I have been looking into starting a session for inpatients who have aggressive outbursts whether it is deliberate or psychological issue. I would bring in a pair of boxing gloves and a kick shield. 

What the patient has to do is ASK for the pads, then two staff and the patient go off into a side room. The nurse explains the rules of the session:

1- aggression is not to be focused on a person. 

2- do not act silly or play fight with gloves on. 

3- follow nurses guidance at all times. 

4- staff are not to teach patient how to punch or use combinations. 

5-patient is to talk and write down how they felt before session, during and after. 

These are just a few of the rules for the session. When staff hold the kick shield up the patient is to focus on the thing that is making them angry and for 30 seconds punch the hell out the shield. After 30 seconds the patient is to stop punching and sit on the floor and breathe deeply for a minute or so. Then repeat this action for about 7-8 times or until patient is out burnt their anger. After patient has burnt their aggression get them to write about it and write why they were angry. How they felt during the session and at the end of the session and say if it helped and how. 

I have tried this on two patients and it worked within 5-8 minutes and had positive outcomes. But people thought it would promote violence, not showing a positive outlet for aggression. Surely what I tried was better than a patient beating on other people.