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New start  — December 27, 2016

New start 

Well after Christmas and having lots of food, chocolate and alcohol I think it is time for me to hit the gym and change my eating habits. I feel full all the time and sluggish. 
So as from tomorrow 28/12/16 I am starting to eat better and drink more water based drinks like green tea, ginkgo tea(love it), and water. In the food side I will start eating more vegetables and high protein foods but still have carbs for energy. 
So tomorrow I am having Almased meal replacements and pork with parsnip, carrots, potatoes and broccoli. 
Also I will be doing cardio and average weights in the cardio too. Things like bench press, squats and deadlifts mainly then average weights all over. 

Men’s fashion, Aftershaves — December 22, 2016

Men’s fashion, Aftershaves

I have chosen a few aftershaves I personally like and smells that don’t cost a lot of money compared to some well known aftershaves. 
First of is FERRARI RED, this is sold in a brilliant red bottle and it is an eye catcher. The smell is masculine but sweet, it gets the attention when you wear it. The only down side to this after shave is that the aroma doesn’t last very long. You can look around and find it for the price of about £20. But all in all not a bad buy. 

The second after shave is by Jamie Redknapp and called Elite gentleman Untailored. This a pleasant sweet smell and does last for a while. Jamie has done well with this one. It last for a while when used and is also cheap to buy. It is sold by Avon and is one of 3 after shaves made by Jamie Redknapp for Avon. It retails at about £8. 

Third is one of the three aftershaves made by Jamie Redknapp for Avon. This is also a sweet but not as much as the one above. It is sold obviously by Avon and retails for £8 roughly. This is one of my favourite smells. It does also last for a while better than the others. 

Lastly is an old one and usually people relate this to old men. It is Brute Sport Style. It is a good aftershave and smells great, sweet but strong and does last for a while. I have had good reports from friends on it smelling nice. You can buy this in places like Bodyshop or on Amazon and could sell for about £6. 

These are just my personal choices. And I do like to a cheap but nice smell. I do know that there are lots more better aftershaves out there but this is my choice. 

Men’s fashion  — December 17, 2016

Men’s fashion 

Not to long ago I went for a photo shoot in London. I have never done one before and I can honestly say I truly enjoyed it. Over all it took about 4 hours with choosing outfits that were laid out for me. Having make up put on me as I had a shiny face and head 😂. 
After doing that I thought that I would love to do this in my spare time and then make a career out of it. I now know that with my features it is not easy to get in too. The agencies are looking for a particular look as usual. 
Tall, slim, cheek bones and a six pack. Well to be honest that ain’t me 😞 yet. I mean the slim and six pack yet. 

Below you see the sort of outfits that I think would look good on me in a shoot. We see plain but thick smart jumpers worn with a plain shirt 👚 and also without a shirt. Both look good. A thick grey cardigan (which I do have myself). Also a thick brown half coat which falls just below the waist. 

Also below we see three pictures of men wearing winter clothes. Brown/ tan chinos worn with a red jumper finished off with a white stripe. To tie this off he is wearing a heavy grey coat which makes this all look smart. 

The third picture is a white shirt 👚 with purple stripes. Wearing a casual beige waistcoat done up with only one button. Finished off with a woollen jacket matching with a grey hat 🎩 and scarf. 
Finally a copper colour chinos with a grey knitted jumper with a below the waist jacket finished off with a scarf. 

These are just a few outfits I like and would like to try in a shoot myself. 
It doesn’t matter if I do or don’t make a full time career but I would like to give it my all on that. Maybe for a catalogue, Primark, Next or any other clothing company. 

Well people I hope you like what I have written. This time of year people need to be kind and tolerant of others. Be nice to others and try to smile when facing difficult times with others. There are always people less off the you. Spread a good deed and pay it forward. 

Memoirs of an ordinary man  — December 14, 2016

Memoirs of an ordinary man 

DAY 15, 
Well what a busy day I had. We had a load of new recruits starting and having their induction for the week. That means lots of ID’s for new staff, must of been about 50 staff. 
Some people thought as well it would be a good day to kick off within where I work and in the community covering my work area. Not good. It doesn’t help when the other staff don’t give the full story of what goes on. 

On patrol this this morning I am greeted with the scenery above. Cold, wet but beautiful sun rise in the morning. This is one reason why I love winter. The beautiful colours or red, yellow, brown and black in The greenery of woodlands. 
It feels cold and biting cold to the skin but not to cold with a reflective jacket and woolly hat 🎩. 
Some of the scenery is , look bellow 

Misty and wet grounds, with dying trees 🌲 and cut back branches and trees looking like they are dying. 
It is a beautiful but sad time of year with colourful time of year. 
There is nothing better than being in the bitter cold and getting back into the warmth. 
Well remember people stay safe people. Be aware of how cold it could be when you are out and how quick the weather could change. Stay safe people and remember check on the elderly as they will feel the cold more than you and I. 

Changing my eating habits 2 — December 8, 2016

Changing my eating habits 2

Well I said I was going to change my eating habits. I originally was going to have Almased three times a day for three days.
It was difficult but DAY was was a walk in the park, kind of. 
DAY two was a little bit harder as people kept bringing in Christmas treats into the office but I only had one or two things. 

The one good thing that came out of this is I got my arse in gear at the gym. Been killing the cardio and fat burning with weights. Fell the burn by the morning, love it. Keeping the kickboxing going too , plus at work I walk about outside for most of the day. 

