I have written a short story from Inkvite. A collaboration 

I have just found a fantastic library in this deserted house. I broke into the house as it was stormy and raining very heavy outside. It’s OK , no one has lived hear for years. Looking through these books, waiting for the storm to pass, I come across a book called ‘The Book’. I picked up the book out of curiosity. I turned the page and everything around me faded away. It was as if I was in the story. With every word I began to understand, this story, this book, these characters. I was so fascinated by this, that I came everyday to read this book. 

   I would set the library up for my comfort, when reading. When I read The Book it felt as if I was going to another place. My surroundings changed, my worries disappeared, all my thought changed as if I wasn’t controlling them. Could a book really do this to you? 

Change ? 

   It was the end of the day, I was heading back to the library. I found the door wide open. A girl, who looked my age was reading The Book. She must’ve heard me, for she got up and ran away…with The Book. “Hey!” I yelled scampering after her. 

   “I’m not going to hurt you, I just want to read The Book” ,I called after her.

   With this she stopped at a distance from me and said ” what do you know of The Book” ? 

   I tried to explain but my words were getting jumbled up and she starts to laugh at me. With this I look away humiliated. “You know nothing-” “No!” I cut her off, she gave a stunned look. “All I know is that it takes me away from reality, my worries and troubles…vanish and-” “It’s like your in the story..” she says softly running her hand over The Book’s ancient looking cover. 

   ” what’s say we read the book together”? I ask her. 

   ” As long as we both hold the book at the same time” she says with an untrustworthy look. I give her a nod and we go back to the library and sit down. As she starts to read the book out, things start to happen around us , the world fades away as before but this time it’s even more powerful. I give a quick glance at her, her crystal blue eyes were focused on the words, her blonde hair began to float above her shoulders. I looked around and realized we were floating. I put my hand in the book.