorts and t-shirt and chilled. I made myself a milkshake from berries, milk, Greek yoghurt and a banana, filled me up for a short while, with this I decided to watch a film called Total recall. Once on the sofa watching this I suddenly woke up and as usual I had fallen asleep laying on the sofa and I had fallen asleep for a few hours. Once I finally woke up it was about 12:40 and I was starving but felt so tired and drained, I am feeling that a lot lately. To be honest I did have a good sleep not long after and I slept well in the night as well and I never sleep this much. It does feel good to catch up on your sleep.

When I went to bed finally and watched a movie I must of fell asleep while watching it, I had a weird dream again in the night. From what I can remember I was in bed and suddenly the quilt got tight around me and pinned my arms to my side. I started to float above my bed and then I could hear someone talking to me but could not make out what they was saying. I tried to call out ‘who is it’? but nothing came out, I tried this a number of times but still nothing. I floated down onto my mattress again and then there was a figure standing at the end of my bed. All I could see was a dark figure standing there and I could hardly make out their facial features but from the words I would hear I know it was a woman. This continued for what appeared to be another 10 minutes then the figure laughed and said see you soon and disappeared. Weird I know but that was just a dream……….. surely . Maybe I should get a Ouija board and see if there is a ghost trying to talk to me, funny idea I know. Any ideas on my dreams.

Well take it easy people. I hope you are doing well and please stay in touch .   

Ordinary Life — September 9, 2018

Ordinary Life

Good Afternoon everyone, how are you all doing? I hope you have had a great weekend. Mine was actually very quiet indeed, but that just suited me just fine. It gave me a chance to catch up on things around the house, like cooking food for the next couple of days, laundry and getting extra mileage at the gym, plus I even went to see my parents for a short while. I was also debating whether to go into town, but decided against it and I am actually glad as there appeared to be a bit of trouble in town last night (Saturday) as I head a lot a police and ambulance sirens going around the town. 

Well this morning I woke at about 06:40 as some selfish git drove up my street with a noisy stereo blaring out some sort of music with to much base. I appeared that I was not the only one it woke up, as I shouted for them to turn that shit down some bloke came out were the car pulled up and shouted at him to turn it off. The drive got out of the car and faced up to the bloke, the man said something to him and then pushed the driver onto his own car, this did make me laugh. Suddenly the drive did not appear to be so tough after all as he turned his music off. A woman came out of a house close were he was park and shouted at the drive what the bloody hell do you think you are doing and got into the passenger seat, which is when the car drove off. As the man turned he looked around and you can see the smile on his face. 

Once I had been awake for a while as I could not fall back to sleep I went to make myself a coffee and made some fried sausage meat and scrambled egg for breakfast, as usual I made to much to eat, so I saved it for when I came back from the gym and heated it up again. Once it got to about 07:30 I got ready for the gym and headed out. As I walked to the gym doing a warm up walk, you know the fast paced walk just enough to warm up and to get a little bit sweaty. Once at the gym I started off with a fast paced run set on a speed of 11 for 6 minutes running then walked for a minutes and did this for around 20 minutes. Once done I then started a walked called 9 holes which lasts for about 13-14 minutes at a pace of about 7-7.5 and the treadmill at set times goes up in angle or lowers in angle. After this had finished I can tell you I was very sweaty indeed  and a little wiffy. I then headed to where there are seated weights and worked on my shoulders, lifting 30kgs each shoulder, not to heavy, I walked over to the seated leg press and tried this, I can not remember what weight it was but my legs still ache from this morning and it is 19:00 at time of writing. I went into the free weights room and started on an incline bench press and started off with 25 kg’s each side then up it to 30 kg s each side, I definitely feel that in my chest at the minute. After this I got a kettle bell about 20 kg s and held it over my head and raised my shoulders off the ground and slowly lowered my shoulders back flat on the floor, this was done slowly with a count of 15 and I tried to do this 4 times and I can tell you it was a struggle. Once I got some stretching done I went to do some free dips which works your triceps and chest, which I managed about 4 lots of 10 dips, this actually felt like my chest was being torn apart. To finish off I did about 3 lots of 10 lateral pull downs at a heavy weight which I could barely manage.

