Night’s out

I am going to talk about people who go for a night out into town but end up with things getting messy or things that we cannot remember after a night out. People go into town with friends and have a few drinks and have one to many or friends that don’t know when to slow down or stop. Don’t get me wrong we have all been there at some point but some more than others. Then you wake up in the morning thinking what happened, did I drunk text, wake up in pain due to fighting, or your kidneys hurting due to the alcohol intake. Then the next day or two days you are feeling like the world is ending.

I occasionally work in town on some pub doors and have seen a few funny things and a few not so good things. It does make you think about the meaning of friendship and what family means when out.

Friends in my mind means that whoever you go out with you look after them and make sure that they do not go over the limit and get to a point where they don’t know what they are doing. I saw one night a group of friends out on a night out celebrating one of the lad’s birthdays.  When they came to the pub I was working the birthday boy was getting to the point where he would be unable to talk properly and walk safely. As he stood there he was swaying like a tree in a gale and could not look at me without closing his eyes while talking. To be honest I thought he was going to fall asleep while talking to me.

I was in a pub the other day with a few friends and I went to the bar to get another drink, I had only had one drink previously. While waiting to be served I saw one bloke with one of his friends who was being served. He was talking to his friend and to be honest he was being an obnoxious prat. The bar man came back to them and he got their drinks, but previously I heard the idiot say ‘watch this’. As soon as the bar man came back the idiot started to argue with the barman saying you got the wrong drink. The barman apologised and said what did you order then, looking confused. The idiot who was getting to the point of annoying said a different drink. As the bar man went to get his other drink I piped up and said ‘excuse me barman, but you did get the right drinks, he just said he was going to pull a fast one and make you look stupid’. With a look of disgust the idiot looked round and said to me what the hell? I mentioned to him that I was standing here listening to his loud voice saying what he was going to do. He turned to me as if he was going to start something and at this point I noticed the bar man talking in his ear piece and suddenly three door supervisors turn up. Feeling confident I say to the idiot ‘Do you really want to do this’? Without him noticing the door staff, he in a drunken state said you’re going to get it if you don’t fuck off. Then the door staff step in and I back away and they escort him out of the pub. The drunk idiot looks surprised but scared and not so tuff.

People go out for a nice time and relax with drinks with friends and return home hopefully not interacting with stupid drunks. So why is it that no matter when we go out we will mostly always meet a drunken idiot whether it be male or female and they can in a few words or action ruin your night out? What happened to the times of when people could go out for a few drinks and come home with no troubles?  Personally I think that door staff should be allowed to use breathalysers on punters, people out for drinks and if they are beyond a certain limit they should not be allowed in to a pub.  I know it could run your night out to a short ending but then it may also cut down on problems with drunks.

I have seen people so drunk that they have fallen asleep in their own vomit or acted in ways that they would not normally act in a social setting. I know that pubs are out in competition with other pubs but surely there should come a limit to where bar staff whether it be servers, door staff or managers should say no more. It is a shame that staff have to call on the police a lot of the time to try and control people that do get out of hand, as they have enough stuff to deal with.

As well as the drunks you see sitting in the parks and on the corner of streets drinking strong cans of strong bow or strong ciders. Most of them men or women would not say boo to a goose and would not harm anyone.  But unfortunately you will get one or two drunks that will course a few problems, but realise that they are mostly harmless.T