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Blogging  — April 30, 2016
MY thoughts — April 27, 2016

MY thoughts

In my life things have started to pick up, I have been asked to write some articles for a modelling agency and I have picked up my game in doing English GCSE and have been put forward for the higher paper. It seems I have a knack for writing and writing in descriptive terms. Only if I had known this sooner I could have done something about this sooner and blogged sooner.

I enjoy writing as it lets me publicise my thoughts and feelings in a positive way and want people to know about it and it’s never a negative way. I work in a very stressful job working in mental health and working security in pubs in my local town. In these jobs I often come across conflict and aggression on a daily basis. I feel that I am good in both jobs and I am good at protecting people with the skills I have on a daily basis.

The passion I really have is for writing. This has been more visible since I started watching the well know American TV show Castle. I have just started blogging about thoughts and what I see on a daily basis but only writing on a weekly basis. In both my jobs I have to be careful what I write so I don’t breach confidentiality in my jobs. If I want to explain anything I have to change names and some circumstances so not too many people know what is what.

Knower days I keep fit by attending kickboxing classes with Pathfinder Martial Arts and going to the gym at Virgin Active. In this time I feel like a more positive person and feel a lot younger. Now I am feeling a lot better and fitter and also a lot more positive in myself and am a stronger person. People think I am a tough person with in my job roles but to be honest I am just a regular guy. I get worried every time I am confronted with aggression or someone that is feeling suicidal on a daily basis.

I want to be someone that is to be well known in writing whether it is in blogging or writing a book on mental health or dealing with situations. Which is what I deal with on a daily basis. I have become a stronger person in my jobs and love helping people in becoming a stronger person in dealing with conflict whether it be aggression in physical or verbal. I know I can deal with this if I have the right team behind me. Having the right team behind you makes all the difference in any situation. It makes me look at what I am capable of and looking around on the news today I think I would love training and the ability to train with the people that deal with terrorist conflict or riot training on a daily basis. I think I have the ability to fit in and take the banter from the men and women that deal and train in this.

But to be realistic I am now concentrating on writing or blogging. Some of the things I am given to write is about Fashion but most of the things I do write about is what I think about and have the ability at the time of writing. I am not at the top of my game in the fashion industry but do like to have some feedback or guidance in writing on these projects. But what you need to realise is that fate will catch us in some time or other will catch us up. So no matter what you keep having put in front of you relax and confirm and think relax. Things will get better if you want them to be.

So if you are a company that can maybe pay or give bursaries in writing maybe get in touch and let me know what you want writing about. In time I would like to become well known in writing or blogging for a company or internet company. I don’t mind what it is about and if the pay is decent I will write about anything the public wants.

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Nasty and Rude people — April 22, 2016

Nasty and Rude people

It amazes my in today’s society how rude and selfish people can be today. We all need to live together in society and just be nice to each other but this doesn’t happen does it? People think it is perfectly acceptable to be rude to people and either give looks of disgust to anyone that dares stands up to them.One example was the other day. I was coming home from a flight from Europe and as I was walking from the plane to passport check in there were people rushing and even running past knocking into people. One incident happened, a woman was walking with her child holding her hand close to the wall. I passed her by and I could see a man in a hurry behind me in the Windows reflection. He tried to pass me but then he changed direction and walked the other side of the woman with her child. He barged past them both just barely squeezing past the child and just about knocked the child over with his suitcase. The mother must of said something and the child was about to cry. I stopped to see if they was ok. I snapped at the man and just asked him to be careful. Hi stopped and gave us all a dirty look. My immediate thought was to give him what he gave out. I looked at the man if you can call him that and snapped ‘WHAT?’ The lady said to me don’t worry about it it’s not worth it. Then the man walked off with no word of a sorry. Total rudeness and nasty person.

Another example is that I was in a coffee shop and a young lad serving got an order wrong and the person who’s order was wrong started verbally abusing the person serving. Mistakes happen, why be like that? How nice it must be to be so perfect in his little own fantasy world. Luckily the manager heard what was going on and asked so politely for the customer to leave. Saying there is no need to be rude to the staff. The customer refused at first until the manager came out from behind the counter and asked politely for him to leave again. The manager stepped up to him and you could see the customer looking nervous. So the customer back down swearing at staff as he left. I suppose there is a time to stand fast and a time not too.

