This time of year is suppose to be the time of good will and people being nice to one another. 
Well let me tell you it’s not. People become so blinkered and job oriented that they forget about being nice and having manors. 
I was in town today looking for ideas for presents for my wife and family. As I was walking 🚶 to the entrance to the shopping centre an elderly woman was coming up to the 🚪 doors. As she was about to go through the doors this idiot goon of a man barged past her and nearly knocked her over. A couple asked if the lady was ok 👌🏼 and some security guard had a word with this goon. You could see him laughing 😂 to himself as he walked off. 
The streets become packed and busy, people forget everything about getting and having manors. 

This isn’t my town it’s an example of Christmas shopping in a busy high street. Don’t get me wrong. I love this time of year. Seeing all the decorations, people going out on work night outs. People having to much to drink 🍹 🍷🍸presents 🎁 and the street lights. 

People need to stop stressing out and relax about the shopping. Remember the little things in life. People be nice to one another, smile say morning to a stranger. Be nice.