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Positive Outlet on Aggression — May 31, 2016

Positive Outlet on Aggression

I have been looking into starting a session for inpatients who have aggressive outbursts whether it is deliberate or psychological issue. I would bring in a pair of boxing gloves and a kick shield. 

What the patient has to do is ASK for the pads, then two staff and the patient go off into a side room. The nurse explains the rules of the session:

1- aggression is not to be focused on a person. 

2- do not act silly or play fight with gloves on. 

3- follow nurses guidance at all times. 

4- staff are not to teach patient how to punch or use combinations. 

5-patient is to talk and write down how they felt before session, during and after. 

These are just a few of the rules for the session. When staff hold the kick shield up the patient is to focus on the thing that is making them angry and for 30 seconds punch the hell out the shield. After 30 seconds the patient is to stop punching and sit on the floor and breathe deeply for a minute or so. Then repeat this action for about 7-8 times or until patient is out burnt their anger. After patient has burnt their aggression get them to write about it and write why they were angry. How they felt during the session and at the end of the session and say if it helped and how. 

I have tried this on two patients and it worked within 5-8 minutes and had positive outcomes. But people thought it would promote violence, not showing a positive outlet for aggression. Surely what I tried was better than a patient beating on other people. 

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Promoting my WordPress  — May 30, 2016
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Fashion sense —

Fashion sense

This is a fashion article I wrote and now the link below have published it on their web site. Please have a read and comment. 

Possible Future —

Possible Future

I have just got myself a journal to write in. I am going to fill it up with possible experiences within my line of work. It has been over 20 years of experience so I should have enough to go on with for now. 

I might put some of it up on here as well as looking at how to publish it in the future and sell it as a book. 

It’s a possibility 

writer1710 — May 29, 2016
Another Day working as a Health Care Assistant — May 28, 2016

Another Day working as a Health Care Assistant

This little article will try and make people see what it is like working as a health care assistant within a mental health hospital. There are many different names a healthcare worker will be known as, such names as Nursing assistant, Health care assistant, Nursing Assistant or Nursing Auxiliary just to name a few. To work as a health care worker there is at the minute but it is looking like the health authority may change that in the future. One of the main things you need is a good understanding of people, a caring side no matter what happens and to be none judgemental attitude towards people no matter why they are there.

People (patients) will   be in hospital for all sorts of reasons; I have come across people that have been admitted due to developing mental health problems due to the stress of being in prison. Patients come in for reasons of being abused by people known to them, Witnessing traumatic events such as war crimes to them or others. Eating disorders, Schizophrenia, self harm due to abuse or trauma. Depression and bipolar are just to name a few. Yes they are or can be big issues for newly diagnosed patients but with the right medication treatment and therapy to deal with problems they can be managed well on the ward and in the community.

Just because some one has this diagnosis it does not mean that you have to cross the street when you see them or that they are dangerous. The best and most supportive thing you can do for someone with a mental health problem is say HELLO or just ask HOW ARE YOU? Then be there for them, listen to them and treat them like a friend or an individual. Don’t judge  them because of an illness. Be an ear for them, a person to talk to or just sit with them and spend time with them. Don’t get me wrong it can be difficult at times and you will hear stories of a horrific nature whether its something they have done or they have had done to them. All you need to do is listen and not show expressions of shock or horror in your face. Listen, give guidance if they need it and be supportive no matter what. Some patients may have urges to hurt themselves at times and all you need to do is be supportive and try and guide them away from wanting to hurt themselves. This can be difficult and mentally stressful on you. So no matter how mentally strong you think you are you will need to unload on your mentor or a colleague just so the stress of the information does not well and build up and stress you out.

With what I have written the job role is extremely rewarding and mentally fulfilling and when you have had input with a patient and you see them doing well and then they move on to a better placement or even back home. You must think that you have had a massive input on that persons life and made it better. Doing this job is definitely not for the money but the emotional rewards is massive. I work in a very stressful job as a health care assistant and have been doing for over 19 years. The place I work is very demanding and can be physically demanding at times due to the nature of the patients and their problems but no matter what happens I can’t see myself working anywhere else. If you decide to become a health care assistant you will come across people (staff) that are good at de-escalation, dealing with confrontation, and one or two staff will be good all round no matter what is going on on the ward.

