DAY 9,
Well what a time it’s been for me. Sorry I haven’t put much on here but work has been busy. I haven’t got photos to put on here either, just one I think. 
Well I did over time the other day, doing site security at a hospital. I started at 07:30 and finished my day at 19:30, and did the time fly by indeed. In the morning we had to go around some departments and unlock them for the day shift. There was a lot of new staff starting so I was shown how to do staff I.D’s, which looked complicated but when doing them it was easy. There must of been about thirty to forty photos taken. Once they were done my colleague and I went for a drive around the ground to check perimeter fencing. It was great on the way round as we saw a baby deer prancing around by some trees 🌲 on the ground. 
In the afternoon we had a phone 📱 call to say that a helicopter is doing a training flight and will need to land on our playing field. So two of us went to the playing field and made sure the field was clear. When arrived it circled around two or three times then came over the field and hovered. Once it had done that it landed for about ten seconds and then hovered again. We got a salute from the two guys hanging in the doors, which was nice. Then it went up and flew off back the way it came. For me that was exciting. 
This morning I went to town as I wanted to get Novembers edition of writing magazine. Haven’t read it yet. I’ll do that after I finish typing and finished my lunch break. It is 00:18 here at the minute and I’m chilling writing, I find it relaxes me. I’m working a night shift tonight and tomorrow night to. It’s been peaceful here tonight and patients were all mostly asleep 😴 by 23:00. 
I also went for a run 🏃 today around our local park and managed 5km. Not to bad. Once I got home 🏡 I had a shower and cooked some food for tonight. I made a courgette into noodles and I cooked onion, mushrooms 🍄 and peppers into it. Bloody lovely it was. I also have two shakes as well for later in the night. 
By the way I want to thank the readers of my work for getting my work as blog of the week. Many thanks 🙏 and I really appreciate it. Well I hope you are all well. Remember people be nice to someone. Remember that not everyone will be as smart as you or as quick as you. We are all different and have different abilities, so be patient with someone who is not as quick. Smile and breath. We all had to start from knowing very little. Stay safe and look out for the weaker person.