Jack has a day off today and with one of his only days off he has to get up early but Jack is not feeling to bad about this, as he has an appointment at his physiotherapist and he has been waiting about two months for this appointment. Jack has an ongoing problem in his shoulder leading to his neck, so he has been told by his doctor that it torn tendons in his shoulder. Because of this problem Jack has minimal strength in his right should and arm. What he has in his arm is a constant stabbing pain around his shoulder joint and what only is described as a muscular pain in his tricep, like he has over worked it in the gym. Occasionally Jack also gets a down his left arm as pins and needles in his first two fingers and up his forearm and this has been going on for a while now and he has had enough of this now. In this time he has had this pain and discomfort Jack has had to miss out on going to the gym and using the free weights and it even hurts him when he runs. As well as this Jack has had to miss out on kick boxing (self defence) and missing this is not making Jack happy at all.
Jack sets off from home giving his wife a kiss goodbye as she is leaving for work at the same time as Jack leaves. Jack decides to walk because his wife is going in the opposite direction even though his wife has offered to give him a lift to the hospital, Jack decides to walk and waist time. As Jack watches his wife drive off to work he turns and starts to walk up the street and as he walks off Jack can feel in his left arm pins and needles set in with a pain in his shoulder. While he walks it feels like Jack is carrying a heavy weight in his hand but this discomfort is not to bad but the pain in his shoulder is annoying him as it does at times wakes him up from sleeping at times so he is hoping that the physiotherapist can help sort it out. It takes Jack about twenty minutes to get into town which is not far from the hospital where the physiotherapist is based. As he gets into town Jack walks through the town and off to a local popular coffee shop to get a medium latte. As he walks into the coffee shop Jack stands in the cue and starts to look around and watches what people are doing while sitting drinking their coffee and some eating pieces of cake. In the shop there are people dressed like business men and women and chatting like they are discussing business stuff, people using their computers, typing madly and some of them looking at their computer intensely and Jack just smirks to himself. The coffee shop worker says to Jack
“How can I help you”?
“Can I have a medium latte to take away please” replies Jack.
Jack hands over his point’s card and pays for the coffee with his points and then Jack stands off to the side and waits while the server makes his Latte which takes about five minutes in total. Jack thanks the coffee server and starts to walk out of the shop sipping his coffee and suddenly gulps as the Latte is too hot when it hits his mouth. I’m sure we have all done that at some point with a take away coffee. While Jack starts his journey off to the hospital he walks past a few offices asking for assistant P.A’s, receptionists, warehouse workers and packers, Jack stands there and reads what is written but nothing takes his fancy this time so Jack goes on with his journey. As Jack arrives at the hospital he tries to find on the hospital map where the physiotherapist dept is and only then Jack realises he has entered the wrong end of the hospital. Jack stands there a few minutes and studies the hospital map and goes on his way. Jack arrives in the right department and sees the reception is closed so he has to register on a computer touch screen. Jack goes and takes a seat and whips his phone out and starts to play in his phone and checks his face book and twitter and sees there is nothing new from earlier. Due to the injury Jack also sits and contemplates his future and thinks about what else he could do, maybe security, work for Mi5. After about fifteen minutes a man comes through the door and calls Jack’s name, so Jack puts his phone away and stands up and walks up to the man that called his name. The physiotherapist is a young man who cannot be more than twenty five/six and greats him with a smile. Jack follows the man into a room and he looks around and notices a table that looks like a massage table, three black chairs with a swivel chair and a table with two computers on them. The man sits opposite Jack and says
Hi I’m Toby; this session is about assessments and working from what you say”.
Cool, I don’t care what you have to do I just want the discomfort and pain to stop, the doctor in A&E and my G.P just seem to dismiss me” replies Jack.
“I won’t dismiss you or but in when you are talking” replies Toby.
Jack sits there and explains what happened in the past and what others have told him and what he has experienced in the last few months. While Jack is explaining what has happened he notices that Toby is writing everything down and drawing on a body map of the problem areas. While Jack observes this it does make it seem ‘at last someone is listening’ which makes it all worthwhile now. This whole process takes about fifteen to twenty minutes and then Toby shows everything he has written on Jack which pleases him.
“Can you sit on the edge of the bed and take off your top please and we will try a few exercises to sort this out” Toby says to Jack.
Jack stands up and takes off his top and walks over to the massage table sitting on the edge. Toby walks behind him and tries a few movement exercises and a few tension exercises and then Toby explains to Jack that it is not his shoulder that’s the problem.
“I’m going to press on your neck and while I do can you lift your head up and down” says Toby.
Jack sits there while Toby is pressing his neck and Jack lifts his neck up and down Toby explains
“I’m pressing on your vertebra C6 to be exact “
Jack carries lifting his head up and down while Toby presses on his neck and Jack suddenly realises ‘there’s no pain or discomfort’. Jack start to feel like a huge weight has just disappeared off his shoulders. Toby repeats this exercise with Jack at least ten times. When Toby has done with the exercises he mentions that he needs to repeat these exercises as much as he can lift his head up and down and this should reduce the pain and discomfort. Toby places physio tape over Jacks shoulder and down the left side of his neck. When this has been placed on Jack he feels that the pain is going to nonexistent. When finishing the session with Toby Jack feels so much happier and feels like that a weight has been lifted.
After the time in being treated by Toby Jack decides to go and try a work out in his gym, so he gets his gym stuff ready. Once Jack arrives at the gym he walks in and head to the changing rooms and on entering it is a little noisy with men laughing and chatting loudly about their workouts they have done. With Jacks shoulder just starting to be on the mend he decides to take it easy. Once changed into his gym kit he walks out of the changing room and fills his water bottle up. The first thing Jack goes on is the treadmill and does some interval running, this help burn body fat for the next twenty four hours so he was told. Jack walks for two minutes and runs at a reasonably fast pace for two minutes and repeats this for at least ten times and Jack adds the odd sprint in a few times. After completing this Jack goes to the free weights section and attempts bench press at 25kg- 13 repsx3, decline bench press at 17.5kg-13 repsx3 and then incline press at 25kg-13×3. Jack rests and starts to move his shoulders as he can feel some discomfort after this. After about a minutes rest Jack tries seated fly at 45kg-11×3 and then walks over to where he can do hanging leg raises. Jack attempts to try fifteen leg raises while hanging from a bar, but he can only manage about five in each set which he repeats five times. After doing these exercises Jack goes on the exercise bike and cycles for about twenty five minutes but this finishes Jack off. After doing this Jack realises that he may just have done a little too much but it was not painful for him. Jack goes off to the changing room and has a shower and freshens himself up and changes his clothes and realises that his tape on his shoulder is still attached. Once Jack is ready he head off out of the gym and walks home.
Jack arrives home and chucks his gym kick in the washing machine but also throws in some dark clothes from the laundry basket. Once the washing machine is set and running Jack sits on the sofa and crashes out and falls asleep like an elderly person having an afternoon nap.