The act of being rude is showing a small mind of social upbringing and in my mind a small educational back ground. Agree or disagree that’s your choice. This is just one persons opinion. If someone is being rude or selfish then a good way but difficult way for some to deal with it is to just be NICE and smile at the person. People always will be rude or selfish to someone in the world. Which to me is a dam shame because the world world be a lot better place if most people tried just that little bit harder. Don’t get me wrong it’s not always going to work. There are some people out there that go on in life just being horrible people and feel a need not to be nice.

Why not try next time you feel you need to be rude or selfish, think first and imagine how would you feel? In time you may find yourself changing your ways towards people and incidents that are happening around you. Don’t misunderstand me I’m not perfect at doing this but I’m getting there.

In one of my other jobs I work in town at night and often come across obnoxious people. I find that if I take a breath and then smile and be polite, they either shut up or walk away but from the words of Dolton from Roadhouse ‘be nice’. Don’t misunderstand me there is going to be a time when it’s not time to be nice but they are few and far between.

Rudeness and selfishness does not need to happen but unfortunately it does and that is a dam shame. We are high up in the food chain but some of us act like primates or animals and it doesn’t need to happen. Just remember these words and try to implement them BE NICE and SMILE the next time someone is rude or selfish or just plain right nasty

Travel to Slovakia — April 15, 2016

Travel to Slovakia

I have just arrived at Stansted airport in the meet and great car park. As we enter inside the airport there are lots of people rushing around, like little ants scurrying around. Some people are walking slowly then suddenly stopping, some are walking briskly and reading signs as they go about the airport, some are running to the check ins or to the security stands. I really don’t understand why people are so late to their flights? Why can’t people just leave that little bit earlier? If you travel to the airport only takes an hour give yourself that extra 30-40 minutes. I have just arrived at the security check ins and ‘Oh my gosh it’s packed in both sides and they only have about six isles open. Don’t understand why if it is this busy, oh yer money lol. I reach the belts where at security where you have to put your personal items like watches, jewellery, belts and computers in those trays and then they got through the x-Ray machine. I walk through the metal detector saying to myself ‘Please don’t go off, please don’t go off’. Nothing happens, no annoying buzzing, so I walk round to wait for my tray to come through. My try comes after 3-4 minutes and I start to put my things back on like my watch and belt, what annoys me the most is that the impatience of others trying to push my tray away as I am getting my things. I just look at the bloke next to me and say ‘Problem’?One man is arguing with security staff because they took liquids out of his bag and told him they have to be in a plastic bag and it’s one bag per person. If he doesn’t wind his neck in he will find himself either missing his flight due to refusal or in hand cuffs. Some people will never learn and think the rules should be different for them. Once I walk round to the duty free shops I buy some whiskey and a bottle of white wine for presents for when we arrive, can’t turn up empty handed now. I check my flight time and realise the gates for my flight don’t open for another two hours.

Sitting here I can see people doing shopping, maybe for family or a loved one. Some people are rushing about like little ants, maybe they are late. But one thing I can see a lot of is people bumping into others and people being rude as in looks and not apologising. We don’t need to keep being like this to one another, just smile at one another as if to acknowledge the mistake. Just gone and brought a coffee from a bar that’s known for Japanese food, dam it was sharp and strong but bloody good. As I walked there I must of got shoved and barged at least 3-4 times and no apologising from any of them, of course it’s not my fault I think to myself and smirk. Only another 14 minutes until the screens let us know what gate I have to go to, then the stampeded starts again. To be fair this time walking up to the gates, I think it was gate 40 there was no stampede. I was the first one at the gate, priority of course. There are lots of people on this flight, looks like a full one, I hope I don’t get some smelly or annoying passenger next to me, I want to chill for the next two hours.

Arrived in Slovakia now, and the time is 23:43 local time and it actually quite warm tonight. At the airport I manage to get through security check in with in five minutes, I’m impressed. Once through this I head straight out as I have no luggage to pick up and I see a man holding up a card with my name on. This is the nice young man from the car company, I have rented out a Skoda fabia and man with all the gadgets it looks like a space ship, very happy with this. Right all formalities and now it is a two hour drive to my destination, but it’s like 00:12 so there shouldn’t be a lot of tragic about.