I get to walk around and see scenery like this on my patrols. Seeing wildlife in peace and silence. 
Well I’ll keep up the cardio and weights. 
Remember people it’s is the season of good will, try to be tolerant of those angry scrooges out there. There may be something underlying we can’t see. Be nice and smile at every opportunity you can. 

Changing my eating habits. — December 5, 2016

Changing my eating habits.

Well as I said I was going to start trying to lose some weight. I have started on my meal replacements called Almased. Mixed with 300g sofa milk, 10g olive oil, 50g Almased powder. I have this once in the morning, lunch time and in the evening. Each shake is about 230 kals each shake. 
During the day I have had coffee and ginkgo tea through out. After I finished work I went to the gym and did about 40 minutes cardio running 🏃 and walking 🚶 at intervals. Then after that I hit the free weights and did dumbbell bench press, shoulder press and lateral raises. Bicep curls and barbell squats. And repeated the whole lot three times with two rounds. 
Well when I got home 🏡 I weighed myself and I appear to be 90.5 at the minute and that’s not all fat some of it is muscle. Just don’t know where it is 😂. So what I’m aiming for is slim waist and a little six pack and toned. Nothing big. 
Well tomorrow will be tough on day two of three shakes only. Will see how it goes. Be nice people. 

Changing my eating habits  — December 4, 2016

Changing my eating habits 

After this weekend of eating and drinking crap I need to get my act together. So I have decided to hit the meal replacements for three days. 
I’m not just picking any rubbish. I have looked into some different types of meal replacements and decided on Almased. 
It costs about £21 for a tub of about 500g and you make it by mixing about 300 MLS soya milk 🍼, 10g oil such as olive, rapeseed or flaxseed and then 50g of the powder. You will find blending it is best. 

I will have this for two to three days then replace one shake with a health meal for 4-7 days. In between this I will be doing some cardio and using weights at the gym. And the odd kickboxing class too. 

I have also downloaded Adrian James app to tighten and strengthen my core as well. But I need to get focused on doing this as from Monday morning. I will put updates on how it is going on weight and sizes and how it is going on the cardio front. 

Until tomorrow night after I come home from the gym I’ll log in and report on how it has gone. 

Men’s fashion. My opinion  — December 3, 2016

Men’s fashion. My opinion 

I have been looking for some clothes to buy, something smart and yet casual. 
I went to Primark and had a good look around in other well known shops in the high street. 

Below you will see some outfits I took a fancy to. 

You can see in the first photo we see a young man sporting a slim fit shirt 👚 with a three quarter coat trimmed with a dark collar. With dark slim fit trouser and dark slim shoes 👠. In the second he is wearing a suit toned down with a high neck dark jumper to tone the suit down. Good for office work and for a night out. And half the price of most high street shops. 

I went to try this on myself. But alas it didn’t look this good. The trousers 👖 are a slim fit but worn with a brown belt and brown 👠 shoes. With that is a light lilac 👚 shirt. But to pull it off it needs to be a slim fit shirt not loose. And to finish off the suit it would have to be a burgundy tie or a darker shade of lilac. But you might be able to wear a brown tie but it would have to match the same as your belt or shoes. 

This model is wearing a tweed two piece suit of a speckled dark grey. To make this look casual, even though it is not a smart suit, he is wearing a long sleeved black jumper with chest white panel. This dresses it down and having the sleeves pop out the end of the jacket covering the hands. 
I hope you like what I have written. I haven’t done much on fashion and I am still learning. 

What is it about this time of year? —

What is it about this time of year?

This time of year is suppose to be the time of good will and people being nice to one another. 
Well let me tell you it’s not. People become so blinkered and job oriented that they forget about being nice and having manors. 
I was in town today looking for ideas for presents for my wife and family. As I was walking 🚶 to the entrance to the shopping centre an elderly woman was coming up to the 🚪 doors. As she was about to go through the doors this idiot goon of a man barged past her and nearly knocked her over. A couple asked if the lady was ok 👌🏼 and some security guard had a word with this goon. You could see him laughing 😂 to himself as he walked off. 
The streets become packed and busy, people forget everything about getting and having manors. 

This isn’t my town it’s an example of Christmas shopping in a busy high street. Don’t get me wrong. I love this time of year. Seeing all the decorations, people going out on work night outs. People having to much to drink 🍹 🍷🍸presents 🎁 and the street lights. 

People need to stop stressing out and relax about the shopping. Remember the little things in life. People be nice to one another, smile say morning to a stranger. Be nice. 

Kickboxing  — December 2, 2016
Memoirs of an ordinary man — December 1, 2016

Memoirs of an ordinary man

DAY 14,
Well I haven’t been on here for a while, that is because I have started a new job. Now I am doing security full time now working days and nights. I can honestly say I have never been so happy in a job and learning lots more. 
I get to patrol around some grounds with beautiful surroundings and scenery. I am out all day long walking around making sure nothing is out of order and no unwanted public on sight. 

At night the moon 🌙 light is bright. At night I am hearing noises from all sorts of animals, coming from the dark bushes and 🌳 🌲 trees. I have seen so many 🐺 foxes owls and deers just to name a few animals. There is nothing to not like about this job. 
The other night I was wondering around doing my patrol and out of nowhere a bloody deer ran out of a bush and ran past me very quickly scarring the hell out of me. 

Moon the other night when it was full