As you can see from the title I have written this article is going to be about the way people in our society park their vehicles in today’s life. As you walk around shopping parking lots and high street parking you can see people parking in ridiculous ways. This is just an insight and my own personal views on the matter. I will try and write about things I have seen and what people have told me and things put on social media sites.

I myself live in a terrace street with two way traffic, so this means that traffic come up and down the street and we have parking on both sides of the street. I have just come down my street and it is 08:10 in the morning and the amount of cars that I see parked stupidly and selfishly in the streets. I notice that there is two cars that are double parked at the top of my street, why? But to be fair when I was walking down the street last night after returning from kickboxing, there was a lot of cars parked down the street. I saw that in one place, there was enough space for two standard cars but some selfish person was parked in the centre of this space leaving no room for another car. I suppose that is due to the driver has to park right outside their own place and not walk too far. Why do people have to try and park so close to their house? Does it matter if you have to walk an extra twenty or thirty feet to your house? I can guarantee that if I walk up and down any of the terrace streets in my area I could find people parked side by side in the street, just leaving barely enough room for another car to pass by. Plus there will be cars parked taking up room in spaces for parking for two cars. I have also seen cars parked in an angle that clearly is not big enough but the front end or back end of the car sticking right out and even parking it sticking out while parking it on the pavement. One of the worst things that really annoys me is the small smart cars. I know they are small and can park in most places but DAM, why park in a tight place and park the car facing in towards the house with the end sticking out. Don’t get me wrong, genius idea on the parking but annoying.

What do you think of people parking on double yellow lines? It’s not as bad as double parking and selfish parking. But think people the double yellow lines means do not park there! I know how annoying it is as at the end of my street where I live there is a corner shop and in the morning there are always people parking there right next to the junction. As you pull up to the junction to pull out, it is difficult to see vehicles coming from the left and judgement is needed to pull out.  The worst thing about this is that there is never any traffic wardens around when this happens, surely it doesn’t matter if they are just popping into the shop, and double yellow means no parking.  I understand if you have a blue badge that’s ok in my eyes.

Parking in drop off points is an annoying problem, especially in my town. I have dropped of friends in a drop off point at my local bus and train station and you can guarantee that there will be cars parked in there. I have pulled up to the drop off point and seen cars in there for more than ten minutes and banged on my horn but nothing from the driver and they just carry on with playing on their phone. What is the security doing in their job? If I pull up there I cannot pull off out of the way I have to park alongside and park double for about thirty seconds or so. Or drive round and go and park in the twenty minute park zone. Don’t like to say but Taxi drivers are just as bed for this.

As you drive round in parking lots or multi storey parking lots you can see but not too often people parking at an angle or parked in two spaces over the white or yellow lines. They park their cars and lock up and just walk off as if the world owes them a living. Why are they any different to myself or you? I have been driving round in an open parking lot for a number of shops of the main road and saw parking that really got me angry. One car was parked over a blue line for disabled parking, it was a big expensive BMW and a guy got out, locked his car and walked to the cash point. I saw one woman confront him in a non-aggressive way and question his parking. This guy, I can’t call him a gentleman, got verbally aggressive towards her. He soon stopped as a few including myself stepped forward in support of this woman. One guy, who was built like a house and ripped told him to shut up and move on. I noticed a week ago a woman parking in a child parking space but had no children in the car or child seats. To be fare she was questioned by security and had to move her vehicle. Good on the security person.

All I am trying to do is to point out a few personal facts I have witnessed and experienced while living here in the town I live in. I just want people to think next time they park their vehicle and think what if? So next time you park your car, van, lorry or 4X4 just think about the person who may or will park next to you and have you left them enough room? Can they park next to you with enough room?