Whilst walking home I got to a junction in the road and all of a sudden about 30-40 runners can running past in the road, the road had actually been closed off as there was a town half marathon going on. Once in town I headed to my favourite coffee shop ( Costa ) for a Latte with an extra shot, but unfortunately people were cueing out the door, so I went to the one in the shopping centre and it was the same, so I decided to leave it. As I got to the other side of town I came to the main road and yet again I came across the marathon runners again, so this took me a few minutes to get across the road. Once home I went straight into the shower and cleaned up and changed my clothes, as it was quite warm I decided to wear grey baggy shorts with a thin black t-shirt with red and white writing on it saying Pathfinder Martial Arts on the chest and sleeves. Once settled I made myself some fried rice and chicken but added garlic salt to it for flavour. As I ate this I watched a film called Serenity, a Sci-Fi film but quite funny in places, this film I think lead to the spin off of Firefly TV programme. Once I watched this it was time to head off to my parents house which is about a 30-40 minute drive away. On the way there I did manage to come across a few stupid and dangerous drivers, people overtaking on bends and at cross roads, plus people on their mobiles. What the hell is wrong with people doing stupid things like this behind a wheel of a killing machine. The thing is it will be the innocent people that will get hurt or worse and this courses so much upset in families, can they not see this. 

As I hit the town where my parents life a come across a place I used to work in the community and it had been torn down and apparently turned into a children’s home. After about five minutes of driving I arrived at my parents house and greeted by  their dog running over to me, bloody fur ball. For a change it was actually quite nice there, we sat and chatted for ages and my mum made me a sandwich of ham, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber and finally salad cream. It was blooming lovely too. The whole time I was eating my mums dog tried to get me to hand him some of my sandwich, which did not happen. While I was there I left my brother his birthday present and some birthday money as he was not going to around for at least another 4 hours. I stayed for a few hours then I had to depart as I needed to get some food shopping done and make my food for work for the next few days.

Unfortunately all I did after this was drive home and make my food for the next few days, first off I made pasta in a cheese sauce, with roasted chicken and sausage meat with plenty of melted cheese on top. Plus also I made a salad with the remaining meat and lemon juice squirted over it. Right now while typing this I am also watching Kingdom of Heaven with Orlando Bloom and Jeremy Irons. Not a bad film either. It will have to be an earlyish night for me tonight as I have work in the morning and I have to be up at 05:00 and be ready to leave the house for 06:00 to walk to work and be ready to start my shift for 07:00. I usually get there about 06:40 and that gives me time to change into my uniform and have a cup of tea and chill before I start. Cannot complain my job is easy and I do get paid well for what I do. 

Well I am off for now and hopefully my next few days at work will not be to bad and I will try and get back on here in between if I don not finish to late on my shifts. Take care everyone and do not work to hard. 

Ordinary Life. — September 8, 2018

Ordinary Life.

Good afternoon it is roughly 13:30 here in the UK  and the weather is, excuse language, crap here at the moment, raining enough but not to much. So I have not been able to go out for a run round my local park, or a long walk to the gym, so all I can do is watch movies, dam what a life . 

So last night I did go kickboxing with my instructor and had a lesson on how to use pads in a productive way. I learnt how to brake down the moves on a 6 count combination which consisted of Jab, Cross, Hook, block with the hook then, hook, hook, cross. For some reason I had trouble getting this combination, yes it is easy enough but then my instructor mentioned about fluid motion and demonstrated this. After a few attempts it sunk in to my muscle memory. During the session I took the warm ups which seem to of gone well and the warm downs. Apart from the combination I struggled with I demonstrated the six pinch combination which is Jab, Cross, Upper cut, Upper cut, Hook, hook. Then once the students got this we did a burn out of lead leg front kick then a cross then over head hook. After the session, myself and the instructor spoke about the way the session had gone and yes he was impressed even though it had been difficult for me. Giving me an ego boost. 

