I have found that I really do enjoy writing. It could be about anything from stories, pure fiction, everyday observations or just little rants. 

The other month I started to buy a magazine called Writers’ Forum

I have found this magazine a great help.  It is full of brilliant advice, with information on competitions, courses, printers and editors just to name a few. 

This has inspired me to carry one writing my supposed novel. It’s difficult just to show someone what I have written for advice. The sort of thing that can guide me in the right direction. 

I know my grammar and punctuation needs work but I’ll get there in the end. What would be nice is selfish people taking to heart the things I write about when I write about mental health. People slate my writing…..it’s a story nothing else ok. I know what I am writing about I have work in mental health for over fifteen years. So if you don’t like what I have written, stop and don’t read any more.