I have thinking of trying to earn a wage from blogging or writing and be able to occasionally work from home, that would be heaven. I have already written two articles which have been published on a modelling website and yes I am over the moon about it. I have started writing a third article on a male model.I am just starting to get into writing and have found that I really do enjoy writing, I am mainly writing about fashion related topics but honestly I would like to open my eyes and try other topics. But as I have already stated I would really like to make a side living or just publish now and again. Seeing you own work being published does give you a kind of rush and a little ego boost……ok a huge ego boost, but not letting it go to my head yet. So I am struggling to find out where are the best places to go for writing or blogging jobs and to get paid for my work too.

Just to change the subject a lot. I worked last night and thought how interesting would it be to write about working within mental health and issues relating to mental health as well. I have a long career in mental health to so I do know a bit. I have an interest in writing about fashion related news and want to be able to interview people and write up about them from the interviews. These could be people in fashion, mental health work, celebrities of the film industry or athletes of any type.

Well I have ranted on enough for now and I am going back to the garden to finish of my beer and Kebab and hopefully enjoy the rest of the evening in the sun. So I’ll bid you good day