It’s 05:50 and I’m laying here listening to the pitter patter of the cooling rain out side my bedroom window. The window is wide open to cool me down as it was a muggy night last night. 
Now it sounds like a lot going on outside, people must be going off to work. I can here someone unlocking his car and having trouble. I guess he is having trouble from the swearing coming from him. People are popping into the local corner shop as I can just hear the beeping as the door opens. Plus the cars passing splashing puddles as they carelessly drive through then, hopefully not splashing any passers by. 
The rain has just eased off a little more now. So I peer out the window just to be nosey and see a few lazy people double parked in the street. Selfish parking going on as well. What I mean by selfish parking is someone parking in a space for two cars and parking in the middle. Now is there any need for this style of stupid selfishness? No. 
Sound beautiful and peaceful just listening to the rain as it starts to get heavier splashing nicely on the wide open window. Let’s not forget the cooling gentle breeze that flows slowly through the window. The breeze feels wonderful against my face and shoulders. Cooling me down.