Myself, without trying to sound big headed, I can deal with most situations such as aggression, confrontation, self harm or just a shoulder to cry on. I always pass over to the nurse in charge what has been disgust and enter everything in the  patients notes whether it be hand written or electronic patient notes. At the end of every week or day depending how stressful it has been I sit in a room with someone I feel I can talk to and unload onto them. What you need to remember is when you speak to the colleague is not to be afraid to show your emotions when chatting, this helps you release the stress.

What is Self-Harm? — May 24, 2016

What is Self-Harm?

In this article I will try to explain what is self-harm and the reasons for this; from the views of a health care assistant with at least 20 years’ experience in mental health.  There are people in hospital who self-harm and also people in the community that self-harm but to different extents. Everybody has their own personal reasons why they do this and if you meet someone that does this please do not judge them. They are in turmoil, mental pain or they used to be and now they have learnt to control it to an acceptable level. What needs to happen is the health service and the private companies need to make awareness and knowledge more acceptable to the community to understand. I hope that what I have written here will help even if it is just a small amount. Any information that helps is better than nothing at all.

There was a horrible story in the papers a few months back about a young lady who had scares on her arms from self-harm and she went into a big super market chain, I will not name them as I don’t want to get in trouble, she went to the cashier with a bottle of alcohol and the cashier told her that they cannot serve her the alcohol because she had scares on her armWhat  The young lady was told it was company policy not to serve alcohol with anyone that self-harms. To me this is disgusting as alcohol is not the reasons why people self-harm and if she was out in the community she has a big control over these urges to hurt herself. You cannot judge a person just because they have scares. I have a few scares on my person but that does not mean I self-harm, I’m just clumsy.

Next I will try to explain some of the possible reasons why they self-harm and the ways people self-harm. It is mostly a female thing but it is on the rise of male’s self-harm and coming to light.

Visual and Auditory Hallucinations

Some patients within a hospital setting who suffer from hearing and seeing things like past abusers, demons or a coping friend due to stress or past events known as hallucinations usually not a friendly voice or vision. With a patient that has this condition, the voices are usually a kind of friend in a difficult time and is there only way of coping while it is a stressful time. The voices are usually a coping skill for the person but when someone who cares comes into their life the voices get louder as well as the visual problems get worse. At times of stress the hallucinations tell the person that they are worthless and they need to end their life because no one loves them or cares. This is why some patients find it hard to cope with when they find a staff member that actually cares. The voices get louder when the patient finds someone who actually shows a caring side. The patient will end up listening to the hallucinations as they will be as convincing to the patient as they are the only friend they have during the whole time. The patient may end up ripping their clothes tying a ligature around their necks or another limb. Maybe finding something sharp like a razor, metal, hard plastic and cut themselves to make themselves bleed. Some patients may also use the plastic from pens, metal from clothing, braking glass items. Some start to head bang and what I mean by this is that the patient usually sitting or crouching will bang their head off a wall or a door. This is all due to the voices or hallucinations they experience.


What you may come across is mainly females but some males that have been abused from either family members or friends that know the family or it could be a random stranger which is rare. The abuse can come in all shapes when it comes to the subject of abuse, patients could start cutting, have sight dysmorphia, where they see something bigger or horrible when they look in the mirror. People could come across physical abuse, where the person will witness people being beaten, tortured or mentally abused just to name a few. It will come to a point where their coping strategy is to hurt them self to cope with the mental pain. They could start to withhold their food and fluid intake, start in to insert things whether it be through an open hole, mouth, rectum, virginal, or open wound. I know it is not nice to read but this is the facts I’m afraid. But this could also link in with hallucinations as well due to the past abuse.

Learnt Behaviour

It is an unfortunate thing but people that do go into care due to past problems will also pick up things while in care. There are some patients will see other patients do things like self-harm and find out that it can lead to maybe positive outcomes. Some patients will learn that from other patients that self-harming will bring in staff and also give the attention they need. But what you need to realise is that some patients don’t know how to ask for help in times of stress and this is the only way they know how to ask. So some patients that don’t know how to ask for help may self-harm just to get the staff member in close.



There are some patients that will either restrict or over eat on their food. This is a difficult situation to deal with as it could be life threatening in some cases. Some people will reduce food and fluid intake due to the stupid fashion industry. It is portrayed that the model should be skinny and beautiful, so the young mainly females will stop eating and try to up their cardio to lose the weight. The fashion industry needs to change their ways on this. Some patients in their previous lives may have been bullied at school, work or college and called fat, chunky just to name a few.

