I’m sitting here and wondering about how much the public understands about mental health issues. 

I was out with a patient the other day and she wanted to get a bus into town. Which is only a ten minute walk into town. She had never taken a bus before, part of her exposure was to travel on a bus. So on the bus we sit there and there is an old person that keeps looking at my patient and her scars. This upset my patient. After speaking to her she calmed down. 

My point is, the public no matter how old they are, needs education. 

The patients have been through enough in their lives. It makes it even harder when the public look and judge their scars, which makes it appear that they are judging them. 

So more public information teaching and training is needed. Companies like NHS, hospitals and nursing agencies and possibly day centres for the elderly need understanding. 

Just my own opinion. Just need someone to talk to them explain the possible reasons behind the self harm and scars. 

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