This Morning I woke up due to a night mare at about 05:50, which was not scary but it gave me a fright. I dreamt that I was laying in bed, suddenly the quilt became tight over me, as I thought I opened my eyes I could not speak or call for help. I looked to my left and then my mattress with me on it started to float around the room and all I could hear was laughing coming all around. Then the mattress landed back on my bed and to my left was a woman standing by my bed, she spoke a weird language but I seemed to understand her. When I tried to speak nothing would come out of my mouth but she responded to what I was trying to say. Then I had a pain in my head and the mattress flew around the room again and I was paralysed physically and verbally but I was talking to this woman. As the mattress landed I managed to turn to my left and it appeared to by my Gran but she was shouting at me in some strange language but I understood her, the only thing is I could not remember what it was she said. Weird I know but do not judge me.

Well after that stupid dream I decided to watch a movie to relax me and watched Shrek 2 and the next thing I know I am waking up in bed and it is 08:45 ish and felt like I had slept for ages but woke up stiff in all my joints and my throat was so sore. I am putting that down to a virus lol.

This morning I got up and shored and headed straight into town and went to costa for a medium cappuccino with an extra shot and a ham and cheese panini . Once I had this I went for a walk around town and got two DVD’s one called Red Sparrow, not as good as I thought it would be, also Alien Code which was not to bad really, gets you thinking.

I really don’t have much more to report at the minute, Little bit of a boring life I have at the minute but it is relaxing and I do what I want when I want . Just miss that closeness of falling asleep holding on to that special person. Waking up next to that special person for now. Hoping that will change soon. Thinking of going for a run later if the weather holds off but it does not look like it for now. Any way I will be back later, hope everyone has a great weekend and take care people. Thanks for reading my Ordinary Life.    

Ordinary Life — September 7, 2018

Ordinary Life

Good Day to you all, well I have had a busy few days at work, just little bits coming along all at once and when you down staff it gets just a little busy but we all got through it. Cannot really talk about work on here so I will move on to something different. 

Well today is my first of three days off and today I am taking it easy at the minute, well kind of. I was totally awake by 06:30 and felt like I had slept for two days. But once I was awake I went and had breakfast, my usual drink of strong coffee with milk and then instead of food I made a shake instead. It consisted of 3 heaped spoons of Greek yoghurt, handful of Blueberries, handful of Raspberries, 1 Banana, 1 large Orange, 250mls Soya milk and ice to make it cold. It was tasty as well. I decided to watch Iron Man 2 while I had breakfast and look through my Instagram and Facebook accounts. When it came to about 08:40 ish I got changed in to my gym gear and headed off to my local gym. But I did my usual thing of walking at a fast pace around the town before hitting the gym, I did stop off at my favourite coffee shop (costa) for a medium Latte with an extra shot to make it stronger.

As I get to the gym I change my T-shirt and go straight to the cardio area and do something called 9 holes, it consists of  setting your weight and level which I always set at the highest level and this lasts for about 14 minutes. Whilst this goes on the treadmill goes up and down at different angles. Once this was done I started to do flat jogging at an average speed of about 10.5 for about 8 minutes then a walk for 60 seconds then repeat the run then 60 second walk again, I did this for about 40 minutes which is roughly when I got bored of cardio. I then went and did some lateral pull downs, over head pulls with a dumbbell, bench presses, seated rows and bicep curls. Once I completed this  I had a 30 minutes walk home to finish off. Once I got home I decided to have a shower and then a nap for a short while.

I noticed on the way round to the gym that, how clear the rounds and streets were now the kids are back at school. There was hardly any young folk in town, mainly people going to a forth to work and home. People in a rush and people ambling along like they are in no hurry to get anywhere fast. People in suits and smart wear looking like they off to work in an office of some type. There are some people in gym wear, some jogging through the streets, looking all red faced, some with big bags draped over their shoulder looking like they are on the way to the gym or on way back. I come across a few homeless people sleeping in shop doorways and in alleys ways, and one or two of them are wondering/ staggering around and very red faced and to smelling to great, slurring their words as they talk to each other.

