Another day of looking through the Internet for something on men’s fashion. Today I am going to attempt to do a small write up on men’s jumpers but not high end jumpers. These are more affordable to the everyday person and not one is over £20. I hope you like what I wrote. 

Picture by George of Asda. 
This is a machine knitted stone coloured jumper for men. It is a casual style jumper with a funnel neck. It is a thick comfortable jumper. This is the type of jumper to be worn with casual trousers or jeans. 
You can get this jumper from George in the supermarket Asda. It is a Funnel neck Fisherman jumper for the price of £12.00. 

Picture by Tesco. 
This photo is not to good but I actually like this jumper. It is a casual jumper best with stone washed jeans with a T-shirt. This is also a thin knitted jumper for everyday wear. 

This particular jumper can be drought from Tesco supermarket and made by F+F. Navy blue with horizontal white stripes with a crew neck design. You can buy this for about £14.00.

Picture by Sainsbury’s. 
This particular jumper is my favourite as well. A thick woollen jumper in a light grey colour with a high neck collar and finished off nicely with a zip in the front of the collar. This is a typical winter style jumper and is available from Sainsbury’s supermarket. Designed by Tu and you could buy this particular jumper for about £12.50. 

Picture by Zicac.
This is a casual wear jumper but does at the same time appear to be smart wear. It is a machine knitted jumper of four different coloured horizontal thick stripes. It is a slim fit jumper and would go well with mainly dark blue jeans or black jeans. 
It is available on Amazon for about £17.98