As I thought the motor way is really clear and I’m driving between 80 km and 125 km and the car feels smooth and comfortable to drive. I finally hit my destination at about 02:30 after a small stop just for a coffee to wake me up. Finally place to sleep. I’ll bid you good night and now it’s time to collapse on my bed and sleep

Paid to blog? — April 13, 2016
Today’s Thoughts —

Today’s Thoughts

Good morning all you writers and readers, how are you all? I’m sitting in another coffee shop this brisk cold but sunny morning, drinking a flat white and it’s 07:30. Why am I up and out already and no shops open yet? 

Soon I am going on a trip for five days to Europe. It’s going to be fun. Plus I will Blog about it when I come back. 

There is not a lot of people about yet. Just a few looking like they are off to work, some dressed smart some not so. On my way here I must of passed about 8-10 people sleeping rough in door ways to shops and buildings. All fast asleep covered in sleeping bags and thick weather proof coats. It makes me think, there are lots of empty buildings and houses around this town. So why can’t the government and local companies do something about this and try and invest in this? Then maybe a few people will have a permanent address which willgive help to get time to look for work, just a thought. 

I have not got work tonight as I got a rare thing called a day off, so this is probably why I’m awake and up already. I need to go buy a shirt for a job interview in a few days. Thinking a cream slim fit or regular and with that I’ll be wearing a two tone blue and brown tie and a dark blue suit with brown shoes. I actually managed to find wide fitting shoes for a change from Next. Happy days. 

Right now there doesn’t seem to be a lot of people passing by. One or two coming into the coffee shop. The odd customer glancing over giving a nod and a uneasy smile, as I’m sitting right opposite the door. Some just going about their business not taking in who or what’s going on. Listening to what I presume is music on their phones or mp3’s. Some look like they have had a rough night or have not woken up properly yet. Bless them. People walking buy drinking coffee, big cans of energy drinks and one or two drinking what looks like water. Some walking along talking on the phone smiling and look happy. I have even seen one person that is either texting or playing a game on their phone and they walked into a post. This makes me cringe and that person looks around looking embarrassed. They notice me looking at them and they smile with an embarrassing grin on their face. But they continue on their phone walking on, nearly walking into someone else. Pay attention please I think. 

I have just finished my coffee now so I’ll bid you good day and go off shopping for my shirt. Coffee was good and strong. So I’m kind of with it now, we’ll sort of. 

People have a great day and I’ll be back soon. 

My Thoughts — April 11, 2016

My Thoughts

Good morning readers how are you all? good I hope. I have had a bit of a rough week at work, I have had people complaining about me for being to stern in my job, I can’t go into it. It amazes me that people can’t get on in the work place, in the community. In my job it is very demanding and can be stressful as well. Team work to me is people try their best to get along in work, or friends, if there is a problem you should speak to that person with a neutral witness, surely. People should not go running to big management but just try and solve it in house and if it can not be solved then go to management. I am a caring, understanding and loyal to the end and I feel that I am approachable but hey I may be wrong. It does not matter what you look like, what your believes are or where you are from we are all human at the end of the day. So why is it that we as humans treat people with hatred and disgust when they are a little different to us. Myself I don’t care what another person believes in or how they look whether it be sexuality, religious believes, fashion sense or workability we are all HUMAN.

The way I feel right now is I want another job, maybe something in modelling, believe me I’m no Brad Pit or George Clooney but I would give it my all. I often think about doing a job in writing, such as writing stories, writing about countries I visit, or Blogging about anything just as long as the pay is decent I would love to try this and either work in an office or from home meeting deadlines. It would be stressful but I think it would be a good stress and keep me on my toes and constantly thinking. I enjoy writing like I am doing now and would like to get paid for it. It is a little boring I know as I am no one famous, I’m not putting myself down, But surely some people may like what I right and to be recognised for my writing would be amazing. 

At the minute I am obviously writing this but I am also watching Hawaii Five-0 and this team work is amazing and exciting, dangerous too. The team tell each other as it is but have the respect they deserve, as they are close as work colleagues and friends. this is how friendship and team work is supposed to be. I know it is a program but it brings into light how team work should be. 

So please let me know what else you would like me to write about. I will give it a go and please feel free to follow me or to leave me a comment. I will try and do another session today. If you are interested in hiring me to write get in touch. L.O.L.

