I have been looking for some clothes to buy, something smart and yet casual. 
I went to Primark and had a good look around in other well known shops in the high street. 

Below you will see some outfits I took a fancy to. 

You can see in the first photo we see a young man sporting a slim fit shirt 👚 with a three quarter coat trimmed with a dark collar. With dark slim fit trouser and dark slim shoes 👠. In the second he is wearing a suit toned down with a high neck dark jumper to tone the suit down. Good for office work and for a night out. And half the price of most high street shops. 

I went to try this on myself. But alas it didn’t look this good. The trousers 👖 are a slim fit but worn with a brown belt and brown 👠 shoes. With that is a light lilac 👚 shirt. But to pull it off it needs to be a slim fit shirt not loose. And to finish off the suit it would have to be a burgundy tie or a darker shade of lilac. But you might be able to wear a brown tie but it would have to match the same as your belt or shoes. 

This model is wearing a tweed two piece suit of a speckled dark grey. To make this look casual, even though it is not a smart suit, he is wearing a long sleeved black jumper with chest white panel. This dresses it down and having the sleeves pop out the end of the jacket covering the hands. 
I hope you like what I have written. I haven’t done much on fashion and I am still learning.