Another collaboration story from Inkvite 

After a dream of being chased through the streets of London by a crazed man with a sword. I wake up in a hospital bed. At the foot of the bed I a nurse with a clip board staring at me. I look around and notice the windows are boarded up with a wire mesh. “Morning, about time you woke up” she smiled. “W-what happened?!” I asked sitting up. She pushed me back down. “Eh, easy there.” She pointed to my bandaged head. I held my head and laid back down. “What happened..” I ask slowly. “I don’t know ask the doctor when he enters.” She put the clipboard down. And with that she left the room. I try to get out of bed but one of my hands is cuffed to the bed. In walks a man dressed in black with a mask of a clown over his face. Wired I know but it makes me jump to a crouching position on my bed. As I do this the man changes to the doctor . He didn’t look “professional”. I tried moving but the cuffs were tight. “Sir please stop.” He said calmly. I stopped. “What happened? Why am I here?” He remembered the girl. “Where is she!” I struggled again. “Sir calm down!” He assured me. I shook my head refusing to let go. He threatens to inject me with a syringe he had in his hand if I didn’t calm. So as a good man I stopped. Next thing I know the room starts to change but the doctor notices this too ” shit, already ” he mutters. I look at him confused, as the changes happen he attempts to inject the syringe but I kick him off. I break free from the cuffs and run into the corridors. I see the girl run out into the same corridor, for a second we lock eyes. Then everything fades away, then I don’t see her anymore. The surrounding has changed and now I am back in the streets of London and now the man with the sword is standing there grinning. He shouts at me ” welcome back”. He looks like the man who was the doctor. Plus does everyone know what’s going on but me? I start to run off up the streets. It was so empty, as if it was just me and him. I fell as he lunged at me, taking me down. He stabbed his sword down and I moved my head aside. I heard a distant scream. I kicked him off and ran towards the shrill scream. I found the girl with the nurse who had a knife.