I have worked in mental health for a good few years. I have come across some great things and some  upsetting and disturbing things. I understand that some things are not under the control of the person involved. But it is when you come across that particular one that tries to fake it for an easier life sentence. 

I can deal with patients that are highly aggressive and want to hurt people due to voices and hallucinations. 

Give me a ward full of psychotic patients, and highly dangerous people. But when I get to deal with adults that say yes when you say no, who sit when you say stand. I love my job and that’s why I have done it for over thirty years. It is a great thing when you get a patient discharged to home or a lower secure placement. Home visits are the best emotional thing you can go through in nursing. 

You will learn how to deal with confrontation, aggression and your confidence will build a lot. You will build new skills and abilities while working in mental health.