While working in a mental health hospital I have come across a vast amount of different diagnosis with patients. I have worked with patients with Learning Disabilities from the age of 5-16 and adults and patients from the age of 13- 70 years of age with mental health problems. It has mostly been in a hospital setting but also in community rest bite. I have gained a vast amount of experience and knowledge while working. Don’t get me wrong I am not claiming to be an expert or a professional but I may know a thing or two to get me by within my job role as a health care assistant.
I have worked in acute admissions on a locked unit and this is really when I started working as a health care assistant. The ward was admitting patients male and females with an age range from 16-65 years of age. Some patients were held under the mental health act on section 2 or 3 and now and again some patients were informal, there for treatment in agreement. We had some patients with drug-induced psychosis, manic depression, alcoholics (rare), self-harmers (mainly female) and schizophrenia just to name a few things. There was a man who allegedly suffered schizophrenia due to drug trials within the military, this is was what he claimed. With my experience in working with him this mad him a dangerous man as he claimed, he was in the military and we had evidence of this. Plus with his schizophrenia and his paranoia he was a jittery man. We had as I said a mixed ward and sometimes some patients formed relations ships with other patients. There was no seclusion room/s in this ward every aggressive situation was handled there and then and if an intravenous medication was needed it was given in the patient’s room and they had to remain in their room.
This next section I worked in a rest bite for children with mild to severe Learning disabilities. This, to be honest, was a lot of fun but it was only for about four months I worked there on a no contract hours. I met kids with Autism, Asperger’s and kids with Epilepsy and physical disabilities. It was an eye opener and a learning curve but I did enjoy my time there. There was a lot of personal care and always with one female and one male staff. Sometimes it was male and male or female and female as well depending on their condition and their parent’s requirements. During the day between 08:30 and 15:30 they attended school and after this they came to us for care just to give the parents a break or rest and have alone time. I got to play on play stations, football and many other games until it was time for them to go to bed. Some of the patients needed help with eating and washing.
Another place I worked was within the community with adult males with learning disabilities that had a purpose built a house for the patients. This was a great job as every day we went out on trips, college, and holidays now and again. College was fun as the patients attended the local college for drama which the patients appear to enjoy. In this job role we ordered medication and dispensed medication but not PRN unless the qualified gave permission. We helped with filling out paperwork for benefits and attending centres. One of the best things was we got to cook proper food every day for the staff and clients on a daily basis. There was a great time when it was one of the patient’s birthday, as family members came round and often we took everyone out for a meal and the local places got to know the patients and we got priority treatment, bonus. The only reason I left this job was because I moved out of the area.
At the minute, I work in a hospital that treats every sort of mental health problems and learning disabilities no matter what age they are or their condition. This job role has taught me the most. I have learnt to deal with every imaginable situation possible. It ranges from self-harm to serious assault on people and murderers and sex offenders. You name it we have it there in the hospital. I have dealt with weapon situations, self- harm, confrontation, aggression just to name a few. I love the job I am in and would recommend working there if you want to learn quickly and broaden your experience within mental health or learning disabilities.
I hope you have enjoyed reading this what I have written. If you want to know anything about conditions with mental health please get back to me. I will get the information you require or tell you as it is.