In my life things have started to pick up, I have been asked to write some articles for a modelling agency and I have picked up my game in doing English GCSE and have been put forward for the higher paper. It seems I have a knack for writing and writing in descriptive terms. Only if I had known this sooner I could have done something about this sooner and blogged sooner.

I enjoy writing as it lets me publicise my thoughts and feelings in a positive way and want people to know about it and it’s never a negative way. I work in a very stressful job working in mental health and working security in pubs in my local town. In these jobs I often come across conflict and aggression on a daily basis. I feel that I am good in both jobs and I am good at protecting people with the skills I have on a daily basis.

The passion I really have is for writing. This has been more visible since I started watching the well know American TV show Castle. I have just started blogging about thoughts and what I see on a daily basis but only writing on a weekly basis. In both my jobs I have to be careful what I write so I don’t breach confidentiality in my jobs. If I want to explain anything I have to change names and some circumstances so not too many people know what is what.

Knower days I keep fit by attending kickboxing classes with Pathfinder Martial Arts and going to the gym at Virgin Active. In this time I feel like a more positive person and feel a lot younger. Now I am feeling a lot better and fitter and also a lot more positive in myself and am a stronger person. People think I am a tough person with in my job roles but to be honest I am just a regular guy. I get worried every time I am confronted with aggression or someone that is feeling suicidal on a daily basis.

I want to be someone that is to be well known in writing whether it is in blogging or writing a book on mental health or dealing with situations. Which is what I deal with on a daily basis. I have become a stronger person in my jobs and love helping people in becoming a stronger person in dealing with conflict whether it be aggression in physical or verbal. I know I can deal with this if I have the right team behind me. Having the right team behind you makes all the difference in any situation. It makes me look at what I am capable of and looking around on the news today I think I would love training and the ability to train with the people that deal with terrorist conflict or riot training on a daily basis. I think I have the ability to fit in and take the banter from the men and women that deal and train in this.

But to be realistic I am now concentrating on writing or blogging. Some of the things I am given to write is about Fashion but most of the things I do write about is what I think about and have the ability at the time of writing. I am not at the top of my game in the fashion industry but do like to have some feedback or guidance in writing on these projects. But what you need to realise is that fate will catch us in some time or other will catch us up. So no matter what you keep having put in front of you relax and confirm and think relax. Things will get better if you want them to be.

So if you are a company that can maybe pay or give bursaries in writing maybe get in touch and let me know what you want writing about. In time I would like to become well known in writing or blogging for a company or internet company. I don’t mind what it is about and if the pay is decent I will write about anything the public wants.

Written by HUNTER