 Well after my nap, yes I feel old saying that, I make myself some food which was a chilli sausage sandwich and a big glass of squash with ice. Now I am just waiting for it to hit 19:15 then I will be walking to kickboxing session, where I may be teaching it or be partaking in the session. who knows. But I do like Kickboxing it gets you physically fit and focuses on you mental alinement. 

Time to have dinner so I will bid you a good day and hope you are all fine and I should be posting something tomorrow if I don not get to busy (joke), I will be hitting the gym in the morning I think so take care everyone. 

Ordinary Life — September 4, 2018

Ordinary Life

Good day to you all, how is everyone on this lovely day? I did not post yesterday as I was actually feeling very drained, truthfully I think it was because I had been to the gym but did not eat enough. More out going calories than what I had coming in. I now know I have to start eating much more calories to take in this month as I have signed up for something called Race Your Own Pace ,and I have to cover 200 miles this month. Plus I have kickboxing once a week and the gym as well, so more food needed. So today I have eaten something reasonably health every couple of hours (2-3).

This morning I was up at about 07:30 and could not be bothered to get out of bed, lazy or just tired? Well not long after I got up and showered and decided to make scrambled egg with ham and spicy sausage, dam it tasted good. Today had to be food shopping so needed to get a few necessities like different fresh meats, milk and gluten free bread and wraps, love the sweet potato wraps. Plus a few other things like real crusty bread, nothing better than a slice or two or real crusty bread and butter. The thing I find when I go shopping in a supermarket is the people become savages with no manners what so ever. I am sure I am not the only one that thinks this, it becomes a place where people lose their morals and understanding. For instance when I got there I collected my trolley I walked to the lift to go to the ground floor and as I got to the lift the woman closed the lift door on me and went down, the thing is I was only a couple of feet away? While wondering around I find people of and older generation would block the isles with their trollies so you cannot get past. When you say ‘excuse me, can I get past’? they just luck at you and carry on. So I had to move one of the trollies and when I did, Oh dear it was like I tried to steal he hand bag, she even swore at me, which actually made me laugh, so I just uttered one word ‘Idiot’ and walked off.

Once home and unpacked I decided it is time for a hair cut so off to my local barbers which costs me about £7.00, which is cheap I think. I get my usual which is the clippers with no guard and shave it all off, luckily it only takes about 3-4 minutes. Plus then she goes over my head with smaller clippers and makes it a closer cut with no odd strands. The only thing with having my hair this short is that you can feel the sun so much more on the head and it feels like my head is burning now, I know , why did I not wear a hat?

I had all good intentions of going to the gym this morning, I made myself a sandwich with chilli sausages, dam good too. The silly thing is after I ate the sandwich and watched Jumanji with Kevin Heart I fell asleep for an hour or two and woke about 14:00 ish. So without thinking about it I got my arse off the sofa and got changed into my gym kit, I nearly wear MyProtien gym wear. So as I leave the house I set my apple watch to walk counter and go for a forty minute walk before hitting the gym, then set my watch to general workout. While at the gym I decided to do some running, interval running as I find constant running so bloody boring, so I did 5 minutes running at a speed of  11, then walking for 1 minute to try and work on recovery time. after about 40 minutes id had enough as being bored of running so I decided to do some weights in the gym. I started an incline bench press of 80kg with four sets of 12 reps at a slow pace. I moved on to bicep curls 27.7kg , 12 reps at 4 sets, and moved on to do some core work which consisted of 16kg kettlebell, laying on my back raising the kettlebell above my head, then raising my shoulders off the ground working the top part of my stomach. Once this was done I went to attempt shoulder press at 30kg each side and did 11 reps at 4 sets done slowly. Next was lateral pull downs set at 150 and only managed 9 reps but 4 sets and again slowly. Finishing on leg extensions set at 38.5 kg each leg at 7 reps each and 4 sets. this killed me in the end so now it is time to walk home but take it the long way round. This took me about 40 minutes to get home and showered. 

In the evening I got food ready for work tomorrow, I work 07:00 until 19:00, bloody long day I know. I made for one meal chicken salad with lemon juice, but made to much so I got enough for the next day. I also have made a pork tikka masala with egg noodles, enough for two days.

