Ideal Job

I often sit and wonder about what would be my ideal job. I have thought about many different types of work I could do, but the main thing that sticks in my head is something to do with writing.

I have written a few small articles on different types of fashion for men and women and I have had them published by an online fashion magazine and a modelling website. Big hurray for me. Plus I have started writing about little things that happen in life, which a lot of people seem to enjoy reading. I really would be interested in writing small articles for a news paper or online company about ‘the everyday’ stuff that goes on around the world.

The only thing is I am not a professional writer or novelist and my grammar and spelling could do with improvement. I am in the middle of writing about a man called Jack who works in mental health as a health care assistant. He mainly works in different hospitals over the country. It is all fiction and none or events actually happened.

So if I got any of these paid jobs so I could work from home or an office I’d be happy as Larry. Plus getting what I’m paid now would be good.

Any way people that’s my rant and dream for the day. Hope you all have a great day.