Good morning readers how are you all? good I hope. I have had a bit of a rough week at work, I have had people complaining about me for being to stern in my job, I can’t go into it. It amazes me that people can’t get on in the work place, in the community. In my job it is very demanding and can be stressful as well. Team work to me is people try their best to get along in work, or friends, if there is a problem you should speak to that person with a neutral witness, surely. People should not go running to big management but just try and solve it in house and if it can not be solved then go to management. I am a caring, understanding and loyal to the end and I feel that I am approachable but hey I may be wrong. It does not matter what you look like, what your believes are or where you are from we are all human at the end of the day. So why is it that we as humans treat people with hatred and disgust when they are a little different to us. Myself I don’t care what another person believes in or how they look whether it be sexuality, religious believes, fashion sense or workability we are all HUMAN.

The way I feel right now is I want another job, maybe something in modelling, believe me I’m no Brad Pit or George Clooney but I would give it my all. I often think about doing a job in writing, such as writing stories, writing about countries I visit, or Blogging about anything just as long as the pay is decent I would love to try this and either work in an office or from home meeting deadlines. It would be stressful but I think it would be a good stress and keep me on my toes and constantly thinking. I enjoy writing like I am doing now and would like to get paid for it. It is a little boring I know as I am no one famous, I’m not putting myself down, But surely some people may like what I right and to be recognised for my writing would be amazing. 

At the minute I am obviously writing this but I am also watching Hawaii Five-0 and this team work is amazing and exciting, dangerous too. The team tell each other as it is but have the respect they deserve, as they are close as work colleagues and friends. this is how friendship and team work is supposed to be. I know it is a program but it brings into light how team work should be. 

So please let me know what else you would like me to write about. I will give it a go and please feel free to follow me or to leave me a comment. I will try and do another session today. If you are interested in hiring me to write get in touch. L.O.L.