There has always been stories about how you should never go into the forest on you own, especially at night. I’m standing in front of the forest now, looking left and right but not managing to see the ends of the forest. The trees of the forest appear to be blocking my view when I look towards the sky. I think to myself that the forest didn’t look this vast from the edge of the field. Me being foolish enter the forest and look all around and all I see is trees, bushes blowing in the wind. But the was no wind out side the forest. Hearing the trees cracking and leafs rustling in the wind, sounds as well as moaning coming from the forest. Are the trees trying to tell me something?    I walk for about ten minutes and now it is getting just a little bit spooky in hear. But hey it’s just the wind in the trees right? The wind sounds like it is trying to make music in the air going between trees and bushes and with the echo , dam it spooky. Suddenly the wind disappears and silence. Not a rustle of leafs, a crack of a branch or a moan of a tree. Now this is even more spooky. Wishing I hadn’t bothered now I turn round to face the way I came but somehow it seems different. Panic starts to set in, maybe the stories are true about this forest. I hope I am heading back the way I came but now it sounds as if someone or something is following me. I pick up my pace a little, like I’m on a fast stomp. Rustling in the bushes is happening more and more. I know I’m being followed. Dam it I think to myself, why? The noise of being followed goes past me, I stand still and try to see what or who it is. I can barely see through the the thick vegetation of the woods. I take in a sharp breath in freight, what has ran past me through the vegetation is what can only be described as a man on all fours galloping. But the weird thing is he had fur over his shoulders and legs. But I only caught a glimpse of the man. I am really starting to get worried now. What the hell is that thing? 

   Running the other way I can hear it running back at me, “Oh bloody hell” I’m repeatedly saying to myself. All of a sudden this creature jumps out in front of me and screams “STOP” with fright I stop and start to shake with fear. This thing, this man? Is standing in front of me. Getting off all fours he stands up straight, he must be about 7ft tall. Fur over his shoulders, little on the top of his chest and covered in fur from the waist down. I was at least expecting hooves but no, just weird long feet. I look up at this man and give him a scared smile. 
“What are you doing in these woods? This is a sacred place”. 
“Just going for a walk” I reply. 
“Humans are not permitted to enter the woods, it is a crime to enter here”
“Crime on who”? I ask in a questionable manor. 
“Mother Nature”
“Why you laugh at this? ” he asks. 
I stop laughing as I think I may of offended him and just shake my head. This man thing says 

“I am Orlon, Mother Natures head guard. You must come with me” 
“Err no I don’t think so”

Orion grabs me by the arm and holds me tight in his arms. Off he gallops but this time on his hind legs. 

As we are rushing through the forest I see about ten other creatures all looking like Orion, heading the same direction. Where are they taking me????