I’m here again readers, how is your weekend going good I hope. Well this time I am going to show you three T-shirts I personally own and wear to the gym and when I work out. Which isn’t to often at the minute. I hope you like what I write down and please feel free to make comments at the end of this little article. This was the first T-shirt I bought when I joined a gym which was about two years ago, give or take. I did buy it from MyProtien on their website. It is made of a lycra  material I think and is stretchy to fit most shapes. It is a very comfortable top to wear and it does show when you start to work out. This is actually my favourite top for the gym at the minute as it is a loose fit. This as I already said is available from MyProtien and will cost you roughly around £11.25 and for me is a great buy.

 The above T-shirt is again from MyProtien and this one is only a few months old. The difference with this top and the blue one is that this Grey one can be worn on a daily basis. It is not just a gym top but a fashionable everyday top, in my opinion. This is a comfortable top but it appears to be a slim fit so try getting the next size up unless you got the muscles to burst threw it. This was also brought from MyProtien website and had next day delivery on it at the time. This T-shirt will set you back a little, roughly around £15.99 , which isn’t to bad in my opinion. 

This particular Sleeveless workout top is my oldest top and I wear this one for the gym and for kickboxing as well. It to is made of a stretchy material and also is a slim fit. So unless you have the muscles to burst out with try buying the next size up. Believe me I do not have the muscles to wear it as a slim fit. When I bought this one I got it from the RDX website, which is one of the major suppliers for Fight wear in the country. This top did set me back at the time around £15.Well This is just a short write up on men’s gym fashion wear. I will be trolling through the internet later to see what else I can write about unless you want something in particular.

Source: Men’s Gym T-shirst