Well it is 21:11 here and I need to get finished for work tomorrow morning, plus I am watching Iron Man 3 on Netflix too. I am actually feeling the burn from the gym today but I do like that muscle burn you get from working out. Well take care everyone, stay safe and do not get angry at idiots that are about, just walk away. 

An Ordinary Day — September 2, 2018

An Ordinary Day

Well it is Sunday today and it appears I woke at about 08:00 hrs this morning, the sun is beating in through the window but there is also a nice little breeze flowing into the room as well. Instead of laying in this morning, I decide to go for a shower and head down stairs for a coffee and breakfast. I did decide straight away on what to have for breakfast, which is different for me as usually I can’t decide straight away. In my ultimate wisdom I decided to have a sausage sandwich, with brown sauce.  this consisted of three sausages, gluten-free bread and a small amount of butter on the bread and to top it off I had a strong cup of coffee. 

Getting my bag a wallet together I head out the door and wow the glare from the sun hits me and the heat is awesome but I do need to go and change from wearing jeans and a thin long-sleeved top to shorts and a T-shirt. Heading back out I walk a different route into town for a change, just a little longer but nothing exciting really. Surprisingly for a Sunday morning around 10:30 there is a lot of cars on the road, especially the closer to town you get, then I realise it is pay-day weekend and the last day before the kids go back to school from summer holiday. The close I get to town as I walk the more and more I see lots of families walking around in this heat and it also looks like a few have packed a bag ready for a picnic in one of the local parks. Heading more in to the town centre I head for my favourite coffee-house, Costa. Today I ordered a medium Latte with an extra shot and for a change they did not make it to hot to drink straight away.

Around town there are a few different types of people out, you have the families that are out doing their own thing and bothering no one. You have the ones that are out that let their kids run riot, screaming and shouting and running into people and not caring one little bit. Some times you can hear one or both of the parents scream at their kids and belittle them and scolding them in public. Then you have the teenagers that hang around in groups swearing and acting like idiots, but not talking but shouting at each other, so everyone can hear what they are saying from about 20 feet away. Then you have the ordinary nice people who don’t barge into you or course trouble, they are the ones that are just out in town and doing what they need to do and minding their own business. To be honest I don not know why I came into town as I do not need anything, maybe I board of being off work this weekend.

I have decided to head of to the nearest park and wander around there for a while as I head home. The park and playing field is full of kids playing football, couples sitting in the sun having picnics and families playing with their kids at the swings and slides. As I wonder around I think to my self thinking that I miss the going to the park with a family and having fun, messing around and getting away with acting like a kid with your own children. One day I will get this I’m pretty sure of that. I walk around a big pond where I can see the swans swimming around and the ducks looking for food to eat as some people are feeding the ducks and geese at the pond. The funny thing is I have just seen a little yappy dog go up to one of the geese and start barking at it, the geese flap their wings and chase the little dog. The little brave dogs turns and runs while yelping, it just tickled me.

Once home I decided to go and have a nap as the walk which did take a few hours has taken it out of me, that’s what happens when get a bug and end up throwing up a lot. When I woke up again I am actually starving, It is actually about 14:25 when I wake up and I have got into the habit of eating little and often. I eat roughly every two to three hours but it is usually something healthy, well most of the time. I had mad myself a chicken, ham, cheese and salami sandwich. Whilst I sit on the sofa I decide that I am going to watch the box set of DVD’s Underworld and stupidly have a beer or two maybe. Have not just sat at home chilled and had a beer. Probably going to have a can or two of Stella Artois. 

Well right now it is 19:03 and I am watching the 3rd DVD underworld The rise of the Lycans, so what I am going to do is bid you all a good evening and hope you are all well. I will try to get back on tomorrow afternoon to evening. 



