DAY 14,
Well I haven’t been on here for a while, that is because I have started a new job. Now I am doing security full time now working days and nights. I can honestly say I have never been so happy in a job and learning lots more. 
I get to patrol around some grounds with beautiful surroundings and scenery. I am out all day long walking around making sure nothing is out of order and no unwanted public on sight. 

At night the moon 🌙 light is bright. At night I am hearing noises from all sorts of animals, coming from the dark bushes and 🌳 🌲 trees. I have seen so many 🐺 foxes owls and deers just to name a few animals. There is nothing to not like about this job. 
The other night I was wondering around doing my patrol and out of nowhere a bloody deer ran out of a bush and ran past me very quickly scarring the hell out of me. 

Moon the other night when it was full