DAY 13,
I went to a the airport the past few weeks and it amazes me how rude and uncaring people can be so rude and selfish. When at the airport (won’t say what one) but a lot of airports it happens. 
I was waiting to hear the gate called for my flight and when it was called people started pushing and pushing people as the went to the called for gate. 
At the end of the day people will get on the flight and get their seat no matter what. No need to be rude and push people. I saw a young mum struggling with her child and people mainly men barging pass her and one moron knocked over the child but carried on walking. Tutting as he walked into her. If I had chance I could of knocked into him.  
On the way back people pushed and knocked into people when getting their hand luggage from the over head hold all. I had one person push me out way and as I got up I called him a few names and he acted as he could not see what he did wrong. If I had treated him the way he treated me I would of been band from flying. 
In my opinion flight crew should have the power of arrests or detaining and fine unruly passengers. There should be security on every flights. I know that there would be security staff on flights with powers of hand cuff unruly passengers and powers of detaining.