Today I will try and write about a few outfits I have found while looking through the Internet. 
I have looked and found about four outfits that I think look ok and are the sort of thing men would wear on a daily weekend or a lads night out. 

Picture by Asos fashion finder. 

Above we have a whole outfit out together by someone who knows what they are doing. We start of with the black casual shoes 👠 with a white trim. Put together with dark tan chinos that for some reason are rolled up at the ankles. With the trousers there is a dark brown leather belt. 

On top we have a grey T-shirt and over this is a slim fit long sleeved jumper. With a button up chest opening. With the rest of what we have here I would finish it off with the thick grey woolly scarf, not the body warmer. 

Picture by Denim Therapy Blog. 

This is an easy and simple outfit that has been put together. I like this one as it can be made to look casual to smart in the change of a top. 
To start with we have the tan leather smart shoes 👠 that can be worn with casual wear and suits. For the bottoms we have dark blue half faded jeans 👖 at the knees. To finish it off is a brown tweed style jacket. With this jacket you could wear a dark blue high V neck T-shirt, to make it casual. If you want it smart you could have a slim fit shirt 👚 in colours of black, brown, white or grey just to name a few. 

Picture by Armani Jeans. 

This is a very casual but also smart at the same time. The trousers are a seemed a sand/grey colour, with the pockets on the outside of the trousers 👖. Finished off with a black leather belt done loosely. The top as can be seen is a slim fit in a grey colour with two dark grey stripes across both sleeves. The whole outfit is finished off with a dark grandad hat 🎩. With out the hat it a very smart looking casual look that could be worn with a lads night out or out for a pub meal 🥘. 

Picture by Permanent Style. 

This out fit is my favourite of the lot so far. To start with it would be worn with bark brown leather smart shoes 👠 with dark brown corduroy trousers 👖. The shirt 👚 would be a slim fit and it appears to be of lilac colour. The jacket appears to be of light green to grey. Made from wool, with three buttons and always done up with just the middle button. To finish the outfit he is wearing a tan coloured cotton looking scarf. 

This outfit is of the smart appearance for something like an office or meeting. People have often worn this style for weekends away or just simply trips into town. 
At the end of day it doesn’t make what you like or what you are told. If you like what you are wearing you should wear it whenever you like. 
Well I hope you like what I have written, if not sorry. I am not a professional writer but I do enjoy writing. Please feel free to comment or let me know what you would like me to write about next.