What you will read about in these stories are what could possibly happen whilst working as a health care professional with in the wide range of mental health. Nothing in the stories are true fact. I have worked with in Mental Health for a good many years. I have come across many things with in my job(s), so good things and some not so good and also some emotional situations. The situations will range from young adolescents to elderly patients within s hospital setting and also in the community.

There are so many different subjects that could be covered in mental health, to many to cover but such thing like Schizophrenia, Depression, Personality Disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), self-harm and Post-Traumatic stress disorder; just to name a few. Some of these will be covered as you go through the stories.

Few too many people truly understand what it is like to live with these condition but just because you have a diagnosis does not mean that you are different or that you should be locked away. The person with a mental health diagnosis can quite easily be the person sitting or standing next to you in the shop or the lift. It does not mean that you have to be afraid of them just be considerate towards them and be an ear or friend and just listen to them.

It amazes mean that people only hear about the bad things in mental health such as stories hitting the news. Such stories as patient escaping from hospital, nurse getting assaulted by patient or patients coursing a riot on a wing. You never hear about the great work patients do with the help from health care assistants, qualified nurses, Occupational therapists, Teachers, Doctors and social workers. Let’s not forget the families that sometimes have a lot of input into their family members care.

People come into hospital for all sorts of reasons. Adolescents for example could be problems due to past abuse, whether it be physical, or sexual, neglect or forced isolation. There has been some cases of people being kept in cages and forced to fight others and if they do not they are beaten. Basically slaves to fighting. There are also people that could have inherited mental health problems from family members, mental health due to major stresses such as war, jobs and even people preparing for exams have caused forms of mental health problems. It could also be that someone has just moved from adolescent services to adult services and have not moved on as yet. It could also be due to a brain injury they have acquired from an injury or illness as in infection.

So from what I have written so far I don’t want to scare anyone but it’s a matter of care and think and do not judge the people under care whether it is in the community or hospital.