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Celebrity Men’s Fashion — February 26, 2017

Celebrity Men’s Fashion

I have thought of trying a different approach this time, but still found things I have liked with three different celebrities. but all different casual looks. I have chosen three casual looks and Beckham, Jonas and Khan.

If you like what I have written please fell free to make comments on what is good or bad plus feel free to comment on anything you would like to read about.


Picture from

Here we see David Beckham out on the town wearing a scruffy but casual look. The clothes David is wearing is probably top of the range but if you look about you could find very similar styles for half the price.

First we have the plain white trainers, but it probably look just as good with white pumps. The Jeans are baggy and long legged, which are a look of worn and torn and faded, with the odd torn hole in the legs. On the top we have a white T-shirt that appears to be slim fit with a black motif and over this we have a black leather looking jacket with a material collar. What would look good is a worn, maybe torn looking jacket. To finish it of he is wearing Aviator sunglasses of a dark colour.


Picture from

We all know this young man especially if you into boy bands from the USA. Here we have Nick Jonas looking casual but smart at the same time and to be fare , pulling it off very well. First off we have his smart brown shoes that can be bought in most clothing shops for anything from £20 upwards. Next we have the loose fitted jeans with turn ups at the bottom but personally id do it without the turn ups. On the top we have a light/pale blue shit of slim fit undone at the collar which is available at most clothing shops from about £10 upwards and worn with the sleeves turned up. With the jeans and shoes he is wearing a brown leather looking belt and carrying a brown leather looking man bag/satchel but any brown bag would look good here.


Picture from pinterest.

Here we have an actor who some people may not recognise, he is a famous Bollywood actor Shahrukh Khan. I personally have these clothes myself apart from the white trainers. The trainers are available from most clothes shops and sports shops and can be brought for about £25-£60 depends on where you go. The jeans are long legged with a worn look in the legs, but worn without a belt so they hang a little off the hips, these can be had for about £20-£30. The top is a slim fit top which is worn with nothing underneath and has a button front of four buttons. When wearing this top the buttons should be undone. To finish this look of he is wearing silver rimmed aviator sunglasses with silver or grey lenses.

Well I hope you have like what I have written and please feel free to leave comments or suggestions for future articles. 

Men’s Sweaters — February 25, 2017

Men’s Sweaters

Good day to my fellow readers, how are you all? Today I have put together a quick blog on three of my favourite sweaters I have found looking on the internet. They are smart and casual at the same time, with smart jeans and shoes or trousers.

So feel free to leave comments on what I have written or maybe send me something you would like me to write up or post on my page. I am open to trying different suggestions or topics.


Picture from Abercrombie & Finch.

This is a classic looking but stylish sweater of light grey material. It is of V-neck design and made from 60% Cotton and 40% Linen and is designed from Flagship. This particular sweater is a medium size and is casual wear but with a pail grey shirt or off white shirt, looks great with jeans or trousers. This particular one retails for about £58 from the above name.  LOVE IT


Picture from Woolovers.

Here we have a old style sweater that reminds me of the type of sweaters we used to wear at school. It is of crew neck design and the colour, they have called it Berry, personally I would call it maroon or dark cherry. It is made from 100% Cashmere and the size of this particular one is medium. Personally I would not wear white trousers with this sweater, in my opinion I would wear a grey or charcoal trousers and may be a pail shirt like a light blue. This sweater retails for about £49 at Woolovers.


Picture from Burtons.

This sweater is known as Oatmeal ? but it does look good. As you can see it has a three button collar and high neck collar. It is one of those sweaters that looks good with a white crew neck T-shirt or a white or pail shirt underneath. The sweat in the picture is of medium size but is available in other sizes. It retails for about £15 in Burtons and to me is a great buy. It is made from 85% Acrylic & 15% Wool. LOVE IT.


Men’s Polo Shirt. — February 24, 2017

Men’s Polo Shirt.

Good day to my fellow readers/bloggers, how are you all? Today I have been thinking on what to put on my blog and now I have decided, as you can see from the title it is Men’s Polo shirts from Burtons, Debenhams and New Look.

I have provided the pictures and a small write up about the Polo Shirts and how much they cost roughly. If you have anything you would like me to write about on here please let me know by leaving a comment.


Picture from Burtons.

This particular Polo shirt is named Navy Empire Polo Shirt which costs roughly about £20. This particular shirt is of a medium size  and is made of 100% Cotton. The design is of Navy Marl with tile print collar  and has a  same design chest pocket on the left chest side.


