As I am being help while Orion gallops along in the forest at an amazing speed it feels like he is gliding along. Out of nowhere there appears a huge ginormous tree, which looks totally out of place. It must be over a hundred foot tall and over three hundred feet round. Orion speeds up along with his companions,    

   “Orion, the tree, you going to hit the tree” 


   Orion starts to laugh as we get closer and closer to the tree. I start to scream, as I’m thinking he’s going to kill me. All of a sudden a brilliant light comes from the tree like a doorway into the tree. I screw my eyes shut, it is a bright light to be fair. When I think it is over I open my eyes and I am in shock. It appears to be another place I have come. Orion stops running and says we are here now. Orion turns to one of his soldiers and says, 


   “Tell Mother Nature we found the human” 


   “Sir” replies the soldier and he heads off in the other direction. 


   I remain in shock and mumble to Orion “where are we”?


   Orion laughs and says ” for now you only need to know you are nowhere” 


   “What the hell do you mean nowhere” I bluntly demand. 


   Orion just smiles and reaches out his hand as if to say walk this way. As we walk there are little winged people, to be honest they look like fairies flying around me. Buzzing in my ear as they fly by. Sounds like they are laughing too as if they are trying to tease me. I see more half fury humans like Orion and his soldiers. There are little, what appears to be men and women, but also looking like flowers wondering around me. But at a safe distance as in an animal sniffing out something inquisitive. I crouch down and sit on the floor so not to appear threatening towards them. I look up at Orion in amazement and wonder, it’s like something out of that film Firngulley or Arthur and the invisibles. 


   “Where is this place”? I ask Orion.


   “Nowhere” he replies. 

   Orion suddenly demands me to stand up. All the mystical creatures scurry away from me. Just as they were getting close to me. I look around and see a stunning beautiful woman. She is dressed in a long flowing Green dress and appears to have outlines of plants and flowers over her skin that is visible. This woman appears to be gliding along, not actually touching the ground. I look and stare at her at her amazing beauty. This woman keeps constant eye contact with me. When she gets to about five feet away from me she looks over at Orion, who appears to be bowing his head. Just like meeting royalty. I stand up and smile at the woman who says, 

   “I’m Mother Nature, pleasure to meet you Jon” 


   “How you know my name” 


   “We have been looking for you for a long time” 


   “S… So… Sorry what you on about”. 


   I look over at Orion and he looks back as if to agree with Mother Nature. 


   “What you mean I’m like a prophecy or something”? 


   Mother Nature and Orion both look at each other and nod in agreement with my question. So I ask her where I am and as predicted, 




   I ask “so this place is called nowhere”? 


   “Yes, we are between worlds, your would and three other worlds” 


   Sitting back down, as this is a lot to take in for me. Mother Nature asks Orion to take me to the lodge and let me relax and eat. 


   “Follow me” orders Orion. 


   I slowly get up and follow Orion to the hut like place with three walls and a huge window in the back wall. Open front as in no doors. Orion points and tells me to enter and eat. 


   ” Please stay Orion, I’m actually struggling to take in what’s going on” 


   Orion looks and smiles at me and enters the building with me. I tell him “thanks”. 
Written by Writer1710