After being away from writing for a few months. I have decided to go another way. It is going to be about my fitness and healthy eating. I will be sticking to about 2000cals a day and going regularly to the gym. 

I don’t have workout plans to go by, I will doing what I like doing. Be focusing on upper body one day and then legs the next and always finish off doing core work. So when I start I will always do bench press ( flat and incline), deadlifts and squats. Once these are done I’ll move onto dumbbell to work my upper body. 

Legs will be leg extensions, curls and more squats or leg press. 

Core work may be cable pull downs, back extensions, Russian twists with kettle bell and seat cable crunches. Maybe a few leg raises. 

The cardio will be ten- fifteen minutes warm up mixed in with rowing and hand bike. Then fit more cardio as I go along with the session. 

I will aiming to lose body fat overall, I am not bothered about my weight as it will not mean anything. As you burn body fat it will disappear and turn into muscle so my weight will increase in the end with more muscle. I am going to take a start off photo and more as time goes on as I work out. 

I am aiming to lose body fat and build muscle and maybe if it looks good get into modelling maybe.