It is not just restricting food it can also be over eating for a number of days, then eating nothing. It could also be a problem where they will over eat and then self-induce vomiting as they usually think it will help them reduce weight.


These are just to name a few items problems to do with self-harm. If you want to look deeper there will be a number of triggers to influence self-harm.

I hope you have found this small amount of information useful helpful even if it was just a little.

Please feel free to leave a comment but remember this is just an opinion and not total fact .

What does CBT have to say about emotions? — May 23, 2016

What does CBT have to say about emotions?


I’ve spent the day at Christine Padesky’s conference in London. An expert in her field, Aaron Becks Californian-based prodigy pretty much wrote the book on CBT.


Listening to her today reminded me of what always fails to surprise me about CBT; the almost complete denial of past events and how they may be contributing to someone’s symptoms. CBT will work with what it calls core beliefs in longer term therapy, however as CBT is generally offered short term (especially in the NHS) the majority of the work is based on intervening at the level of the presenting symptoms, such as lack of activity, negative thoughts, etc.

I have written about the efficacy of CBT elsewhere. It is sufficient to say that there is no one size fits all approach to distress and a lot of people have greatly benefited from a practical skills based approach to therapy.

Attempting to answer…

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Who screams louder  —

Who screams louder 

What you going to do? 

Let the voices in your head scream louder than you or are you going to   Scream back. The voices are scared that one day soon you will not need them in your life so they keep showing their scary faces/voices. 

They are not in control! You are and let them know that. 

The devil inside Our own world. —
Working in Mental health —

Working in Mental health

There are a few jobs that are hard on your own mental state, physical being and sanity but yet still rewarding at the same time. That is working as a health care assistant in mental health in a hospital setting. I have done it for about 20 years and still doing it today (for now). 

The job can be very stressful on you and you can end up thinking why the hell do I do this job? Surely there are better jobs out there? Answer because you are made for this job and there is no better job out there. It takes a certain type of person to work in mental health. I mean some one that is not judgemental, not self opinionated, a great listener and actually gives a shit about people no matter what. 

In my job I have been told things by patients that would horrify the everyday public; we have to keep level headed and not judge. 

People think it has lots of perks;NO it doesn’t. Don’t get me wrong helping others, bringing people out of a bad place in their own mind or world gives you a kind of wellbeing and achievements. Hearing those two words, Thank you, just makes it all worth it. It’s an amazing feeling when you see a patient change from when they were admitted to being discharged to either home or a new placement. Yet sometimes there are low times when the treatment doesn’t seem to have any affect on them. 

For the health care assistance out there it is a great rewarding job. Stressful, painful, yet rewarding career to be in but it also could be a dead end job in the wrong place. There will be chances for lots of training to deal with patients, aggression, emergencies and many more situations. If you want to learn about different kinds of people, life, bad upbringings, the kind of nasty people that are out there, how to read potential risk situations then go into health care in mental health. 

I have learnt so much in my job as a health care worker with in a hospital and have so much information and teaching to pass on. I think something like blogging is the only way I could do it now. Don’t let anyone in your job talk down to you. People don’t realise that the health care assistance are the front line troops  in a ward setting. The patient will usually trust and form therapeutic relationships with health care assistance before anyone else. The patients will open up to you first and disclose things to you before qualified nurses or doctors. You are the eyes and ears of the ward and if people want to know something about the patients, you can guarantee the information would of come from a health care assistant first. Health Care Assistants are the backbone of the hospitals and wards; it needs to be recognised throughout the services whether it be NHS or private charity hospitals. 

Fauna Lost Her Ears — May 20, 2016
Ideas for article  — May 15, 2016
Today’s Society — May 13, 2016

Today’s Society

Night’s out

I am going to talk about people who go for a night out into town but end up with things getting messy or things that we cannot remember after a night out. People go into town with friends and have a few drinks and have one to many or friends that don’t know when to slow down or stop. Don’t get me wrong we have all been there at some point but some more than others. Then you wake up in the morning thinking what happened, did I drunk text, wake up in pain due to fighting, or your kidneys hurting due to the alcohol intake. Then the next day or two days you are feeling like the world is ending.

I occasionally work in town on some pub doors and have seen a few funny things and a few not so good things. It does make you think about the meaning of friendship and what family means when out.

