It amazes my in today’s society how rude and selfish people can be today. We all need to live together in society and just be nice to each other but this doesn’t happen does it? People think it is perfectly acceptable to be rude to people and either give looks of disgust to anyone that dares stands up to them.One example was the other day. I was coming home from a flight from Europe and as I was walking from the plane to passport check in there were people rushing and even running past knocking into people. One incident happened, a woman was walking with her child holding her hand close to the wall. I passed her by and I could see a man in a hurry behind me in the Windows reflection. He tried to pass me but then he changed direction and walked the other side of the woman with her child. He barged past them both just barely squeezing past the child and just about knocked the child over with his suitcase. The mother must of said something and the child was about to cry. I stopped to see if they was ok. I snapped at the man and just asked him to be careful. Hi stopped and gave us all a dirty look. My immediate thought was to give him what he gave out. I looked at the man if you can call him that and snapped ‘WHAT?’ The lady said to me don’t worry about it it’s not worth it. Then the man walked off with no word of a sorry. Total rudeness and nasty person.

Another example is that I was in a coffee shop and a young lad serving got an order wrong and the person who’s order was wrong started verbally abusing the person serving. Mistakes happen, why be like that? How nice it must be to be so perfect in his little own fantasy world. Luckily the manager heard what was going on and asked so politely for the customer to leave. Saying there is no need to be rude to the staff. The customer refused at first until the manager came out from behind the counter and asked politely for him to leave again. The manager stepped up to him and you could see the customer looking nervous. So the customer back down swearing at staff as he left. I suppose there is a time to stand fast and a time not too.

The act of being rude is showing a small mind of social upbringing and in my mind a small educational back ground. Agree or disagree that’s your choice. This is just one persons opinion. If someone is being rude or selfish then a good way but difficult way for some to deal with it is to just be NICE and smile at the person. People always will be rude or selfish to someone in the world. Which to me is a dam shame because the world world be a lot better place if most people tried just that little bit harder. Don’t get me wrong it’s not always going to work. There are some people out there that go on in life just being horrible people and feel a need not to be nice.

Why not try next time you feel you need to be rude or selfish, think first and imagine how would you feel? In time you may find yourself changing your ways towards people and incidents that are happening around you. Don’t misunderstand me I’m not perfect at doing this but I’m getting there.

In one of my other jobs I work in town at night and often come across obnoxious people. I find that if I take a breath and then smile and be polite, they either shut up or walk away but from the words of Dolton from Roadhouse ‘be nice’. Don’t misunderstand me there is going to be a time when it’s not time to be nice but they are few and far between.

Rudeness and selfishness does not need to happen but unfortunately it does and that is a dam shame. We are high up in the food chain but some of us act like primates or animals and it doesn’t need to happen. Just remember these words and try to implement them BE NICE and SMILE the next time someone is rude or selfish or just plain right nasty