Good morning all you writers and readers, how are you all? I’m sitting in another coffee shop this brisk cold but sunny morning, drinking a flat white and it’s 07:30. Why am I up and out already and no shops open yet? 

Soon I am going on a trip for five days to Europe. It’s going to be fun. Plus I will Blog about it when I come back. 

There is not a lot of people about yet. Just a few looking like they are off to work, some dressed smart some not so. On my way here I must of passed about 8-10 people sleeping rough in door ways to shops and buildings. All fast asleep covered in sleeping bags and thick weather proof coats. It makes me think, there are lots of empty buildings and houses around this town. So why can’t the government and local companies do something about this and try and invest in this? Then maybe a few people will have a permanent address which willgive help to get time to look for work, just a thought. 

I have not got work tonight as I got a rare thing called a day off, so this is probably why I’m awake and up already. I need to go buy a shirt for a job interview in a few days. Thinking a cream slim fit or regular and with that I’ll be wearing a two tone blue and brown tie and a dark blue suit with brown shoes. I actually managed to find wide fitting shoes for a change from Next. Happy days. 

Right now there doesn’t seem to be a lot of people passing by. One or two coming into the coffee shop. The odd customer glancing over giving a nod and a uneasy smile, as I’m sitting right opposite the door. Some just going about their business not taking in who or what’s going on. Listening to what I presume is music on their phones or mp3’s. Some look like they have had a rough night or have not woken up properly yet. Bless them. People walking buy drinking coffee, big cans of energy drinks and one or two drinking what looks like water. Some walking along talking on the phone smiling and look happy. I have even seen one person that is either texting or playing a game on their phone and they walked into a post. This makes me cringe and that person looks around looking embarrassed. They notice me looking at them and they smile with an embarrassing grin on their face. But they continue on their phone walking on, nearly walking into someone else. Pay attention please I think. 

I have just finished my coffee now so I’ll bid you good day and go off shopping for my shirt. Coffee was good and strong. So I’m kind of with it now, we’ll sort of. 

People have a great day and I’ll be back soon.