Picture from Debenhams.

The name of this particular polo shirt is Racing Green British Style for Debenhams and costs about £22 in store. The polo shirt in the picture is of regular fit with dark stripes around the collar, pocket and sleeves around the purple colouring. It is made from 100% Cotton.


Picture from New Look

This particular Polo shirt is one of my favourites and the plain look is broken up by the blue panelling chest design with dark blue stripes around the sleeves and collar. This shirt retails for about £14.99. This shirt is of slim fit and made from 100% Cotton.

Well I hope you have liked what I have put down here and it gives some ideas of what is out there. If anything you want to read about please leave a comment and inform me.

Men’s Waistcoats —

Men’s Waistcoats

Good morning to my fellow readers, how are you all? I have been trolling through the internet and I have decided to try and write about Men’s waistcoats. I have found three waistcoats from three different shops, Burtons, Debenhams and New Look.

So today I will post three waistcoats and what I would like you to read what I have written and write a comment on my site please.


Picture from Burtons.

The above photo displays a model wearing A Moss London slim fit waistcoat of charcoal grey sold by Burtons for about £39. Five button waistcoat with two pockets at the front. This particular waistcoat is a 38Regular fit and goes well with a charcoal slim fit suit. In Burtons it has a 4 star rating.


Photos by Debenhams.

This photo is from Debenhams and designed by Hammond & Co by Patrick Grant. The waistcoat is of a woollen bland and a slim fit and has a design of tartan. This particular waistcoat is of 38Regular fit. It is from Debenhams and retails for about £50.00. Looks good with dark jeans and shoes.


Picture from New look

This photo is from new look and can retail for about £25. It is of a 5 button fit with a V neck design and this one is of grey woollen material  and looks great with jeans or a suit.  this particular one is of a 4 star rating and a casual fit or smart fit, slim fit.

Peoples Ideas — February 11, 2017

Peoples Ideas

Good afternoon people how is your weekend going? Good I hope. I have been thinking of trying a different approach to men’s fashion. So today I have thought and today I want my fellow readers to think about what they think would look good with a pair of trousers I have chosen from Burtons website that is of a smart look.   

So what I want from the readers is to upload a picture of what you think will look good with the trousers in your comments and then I will set up another post on all the different ideas and names of bloggers with their ideas. Ideas such as socks, shoes , smart trainers, shirts, T-shirts, jumpers and sweaters, waistcoats and what ever else you can think of.

The ideas of what you post in the messages will be loaded up and put out on my wordpress, Niume, Google+, Tumblr and, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

So now here is the photo of the trousers, so please send in your ideas and send pictures in your messages so I can put them on my blog and give recognition to you all.


Well these are the trousers I want you think about and please pass this on to your friends and other bloggers that may have an idea.

I look forward to your photos and ideas and I promise that the ones I pick I will put name recognition for you in my blog and maybe see where it leads, maybe a blog of working together.


Men’s Future Fashion — February 10, 2017

Men’s Future Fashion

Good day to my fellow writers, how are you all? Good I hope. Well as usual I have been looking through the internet for something to write about and I have found something different. It is men’s fashion but with a future style

I have found four pictures of something different from fashion shows and this time I could not find prices as I did not have time as I have been busy. If this was my job then I would find time to find the prices and maybe write a lot more.


Picture from

This is a futuristic style suit that appears to be slim fit for most people. Why can they never have an average man of height and build modelling these clothes. For me that would more of an appealing buy for me and most people I think. This particular suit is from the Fall/winter 2013 sporty-vibe. It is designed for Dior Home, by Kris Van Assche. With Black stylish smart dress shoes that could be sold at most retail shops and slim fit smart trousers finished off with a Black jacket. On the jacket is a printed red circle with a triangle inside the circle.

Stylish and smart that actually could be worn in todays upper class society and probably set you back a bob or two.


Picture from

This to me as it on my opinion appears to be something from the 1960’s fashion not the future, but who am I. This image did come under the subject I looked for- Men’s Future Fashion. It is a slim fit smart tailored suit. In this photo it appears to have this model wearing smart black shoes, with slim fit black trousers. On the top half he is wearing a white slim fit tailored shirt with a bow tie. To finish it off he is wearing a black slim fit jacket with a shiny collar and a white chest pocket finisher. To make this look like a business mans suit is the hat the model is wearing makes it looks old style business man.


