I am not a man of big action or bravery but what if people tried to overtake where I live. What would you do? Is it not long before Great Britain  starts to see this trouble.

I would love to work for a company? who tracks down the trouble makers and arrests them.

It is getting to the point we see on the news now that every week we are seeing attacks on the innocent people, people of the world with no defence getting killed and slaughtered.

Enough on this now.

I am a peaceful man and help out people that have troubles in the world, whether it be physically inputted or mentally. I have come across some distressing stories in my job.

What I write about is nothing factual it is all fictional, so if you are offended by what I write please don’t read or follow. I have had enough of people slating me saying I am a bully boy of mental health. People don’t know me or what I do for a living and I have a positive and good impact on people’s lives in my job.

Everything I write is pure fiction so please remember this, when you come to comment.