Friends in my mind means that whoever you go out with you look after them and make sure that they do not go over the limit and get to a point where they don’t know what they are doing. I saw one night a group of friends out on a night out celebrating one of the lad’s birthdays.  When they came to the pub I was working the birthday boy was getting to the point where he would be unable to talk properly and walk safely. As he stood there he was swaying like a tree in a gale and could not look at me without closing his eyes while talking. To be honest I thought he was going to fall asleep while talking to me.

I was in a pub the other day with a few friends and I went to the bar to get another drink, I had only had one drink previously. While waiting to be served I saw one bloke with one of his friends who was being served. He was talking to his friend and to be honest he was being an obnoxious prat. The bar man came back to them and he got their drinks, but previously I heard the idiot say ‘watch this’. As soon as the bar man came back the idiot started to argue with the barman saying you got the wrong drink. The barman apologised and said what did you order then, looking confused. The idiot who was getting to the point of annoying said a different drink. As the bar man went to get his other drink I piped up and said ‘excuse me barman, but you did get the right drinks, he just said he was going to pull a fast one and make you look stupid’. With a look of disgust the idiot looked round and said to me what the hell? I mentioned to him that I was standing here listening to his loud voice saying what he was going to do. He turned to me as if he was going to start something and at this point I noticed the bar man talking in his ear piece and suddenly three door supervisors turn up. Feeling confident I say to the idiot ‘Do you really want to do this’? Without him noticing the door staff, he in a drunken state said you’re going to get it if you don’t fuck off. Then the door staff step in and I back away and they escort him out of the pub. The drunk idiot looks surprised but scared and not so tuff.

People go out for a nice time and relax with drinks with friends and return home hopefully not interacting with stupid drunks. So why is it that no matter when we go out we will mostly always meet a drunken idiot whether it be male or female and they can in a few words or action ruin your night out? What happened to the times of when people could go out for a few drinks and come home with no troubles?  Personally I think that door staff should be allowed to use breathalysers on punters, people out for drinks and if they are beyond a certain limit they should not be allowed in to a pub.  I know it could run your night out to a short ending but then it may also cut down on problems with drunks.

I have seen people so drunk that they have fallen asleep in their own vomit or acted in ways that they would not normally act in a social setting. I know that pubs are out in competition with other pubs but surely there should come a limit to where bar staff whether it be servers, door staff or managers should say no more. It is a shame that staff have to call on the police a lot of the time to try and control people that do get out of hand, as they have enough stuff to deal with.

As well as the drunks you see sitting in the parks and on the corner of streets drinking strong cans of strong bow or strong ciders. Most of them men or women would not say boo to a goose and would not harm anyone.  But unfortunately you will get one or two drunks that will course a few problems, but realise that they are mostly harmless.T

Today’s Society —

Today’s Society


As you can see from the title I have written this article is going to be about the way people in our society park their vehicles in today’s life. As you walk around shopping parking lots and high street parking you can see people parking in ridiculous ways. This is just an insight and my own personal views on the matter. I will try and write about things I have seen and what people have told me and things put on social media sites.

I myself live in a terrace street with two way traffic, so this means that traffic come up and down the street and we have parking on both sides of the street. I have just come down my street and it is 08:10 in the morning and the amount of cars that I see parked stupidly and selfishly in the streets. I notice that there is two cars that are double parked at the top of my street, why? But to be fair when I was walking down the street last night after returning from kickboxing, there was a lot of cars parked down the street. I saw that in one place, there was enough space for two standard cars but some selfish person was parked in the centre of this space leaving no room for another car. I suppose that is due to the driver has to park right outside their own place and not walk too far. Why do people have to try and park so close to their house? Does it matter if you have to walk an extra twenty or thirty feet to your house? I can guarantee that if I walk up and down any of the terrace streets in my area I could find people parked side by side in the street, just leaving barely enough room for another car to pass by. Plus there will be cars parked taking up room in spaces for parking for two cars. I have also seen cars parked in an angle that clearly is not big enough but the front end or back end of the car sticking right out and even parking it sticking out while parking it on the pavement. One of the worst things that really annoys me is the small smart cars. I know they are small and can park in most places but DAM, why park in a tight place and park the car facing in towards the house with the end sticking out. Don’t get me wrong, genius idea on the parking but annoying.

