DAY 10, 
Well how is everyone today. At the start of my typing I am at work on my break and it is 00:00 and I’ll have about 1hour and 20 minutes. Work has been very quiet tonight with no problems arising on the ward. I spent most of my time playing cards and sitting chatting to different patients. It was a lovely shift indeed. 
Well I have been looking at the self publishing on Amazon and maybe put some of my work out there. What do you all think? I wouldn’t mind being able to write something on here but also publish my work as well. I have started a story about my character James and what happens to him on a daily basis. 
As I worked a night shift last night, I didn’t get up to much during the day. When I got home 🏡 I had a shower 🚿 and got straight into bed. It wasn’t long before someone was knocking at my door. So I ignored the knock and went back to sleep 😴. It was the post lady trying to drop off a parcel for me but as I didn’t answer she left it with our neighbours. Then around 14:00 the was a carpenter outside our house making lots of noise, which did wake me up. So as from then I have been awake and not able to sleep. 
Down in the kitchen I start to make my food which consists of two shakes and some zoodles again With some vegetables. I have already had one of my shakes earlier next I’ll be having my zoodles with a ginkgo tea. 

My lunch for tonight. Not all at once, it will be slit through the night. 

This is the tea I’ll be drinking tonight. It’s an acquired taste in deed, but I enjoy them. 
So with my book 📚 it is going to be one with short stories in about James. Some good things and some boring. 

Well I shall bob you a good night as I will try and grab at leat an hours kip before I finish my break. I bid you all a good night or evening depending on where you are. Remember people be nice and smile more at people. Enjoy yourself and stay safe.