Picture from

This is a mix of future and modern style mixed with leather and other materials. On his feet he is wearing fashionable black slip on shoes with a gold looking band across the shoes. With black socks and slim fit trousers. On top he is wearing what appears to be a black leather waist coat done up to the collar. Over the top of this he is wearing a hip length jacket that appears to be slim fit and finishing off with black leather gloves.

This to me looks smart and is something that could actually be worn today but some may not like the leather waist coat.

It is designed by Yves Saint Laurent and is part of the winter and fall collection and is photographed by Kuba Dabrowski.


Picture from

In this photo I have gone a different way but still futuristic in a way. If you think of the game Assassins Creed, it can match the outfit. It is shown on Fashion Cyberpunk Clothing. The hooded top is made from different materials and it appears to be two different styles of leggings. It appears to be men’s black tights with a knee length baggy shorts to the knees. With under knee boots. This is a great fashion look for the future but not street wear maybe fancy dress.

Well readers I hoped you like what I have written and put together. It is different, so if there is something you would like me to write about please let me know what you would like.

Men’s Fashion-shoes — February 6, 2017

Men’s Fashion-shoes

This is just a quick article on men’s shoes/boots. I looked at what I have and liked and what was chosen for me in the past and decided to shoe you what is out there.

I have picked four pairs of foot wear from Diechmans, Next, Burtons and Tesco’s. These footwear styles are not to expensive and can be affordable if you shop around.


Picture from Diechmans.

This boot is my favourite and I wear it a lot at the minute. It may be a little bit pricey from Diechmans but in my opinion they do last very well and are always comfortable. This boot always looks good with jeans and a dark top and also with chinos of a darker colour. It is made from a leather and a man made sole. Combined with a double stitched zip and buckle finished off with lace ups. In this store it has a 5 star rating and goes with the Autumn and winter collection and retails for about £34.99.


Picture from Next.

These shoes are for sale at Next and are Derby plain brown. They are made from an upper leather and the sole is an made. these are a stylish wear that can be worn with smart clothing or with blue jeans not black. if with jeans they need to be with a light coloured top maybe a T-shirt or a long sleeved shirt. Buying them would set you back a £55 and this means it would be an occasion such as an interview or meeting, maybe a nice dinner with a friend or partner.


Picture from Burtons.

In these pictures it is black but I personally have a grey pair with red laces and a red lined sole. These ankle high boots are of a comfortable style. The design is labelled as Desert grey style shoe with red contrast stitching. They go very well with grey/blue or blue chinos or a dark blue jeans and a light coloured top. with a dark coloured jacket. These boots usually retail at about £30 but I got them cheaper as I shopped around, plus my beautiful wife chose them.


Picture from Tesco’s.

This is an always classic style boot that we can always see in films with gangsters and hoods. It goes well with any colour jeans and with dark trousers. Looking at ratings it has a 4 star rating and goes well with dark blue/black jean, maroon top/t-shirt. so is a totally classic look.

Men’s Fashion-shirts —

Men’s Fashion-shirts

Good day readers, how are you all? Good I hope. Well I have been looking through the internet for something to write about in men’s fashion and today I have pick out four shirts I personally like and I hope you like them too.

I have picked out four shirts from Marks & Spencers, Burtons, Debenhams and Asos. These are all smart shirts but can be casual as well, it all depends on what you wear them with. Some look good with jeans and some look good with trousers and both jeans and trouser. But I will let you make that decision.


Picture from M&S.

As we can see this is a slim fitted shirt that is good for all occasions, such as a night out with friends or for more formal events but not with a tie. It is Autograph by Supima for Marks and Spencers. It is made from Cotton and is a long sleeve, slim fit. It has a Grey and Black geometrical pattern. In my opinion it is a great shirt and a comfortable fit with and can be worn with the collar done to the top or a few buttons undone and looks good with trousers or with smart jeans. This shirt sells for about £39.50 at M&S.


Picture from Burtons.

This particular shirt is a beautiful shirt by DKNY as we can see, it is a single button cuff and is a textured Navy blue and white pattern. It is apparently 100% Cotton, long sleeved. This shirt does go well with smart blue jeans, (not stone washed) and tan desert boots for a casual night out with friends or for a weekend outfit. As stated this shirt is sold at Burtons and retails for about a staggering £60. But it is worth the money as the shirt is an eye catcher.