What do you think of people parking on double yellow lines? It’s not as bad as double parking and selfish parking. But think people the double yellow lines means do not park there! I know how annoying it is as at the end of my street where I live there is a corner shop and in the morning there are always people parking there right next to the junction. As you pull up to the junction to pull out, it is difficult to see vehicles coming from the left and judgement is needed to pull out.  The worst thing about this is that there is never any traffic wardens around when this happens, surely it doesn’t matter if they are just popping into the shop, and double yellow means no parking.  I understand if you have a blue badge that’s ok in my eyes.

Parking in drop off points is an annoying problem, especially in my town. I have dropped of friends in a drop off point at my local bus and train station and you can guarantee that there will be cars parked in there. I have pulled up to the drop off point and seen cars in there for more than ten minutes and banged on my horn but nothing from the driver and they just carry on with playing on their phone. What is the security doing in their job? If I pull up there I cannot pull off out of the way I have to park alongside and park double for about thirty seconds or so. Or drive round and go and park in the twenty minute park zone. Don’t like to say but Taxi drivers are just as bed for this.

As you drive round in parking lots or multi storey parking lots you can see but not too often people parking at an angle or parked in two spaces over the white or yellow lines. They park their cars and lock up and just walk off as if the world owes them a living. Why are they any different to myself or you? I have been driving round in an open parking lot for a number of shops of the main road and saw parking that really got me angry. One car was parked over a blue line for disabled parking, it was a big expensive BMW and a guy got out, locked his car and walked to the cash point. I saw one woman confront him in a non-aggressive way and question his parking. This guy, I can’t call him a gentleman, got verbally aggressive towards her. He soon stopped as a few including myself stepped forward in support of this woman. One guy, who was built like a house and ripped told him to shut up and move on. I noticed a week ago a woman parking in a child parking space but had no children in the car or child seats. To be fare she was questioned by security and had to move her vehicle. Good on the security person.

All I am trying to do is to point out a few personal facts I have witnessed and experienced while living here in the town I live in. I just want people to think next time they park their vehicle and think what if? So next time you park your car, van, lorry or 4X4 just think about the person who may or will park next to you and have you left them enough room? Can they park next to you with enough room?


Early morning — May 10, 2016

Early morning

It’s 05:50 and I’m laying here listening to the pitter patter of the cooling rain out side my bedroom window. The window is wide open to cool me down as it was a muggy night last night. 
Now it sounds like a lot going on outside, people must be going off to work. I can here someone unlocking his car and having trouble. I guess he is having trouble from the swearing coming from him. People are popping into the local corner shop as I can just hear the beeping as the door opens. Plus the cars passing splashing puddles as they carelessly drive through then, hopefully not splashing any passers by. 
The rain has just eased off a little more now. So I peer out the window just to be nosey and see a few lazy people double parked in the street. Selfish parking going on as well. What I mean by selfish parking is someone parking in a space for two cars and parking in the middle. Now is there any need for this style of stupid selfishness? No. 
Sound beautiful and peaceful just listening to the rain as it starts to get heavier splashing nicely on the wide open window. Let’s not forget the cooling gentle breeze that flows slowly through the window. The breeze feels wonderful against my face and shoulders. Cooling me down.

Blogging  — May 9, 2016


I have thinking of trying to earn a wage from blogging or writing and be able to occasionally work from home, that would be heaven. I have already written two articles which have been published on a modelling website and yes I am over the moon about it. I have started writing a third article on a male model.I am just starting to get into writing and have found that I really do enjoy writing, I am mainly writing about fashion related topics but honestly I would like to open my eyes and try other topics. But as I have already stated I would really like to make a side living or just publish now and again. Seeing you own work being published does give you a kind of rush and a little ego boost……ok a huge ego boost, but not letting it go to my head yet. So I am struggling to find out where are the best places to go for writing or blogging jobs and to get paid for my work too.

Just to change the subject a lot. I worked last night and thought how interesting would it be to write about working within mental health and issues relating to mental health as well. I have a long career in mental health to so I do know a bit. I have an interest in writing about fashion related news and want to be able to interview people and write up about them from the interviews. These could be people in fashion, mental health work, celebrities of the film industry or athletes of any type.

Well I have ranted on enough for now and I am going back to the garden to finish of my beer and Kebab and hopefully enjoy the rest of the evening in the sun. So I’ll bid you good day

Celebrities  — May 3, 2016


This is the second article I have written and had published. Please take a look. 

What Do You Think Of These Celebrities Out Of The LimeLight?