I have just arrived at Stansted airport in the meet and great car park. As we enter inside the airport there are lots of people rushing around, like little ants scurrying around. Some people are walking slowly then suddenly stopping, some are walking briskly and reading signs as they go about the airport, some are running to the check ins or to the security stands. I really don’t understand why people are so late to their flights? Why can’t people just leave that little bit earlier? If you travel to the airport only takes an hour give yourself that extra 30-40 minutes. I have just arrived at the security check ins and ‘Oh my gosh it’s packed in both sides and they only have about six isles open. Don’t understand why if it is this busy, oh yer money lol. I reach the belts where at security where you have to put your personal items like watches, jewellery, belts and computers in those trays and then they got through the x-Ray machine. I walk through the metal detector saying to myself ‘Please don’t go off, please don’t go off’. Nothing happens, no annoying buzzing, so I walk round to wait for my tray to come through. My try comes after 3-4 minutes and I start to put my things back on like my watch and belt, what annoys me the most is that the impatience of others trying to push my tray away as I am getting my things. I just look at the bloke next to me and say ‘Problem’?One man is arguing with security staff because they took liquids out of his bag and told him they have to be in a plastic bag and it’s one bag per person. If he doesn’t wind his neck in he will find himself either missing his flight due to refusal or in hand cuffs. Some people will never learn and think the rules should be different for them. Once I walk round to the duty free shops I buy some whiskey and a bottle of white wine for presents for when we arrive, can’t turn up empty handed now. I check my flight time and realise the gates for my flight don’t open for another two hours.

Sitting here I can see people doing shopping, maybe for family or a loved one. Some people are rushing about like little ants, maybe they are late. But one thing I can see a lot of is people bumping into others and people being rude as in looks and not apologising. We don’t need to keep being like this to one another, just smile at one another as if to acknowledge the mistake. Just gone and brought a coffee from a bar that’s known for Japanese food, dam it was sharp and strong but bloody good. As I walked there I must of got shoved and barged at least 3-4 times and no apologising from any of them, of course it’s not my fault I think to myself and smirk. Only another 14 minutes until the screens let us know what gate I have to go to, then the stampeded starts again. To be fair this time walking up to the gates, I think it was gate 40 there was no stampede. I was the first one at the gate, priority of course. There are lots of people on this flight, looks like a full one, I hope I don’t get some smelly or annoying passenger next to me, I want to chill for the next two hours.

Arrived in Slovakia now, and the time is 23:43 local time and it actually quite warm tonight. At the airport I manage to get through security check in with in five minutes, I’m impressed. Once through this I head straight out as I have no luggage to pick up and I see a man holding up a card with my name on. This is the nice young man from the car company, I have rented out a Skoda fabia and man with all the gadgets it looks like a space ship, very happy with this. Right all formalities and now it is a two hour drive to my destination, but it’s like 00:12 so there shouldn’t be a lot of tragic about.

As I thought the motor way is really clear and I’m driving between 80 km and 125 km and the car feels smooth and comfortable to drive. I finally hit my destination at about 02:30 after a small stop just for a coffee to wake me up. Finally place to sleep. I’ll bid you good night and now it’s time to collapse on my bed and sleep