Picture from Debenhams.

As seen this shirt is a navy blue design with a floral print. This is a slim fit and good with dark blue jeans but not with trousers in my opinion. It is made from 100% Cotton and is designed by RJR. John Rocha for Debenhams. Personally I would wear this on a weekend out with friends or with a meal with my wife. It does retail for £45 at Debenhams roughly.


picture from Asos.

This too is a slim fit cotton long sleeve fit that looks good with blue jeans and brown shoes. It is for sail on Asos and designed by Farah with a polka dot design. It is a stretch design as well. it is of Bordeaux colour which I personally think is purple or a dark red. This looks good with blue jeans and desert boots in my personal opinion. It was for sale originally at £65 but has been reduced to £29 which is a great buy.

These are just my opinion on men’s fashion in shirts and you may find it different. Please feel free to comment on this and let me know what you think of my opinions or what you would like to know about next.

How to Fix your Rates as a Freelancer — February 2, 2017

How to Fix your Rates as a Freelancer

Very interesting


Setting your rates must be one of the most difficult aspects of freelancing. This may sound like a surprise to some people but it’s true.

A lot goes into setting the right freelance rates. It is not about setting a random rate for your service. It has a lot to do with what you have planned for your business, your budget and your mindset. If you’re not comfortable with your rates it may affect your performance and even your delivery. I know I start to get upset when I feel I have undercharged for a job.


Most freelancers think that their rates must please their clients. That is why some freelancers find themselves under charging their clients, working extremely hard to make ends meet and then getting stressed out with all the workload.

In this article you will learn some handy tips and principles that will help you feel…

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Men’s Celebrity Fashion — February 1, 2017

Men’s Celebrity Fashion

Good day to my fellow writers, I hope you are all well. This evening I have been looking through the internet for something to write about in regards to fashion. This time I have gone a different way and as you can see I have decided to pick out a few celebrities. I have written a little bit about what  I have found and what I think looks good.

I hope you like what I have written and please feel free to leave comments at the end. I am not a professional writer on fashion but I would like to start making a living from this. Something like writing for magazines or papers and working from home or office and going out for meetings now and again and taking my own photos of clothing style.


Picture by

Sorry the picture is not brilliant but I have tried three or four and it remains like this. The first picture is as we can see Will Smith in a casual outfit. It appears he has black or brown leather sport boots that are left untied with casual fitted black jeans, folded into the top of the boots. With this he wears a classic white T-shirt with what appears to be a stone grey coloured jumper. To make this look stylish the T-shirt should be worn hanging out. To finish it off he sports a Hip length black Jacket that is styled in creases to make it look scruffy but still smart at the same time. Funny how scruffy can also look smart at the same time. I do like this outfit but probably this is a high end fashion names.

The second photo of Will Smith is a smart outfit but played down at the same time. He sports a pair of black smart shoes with a white two piece suit. Now white suits are difficult in my eyes as white suits do not suit everyone but if you have the figure and build to wear it. With the suit he wears a black leather belt and a black and dark blue shirt undone by two buttons with grey or dirty white vertical stripes. Personally I would not suit this outfit but would like the first outfit in the photo.


Picture by

Yet again the picture is not brilliant so I am sorry.

With the first photo we see the action man sporting black smart shoes that appear to be slip ons. On his bottom half he is wearing what appears to be blue stone washed jeans, which always look good with black shoes. On the top half Jason appears to be wearing a light coloured shirt with a black jumper over the top. Now this is a casual outfit but does look smart enough for times out with friends or a quick meal with friends.

The second photo has Jason sporting blue Adidas trainers with casual fitted jeans that appear to be worn look. On his top he is wearing a grey or light blue loose fitting jumper which looks amazing if you have the body to go with it. As we all know Jason has that body to pull this off. Myself I like this outfit the most as it is a fully casual look for daily wear.


Picture by

Hear we have the infamous Super man Henry Cavill. He is sporting both smart wears and casual wear in both types of shoots. They are smart but grey suits smart clothes and white shirts with full length light grey jacket. In one we see a three piece suit with a white shirt finished off brilliantly with a red tie. One of my favourites is Henry sporting a black suit finished of with a white shirt undone at the collar. To be honest all six photos are of top quality and look amazing in them all. the one that does disappoint just a little is the black and white one as you can’t see the colouring of the clothing.