Good day to my fellow bloggers. I have spent a day looking through the internet looking for ideas on what to write about next. At this present moment I am going to write about men’s suits I have taken a fancy to. These articles are just my own personal opinion and nothing more. If you like what I have written please feel free to leave comments at the end of the article and suggest something that you would like to read about on Men’s Fashion.

 Picture by Debenhams.This particular suit as stated is from Debenhams in most high streets. It is a simple but yet stylish 3 piece suit, semi plain of a regular fit. It comes with the waist coat and the two button jacket and trousers. It does go well with a light or white shirt but in my opinion only with black or grey shoes. This particular suit will set you back £48.00 and as stated from Debenhams. 

Picture by Burtons.This is a dark textured Grey suit with a tailored fit . This is also a regular fit and is suited well with the black smart shoes , white slim fit shirt and the waist coat to finish it off is a rose coloured tie. The rose coloured tie in my personal opinion breaks the dull grey colour and brightens the whole thing up. This as stated is from Burtons and will set you back £99.00 which is a great deal for a 3 piece tailored suit. 

Picture by Ambrose.This particular suit  is also in the company of Tuxedos as it is mainly for wedding and high end parties. As we can see this is a 3 piece suit with a stylish waist coat that fastens up at a slanted angle, not you regular way of flat straight. It is suited to black or very dark grey shoes but that depends on the shirt you are going to wear with the suit. This particular suit as stated is by Ambrose but you can buy it from Amazon for a small price of £89.99. There you have it three stylish suits that will not set you back a small fortune and is also available on most high streets. Like I said not everyone will like these as it is my own opinion.                    

Source: Men’s Cheaper Suits