It amazes my with the attitudes of some drivers, over in the UK. I had a journey the other week, driving across Europe and I drove about 980km one way. I drove through France, Germany and Czech Republic and border of Slovakia. 

There were times when you could hit high speeds on the German motor way. No one had any accidents or near misses, people were respectful of one another while driving. No honking of horns or road rage. I felt so much safer driving in Europe than what I do over here. 

Of course I drove the same way back and 27 hours later I’m back in the UK. As soon as I’m on the motor way people are tail gating, flashing their lights,like your in their way. I had one van nearly end up hitting my rear passenger side bumper. When I come into a city of the motor way I pull up to some lights and get some moron cut me up at the lights in a Larry. 

Come on people what is going on. We need to be a lot more respectful of one another while driving. People are in to much of a rush to get to places. If your running late try getting up ten minutes earlier. If you rush to much, accidents will happen. In the accidents it’s always the innocent ones that suffer.