Day Two — April 8, 2016

Day Two

I wake up in my bed after a working the previous day on a ward in mental health for adults and what a busy day that was. I get up and get showered then head off for breakfast, which is porridge with blueberries, I know sounds boring but when you put the berries in and let them warm up so they soften and then burst the berries in the porridge the flavour hits you and it’s amazing. With that I have a rich but strong coffee with a little milk, no sugar just to wake me up and get me going for the day. I am supposed to be working with adolescents today that suffer from all types of mental illnesses from self-harm, visual and auditory hallucinations, eating disorders and personality disorders, I mean emerging disorders as they under 18 years of age so they cannot be diagnosed fully yet. So as I am working with adolescents I can wear jeans, t-shirt and trainers for a change instead of trousers, shirt and shoes. Don’t get me wrong I love to dress smart but it is always nice to dress down but smart as well. As I start to head out the door my phone rings and it is the hospital I am going to work at, they ask me if I could go to the local general hospital as they have a patient that has been admitted due to a virus. I think to myself but ask who is it and what is the virus that they have? They tell me it may just be a flu virus but she has just been admitted and I can meet them in emergency admissions. I have worked with them before and I know the patient and luckily we, I hope have a good therapeutic relationship. But who is to know this now as the patient is ill. We all feel crappy when we are ill and have little tolerance well, so a lot of understanding and empathy will be needed for this.

As it’s a long walk to the local hospital I’ll cut that bit out as I only went to a coffee shop for another coffee and nothing much happened. I walk another ten minutes and get to the hospital, this place is a big hospital and the emergency admissions is the other side to where I am, typical. I reach the ward after looking around and a walk that seems to be lasting twenty minutes. I walk in and great everyone,

‘Morning, how are you all?’

People look at me and to be fair they look like they have just woke up and just smile and say in general,

‘At last, we can go’

‘Someone is having to wait until another staff member gets hear’. I tell them.

Two of them say ‘I’m not waiting’ and walk off.

This just leave one woman behind and she tells me ‘I’ll wait with you’

I thank her for waiting, but she has no choice and look at the other two that just walk off and say to them ‘Oh gee thanks’

They look back as if to say ‘What?’

I look at them as if to dismiss them and don’t bother. I look at the patient and she is asleep by the look of it but who is to know if she is listening. After five minutes another staff member turns up and greets us both with a nice smile. She introduces herself and she apparently is a regular member of staff for the patient and her name is Kelly. The staff member that stayed behind says goodbye and picks up her things and leaves. I let her know that I will let the manager know you stayed later even though it was only about five to ten minutes but I’ll tell them it was more on the thirty minutes as we had an issue, wrong I know but I could let them know it was staffing issues. Myself and Kelly sit down and relax, I know Kelly from old she does not recognise me, I get that a lot. We don’t see much of the hospital staff as they don’t seem to like deal with mental health patients or maybe it is because they know that the patient has staff with her and all they need to do is dish up the medication.

It turns to 10:00 and the patient starts to move and squirm awake, moaning and groaning, she turns and sees us both and smiles saying,

‘Hi have I got you two?’

‘Unfortunately, Yes’ I respond.

‘Good’ she says with a smile.

She continues to lay there not sitting up but just lying there, occasionally opening her eyes and looking so tired I actually feel sorry for her feeling this ill. She must of fallen back to sleep as her breathing has got heavy again. I look at Kelly and just smile as in boring. Kelly gets a book out and starts to read, to my surprise it’s a Chris Ryan book Hunter Killer, which is a very good read as I have read it. I sit there looking around the room as the patient is in a side room.  I get up and ask Kelly if she would like a coffee but she just replies that she has just had one so she is ok for now. I walk out the side room and head down the ward. I get hit with a pungent smell of stale smell of stale urine and sweat wafting around the ward. I think to myself that this is awful and they should do something about it. But to be fair this is an adult ward and most of the patients are elderly and it will waff a little. I head to the end of the ward where the coffee machine is. I walk past the nursing station is and smile at the nurses as if to say hi, but they look and then look away as if to say I can’t be bothered or to say hi but don’t speak to me. Don’t get me wrong I admire general nurses as they have a lot of stressful work and a lot more physical work to do than mental health workers.

