Rough copy 

Chapter 1 

The Beginning of It All.


If you can picture this about James, he is about 5ft10 of medium build with just a little defined muscular body and needing to lose a pound or two from his gut so you can see his six pack. He has short brown hair on his head that is starting to disappear slowly and it is also going grey, you know the salt and pepper look. On his left Arm he has a tattoo of a crucifix but in a Celtic knot design, lower down his left arm he has a scar on his fore arm he got when he was a child and fell into a thorn bush. James is supposed to be wearing glasses but he thinks that he doesn’t need them so he tends not to wear them often, only when he is driving at night.



James spends most of his time working half days as a security guard for different companies and his is classed as self-employed. It has taken him about two years to build up his reputation as a good reliable security guard and he has spent a lot of money in advertising himself out there to different companies as well. James is starting to see a comeback on his money now after a hard two years and it won’t be long until he has earned wages in the region of the hundred thousand over the two years. James has slogged his guts out to get where he is today and he is not going to let it fail. He just wishes he had someone to share it with him. James can work from the hours of say 05:00 to 14:00 or 18:00 to 06:00, just to give you an example of some of the hours James works. He never does twelve hour days only just short days. But he does love being a security guard as he mostly works by himself and if he does end up working with anyone else it is usually some older man that just wants to sit and monitor the CCTV while James patrols the grounds. Don’t get James wrong he likes it that way, making his own decisions and only needing to worry about himself.



When James is not working, he likes to spend his time wondering around the shops and eat meals out in pubs or cafes. James is not a man who needs to flash that he is earning well, to be honest he looks like a man that doesn’t have a lot of money. He thinks it is better that way because if people find out that you have a lot of money they will be round begging for loans that they make you feel obliged to give. So if James can go what is known as window shopping by himself with no one bothering him he is the happiest man alive. James often sits in a coffee house in the centre of town and always orders a flat white with an extra shot; he does this so much the people working in the coffee house see him coming and makes it before he has ordered. James likes this but feels very uncomfortable with this kindness. Since he was 17 years old James has had to be by himself as both his parents suddenly disappeared from sight and sound. He is classed as an orphan because the police could not find his parents or any trace of them. So James has had to fend for himself and be helped out by social services since the day his parents disappeared. This is why James feels uneasy in social setting as he has never really had anyone to guide him.



James parents kissed him good bye in the morning when they were leaving for work one sunny morning and said that they would pick a take away up on the way home after work. James didn’t really know what his mum and dad did for a living, he just knew that they both worked together and this made them a strong couple. They loved James to pieces and they idolised James but did not spoil him, but he never wanted for nothing. This meant they had plenty of money and it must have been a well-paid job what they did. But what they actually did James never knew what it was. In the morning, James mum kissed him good bye for the very last time, unknown to James. James got his school bag and headed out the door to school, once at school James went to Maths and half way through his lesson the head teacher came into class and spoke to the maths teacher. They both looked at James with a troubled but sad expression on their old faces. The head teacher asked James to follow her to her office as there is two police officers wanting to speak to him. Walking to the head teachers office, James was thinking about what he could of done to get into trouble. Thinking back James had not been in a fight for the past three days so it cannot be that. Walking in the office the two police officers stood up and greeted James with a stern handshake. As soon as the male officer started speaking to James as if he was a five year old boy, James asked the officer what had happened to his parents. Apparently his parent’s car had been found abandoned in woods with no sign of any injuries or them ever being in the car. The car was spotless and the forensic team could not find any trace of his parents, no hair, and no blood stains, not even a finger print. It was like they had never been in the car and his parents had just vanished.