I’m sitting here in another coffee shop and thinking what do I have to do to get a good job? At the minute I’m having a rough time at work. Maybe it’s time to move on. Don’t get me wrong I love my job but I think it’s time for a change. I would love a full time, decent paid job, maybe modelling but I haven’t got the godly like body yet for that. What would be nice is to be paid to go to an office or work from home and write for a living. I know that these jobs are hard to come by, but how nice it would be to do this. The coffee shop is quite busy at the minute and the staff work fast and hard in the morning rush. The smell of the coffee in here smells amazing and the flat white I’m drinking is amazing. I watch the people walking by and wonder where they are going? Men and women in suits, couples walking by looking happy holding hands looking like they are in love. Others just strolling along window shopping as shops are not open yet as it’s only 08:30. I see some homeless people coming out of the shop doorways moving on or being moved on. People going for runs, maybe to work or to the gym. 

I’m not going to the gym today as I have been for the past four days and also been kickboxing on Wednesday night. That was a killer session for me and some of the other senior students. Think grading must be coming up soon. That will be an immense session when it happens. But you got to love the burn after a hard session. 

I need to go and buy some new shoes soon for an event I got to go to in a European country. I’ll write about that after it has happened. I think I will go and get some style of light brown shoe, it’s going to be difficult as I have a wide foot and a lot of shoes are slim line. Now I’m frowning at the thought. Plus I need a light brown shirt and tie. Think I need my wife to help me chose these as she has a good eye for these things. 

Back to modelling, I would love to have a contract for an agency to model watches, suits, smart dress wear or jewellery. Then maybe I would be happy in my job, ha ha ha. But to be fair I know that it’s a hard job and maybe shot term but it would be fun. Plus even if I could be paid to do writing that be fun too. I could sit in coffee shops like now and get inspiration from sitting here watching my surroundings. 

Well it’s coming to 09:00 soon so I’ll bid you good day readers and I’ll go buy my shoes. You know that they will hurt my feet for a while and maybe a blister or two. So I hope everyone has a good day and I’ll be back here soon. Take care.