Today I have been looking at men’s accessories such as watches, bracelets, scarfs, bags and jewellery. 
I have looked at many different items and this time around I am going to do an article on watches ⌚️ and bracelets. One or two are expensive and some are cheap. But as we all know it is the name and status we pay for. 
Some people pay just for the name and plus they can afford it and some just like the look no matter how cheap. Some people cannot afford the high prices so they pay 💰 for cheap but stylish. Some buy the real thing and some will buy replicas. 

Watches ⌚️, 

The above watch is made by Daniel Wellington. This is a lesser know maker to me but in my eyes it is a very simple and stylish watch. In my opinion it is a watch to be worn in a smart party 🎉 event like a wedding 👰 or to the office wearing a dark suit during day or night. This watch ⌚️ is a smart dress watch and not a daily wear. It can be sold on for about £70. 

This lovely stylish watch ⌚️ is from John Lewis and is made by Hamilton. This is a mix of smart wear and casual wear. You can see it is in a metal casing with a metal bracelet strap. This in my opinion is a smart dress watch and occasional wear. Like meals out, meetings, and special occasions like weddings 👰, and work events. This watch has a black face with white vertical stripes. With date function and wind up function. 

The only thing with this stylish watch is it is for sale at John Lewis for about £495. So you can see why it is a watch for special events. 

This watch is supplied by Made Man and made by EYKI. A make I personally have never heard of but it does look 👀 very good to me. 

Made with a leather black strap with buckle fastener and in a metal casing with a black metal top. This watch has a black face with part mechanical on show. With a wind up function to keep it going. This is a cheaper watch but comes across as stylish and looks like it is a special events watch. 

It is for sale from Made Man for under $50 as I can’t find an exact price. This is definitely one watch ⌚️ I would by if I could find it in the U.K.  

Now we look at men’s bracelets. There are so many different styles of men’s bracelets out there and I have picked 3 of my favourites. 

Above we have a brown wooden beaded bracelet with a brass looking Buda head. This is a great 👍🏼 looking bracelet. 

This bracelet is sold by ETSY and is called Men’s Tiger 🐯 Eye and costs about £25.57 on their sight. Definitely one I would like to own. 

This one above is a multi layer bracelet made with black looking leather materials and silver looking metals. The main style is the anchor ⚓️ with surrounding beads. It does have an easy fastening catch to tie it up. 

You can find it for sale at ROMATCO and it is called Multi Layer Anchor and costs about £24.99

This is a favourite of my findings. It appears to be made from brown leather and what appears to be silver coloured beads and silver coloured fastenings. This is a very daily wear but also goes well with smart wear and particular watches ⌚️ crossing materials. 

This bracelet is sold by NOVICA and is called Chankas Warrior and could be sold for about $99.99 unfortunately a little bit pricey but looks really good.