An Ordinary Day — September 1, 2018

An Ordinary Day

This morning after a night of feeling rough and possibly a virus or bug I woke up with what appeared to be a temperature, and a little sweaty. It wasn’t a hot night and plus I had a few windows open in the bedroom and feeling that cool breeze blowing around now and again. How great does it feel when you are laying on the top of the quilt with the windows open and every now and again you feel that cool to cold breeze brushing over you skin which appears to have such a powerful cooling effect when you feel warm. The trouble with having a virus/bug is that I don’t sleep to well and being awake at 04:54 am , I know its early but once awake I am awake. 

In the kitchen filling the water filter for the kettle to make coffee I can hear some squealing in the garden, I unlock the back door and go outside and see two cats squaring off with each other, fur standing up on their backs, moving round each other. Reaching to my left I grab my hose and turn on the tap and spray around the garden but not aiming at the cats but at the plants and bushes near by. This was enough to spook the cats and they run off in opposite directions to one another. So going back into the kitchen I stupidly trip over stubbing my toe and end up on my hands and knees. A few choice words were said at this point. Making a coffee and using the last few pieces of crusty bread , I make eggy bread with melted cheese on top mmmm. But for me the eggy bread with cheese has to be a little bit well done on top. but then maybe a little bit of brown sauce on a couple of them. 

Deciding to head off into town for a coffee and a little bit of people watching, walking up the street, I feel that cool breeze from earlier when I was in bed. The sun is beating down but it not to hot and the cool breeze makes it bearable as I am wear jeans and a baggy white T-shirt. Heading into town I aim straight for Costa Coffee and order a medium Latte with an extra shot which costs about £3.10, give or take. Sitting by the window sipping on my coffee, why is it they always make it extra hot? I watch people walking by and watch what they are doing their expressions and their body language. There is one man who appears to be dressed in dirty jeans, trainers which are scruffy and have a few holes with a ripped hoody, he has a can of beer in his hand and it appears by the way he walks that he has been drinking all night. Meeting up with what appears to be his friends and he looks happy to see them, but you can actually hear then talk, I use the word talk loosely, more shouting and swearing. There is one woman dressed smartly in a knee length grey skirt with a black blouse/shirt, and a matching grey jacket. She is sparking up a cigarette and learning her head to the left while holding a mobile phone between her shoulder and ear. After a few minutes from her body language the phone call don’t look so good. She is smoking her fag/cigarette with quick drags on it, every now and again she is tamping her foot and sometimes you can hear her swear.

The next thing made me feel like humanity is still alive in places. There was a homeless man sitting near the coffee shop , not hassling anyone. Then about two lads and one girl start heckling him and flicking sweets at him. he doesn’t get angry he just asks for them to leave him alone. One of the lads steps up to him and gets in his face swearing at him and still he does nothing. As I stand up, I hate bullies by the way. I head out the door and walk up to the lads and as I get there one woman starts having a dig at the boys and girl. They start mouthing off at her and then a man and myself step up and tell the boys to F off . The man who isn’t that big or intimidating looking steps into the ring leaders face and I step the bullies side looking at him. Believe me I am no tough guy. The bullies friend step back very quickly, The man that stepped up to the bully looks at me and I nod at him with a smile, as if to tell him I got you. The boy backs off quite quickly as the man tells him what will happen if he carries on, as he walks off he gets mouthy and making threats which actually makes the three of us laugh. The lady goes into Costa and gets a coffee and a pastry and gives it to the homeless man. Humanity restored. 

Going back into the coffee shop I finish off my coffee and think why are some people such D*#ks to one another. But at least there are a few decent people out there. After finishing my coffee I head off home but walk through town doing a little window shopping. Just looking at clothes and things I don not actually need, but I think I could do with that but actually don’t need it. Why do people do that, as in buy things we don’t need. 

Unfortunately In the afternoon I didn’t do much walking around has drained me after having a virus/bug. So I laid on the sofa and put on Netflix but I did not watch much as I fell asleep, lol . How old do I feel having an afternoon nap after a small walk for the morning. I woke up and cooked myself some food chicken, rice and spicy salami. weird combination I know but it tastes dam good. 

Well I am done for today, as I said there has not been a lot going on today and some days there is nothing much going on but then some days there is a lot going on but nothing to exciting. but I will try and jot it down in a daily diary like this.