Sitting back in the side room I think to myself that I wish I had brought a book with me to read, but luckily Kelly reaches into her bag and pulls out another book which is about body language and how to read it, so I read this but still looking over at the patient that still appears to sleep. Suddenly she turns round and says that she needs the toilet, we get up and walk round to the toilet with her but Kelly has to stay with her as the patient is supervised due to the risk of self-harm. Kelly returns out of the toilet with the patient and we walk back. Suddenly the patient loses balance and we both reach out to catch her and help her, Linked arms we walk back to her room together and get the patient back into bed and get her to chill and relax. We get her to drink a coffee and two sugars just to give her a caffeine fix for energy but it has no effect.  This patient has to be ill as usually she picks right up when she has a coffee, we both look at each other as if to say oh dear. After ten minutes of chilling but worry a nurse and a house doctor comes in the room, the doctor introduces himself and the nurse and hands over the results from the blood tests. The patient has the flu and all she needs is lots of fluids and food to build her energy back up and we could go when we are ready but if things change please bring her back. We both thank the doctor and nurse for their help and I say to Kelly,

‘I’ll ring the ward and let them know what is going on’

‘OK’ replies Kelly.

As I phone the ward and explain what is going on and ask for transport back to the hospital, it will be about twenty minutes until they arrive. So we both try and wake the patient and she is a bit sluggish but she wakes and we tell her that we can go and could she please get dressed. We help her get her stuff together and start to head off out the ward, the nurse in charge asks,

‘Where are you going?’

‘We been told that we can go by the doctor’ I reply.

‘OK’ replies the nurse, then replies ‘I will need to get the tablets to take out’.

‘I’ll pick them up later in the afternoon’.

We head off to the exit in the hospital and there waiting is the hospital transport to take us back to the hospital and back to the ward. As we walk to the vehicle the patients makes a half-hearted effort to make a runner. I reach out and grab her on her clothing by her shoulder and pull her back.

‘Get in and stop being silly’ I say to her.

Once in the vehicle we head back to the hospital and end up outside the building we need and hold the patient’s wrists to walk her in the building. Once in the building and get our keys we let go of the patients wrists and open the doors to the ward. We enter the ward and the patient has a search by Kelly and as we thought she has nothing on her that she should not have. She walks onto the ward and as usual lots of patients want to know where she has been and what was wrong with her. We stay in the office and make a long entry in her notes of what the doctor and the nurse has said. We both sit there but I am getting bored while she types and head off onto the ward. Some of the patients ask me where you been and what is wrong with the patient, of course I don’t tell them as it would be a breach of confidentiality on the patient.

I know this is short but this is the most exciting thing that has happened this day, as the rest of the day I have been sitting watching TV on the ward, playing cards and escorting patients to educations or just sitting in the day area. It is nice to have a quiet relaxing afternoon on the adolescent ward. We will see what happens over the next few days until I what happens next.

Thought of Today  —

Thought of Today 

I’m sitting here in another coffee shop and thinking what do I have to do to get a good job? At the minute I’m having a rough time at work. Maybe it’s time to move on. Don’t get me wrong I love my job but I think it’s time for a change. I would love a full time, decent paid job, maybe modelling but I haven’t got the godly like body yet for that. What would be nice is to be paid to go to an office or work from home and write for a living. I know that these jobs are hard to come by, but how nice it would be to do this. The coffee shop is quite busy at the minute and the staff work fast and hard in the morning rush. The smell of the coffee in here smells amazing and the flat white I’m drinking is amazing. I watch the people walking by and wonder where they are going? Men and women in suits, couples walking by looking happy holding hands looking like they are in love. Others just strolling along window shopping as shops are not open yet as it’s only 08:30. I see some homeless people coming out of the shop doorways moving on or being moved on. People going for runs, maybe to work or to the gym. 

I’m not going to the gym today as I have been for the past four days and also been kickboxing on Wednesday night. That was a killer session for me and some of the other senior students. Think grading must be coming up soon. That will be an immense session when it happens. But you got to love the burn after a hard session. 

I need to go and buy some new shoes soon for an event I got to go to in a European country. I’ll write about that after it has happened. I think I will go and get some style of light brown shoe, it’s going to be difficult as I have a wide foot and a lot of shoes are slim line. Now I’m frowning at the thought. Plus I need a light brown shirt and tie. Think I need my wife to help me chose these as she has a good eye for these things. 

Back to modelling, I would love to have a contract for an agency to model watches, suits, smart dress wear or jewellery. Then maybe I would be happy in my job, ha ha ha. But to be fair I know that it’s a hard job and maybe shot term but it would be fun. Plus even if I could be paid to do writing that be fun too. I could sit in coffee shops like now and get inspiration from sitting here watching my surroundings. 

Well it’s coming to 09:00 soon so I’ll bid you good day readers and I’ll go buy my shoes. You know that they will hurt my feet for a while and maybe a blister or two. So I hope everyone has a good day and I’ll be back here soon. Take care.