Good day to my fellow writers, I hope you are all well. This evening I have been looking through the internet for something to write about in regards to fashion. This time I have gone a different way and as you can see I have decided to pick out a few celebrities. I have written a little bit about what  I have found and what I think looks good.

I hope you like what I have written and please feel free to leave comments at the end. I am not a professional writer on fashion but I would like to start making a living from this. Something like writing for magazines or papers and working from home or office and going out for meetings now and again and taking my own photos of clothing style.


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Sorry the picture is not brilliant but I have tried three or four and it remains like this. The first picture is as we can see Will Smith in a casual outfit. It appears he has black or brown leather sport boots that are left untied with casual fitted black jeans, folded into the top of the boots. With this he wears a classic white T-shirt with what appears to be a stone grey coloured jumper. To make this look stylish the T-shirt should be worn hanging out. To finish it off he sports a Hip length black Jacket that is styled in creases to make it look scruffy but still smart at the same time. Funny how scruffy can also look smart at the same time. I do like this outfit but probably this is a high end fashion names.

The second photo of Will Smith is a smart outfit but played down at the same time. He sports a pair of black smart shoes with a white two piece suit. Now white suits are difficult in my eyes as white suits do not suit everyone but if you have the figure and build to wear it. With the suit he wears a black leather belt and a black and dark blue shirt undone by two buttons with grey or dirty white vertical stripes. Personally I would not suit this outfit but would like the first outfit in the photo.


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Yet again the picture is not brilliant so I am sorry.

With the first photo we see the action man sporting black smart shoes that appear to be slip ons. On his bottom half he is wearing what appears to be blue stone washed jeans, which always look good with black shoes. On the top half Jason appears to be wearing a light coloured shirt with a black jumper over the top. Now this is a casual outfit but does look smart enough for times out with friends or a quick meal with friends.

The second photo has Jason sporting blue Adidas trainers with casual fitted jeans that appear to be worn look. On his top he is wearing a grey or light blue loose fitting jumper which looks amazing if you have the body to go with it. As we all know Jason has that body to pull this off. Myself I like this outfit the most as it is a fully casual look for daily wear.


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Hear we have the infamous Super man Henry Cavill. He is sporting both smart wears and casual wear in both types of shoots. They are smart but grey suits smart clothes and white shirts with full length light grey jacket. In one we see a three piece suit with a white shirt finished off brilliantly with a red tie. One of my favourites is Henry sporting a black suit finished of with a white shirt undone at the collar. To be honest all six photos are of top quality and look amazing in them all. the one that does disappoint just a little is the black and white one as you can’t see the colouring of the clothing.