Not long ago I decided to go shopping in Primark for some smart clothes. I couldn’t decide on what to buy. People moan about Primark but they do have some great clothes. I was wearing at the time a hat and a scarf with a jumper. Really I should of worn a slim fit shirt 👚 as I decided to try on some waistcoats. 

The waistcoats was smart but casual at the same time. But unfortunately they didn’t suit me very well. I am usually a medium to large in my tops including jackets. But unfortunately I had to try an X large in waistcoats. Don’t know why? 

Well that day I found out. Either I need to lose some wait around my waistline and build some muscle. Or it is just that they don’t suit me at all. So I decided to try and lose some wait with smaller portions and healthier food with more exercise. 
Well people have a great day. Look after your loved ones. Wish or say a prey for others that are less fortunate. Try do do something nice for someone and ask them to pay it forward. Be good people.