Good day readers, how are you all? Good I hope. Well I have been looking through the internet for something to write about in men’s fashion and today I have pick out four shirts I personally like and I hope you like them too.

I have picked out four shirts from Marks & Spencers, Burtons, Debenhams and Asos. These are all smart shirts but can be casual as well, it all depends on what you wear them with. Some look good with jeans and some look good with trousers and both jeans and trouser. But I will let you make that decision.


Picture from M&S.

As we can see this is a slim fitted shirt that is good for all occasions, such as a night out with friends or for more formal events but not with a tie. It is Autograph by Supima for Marks and Spencers. It is made from Cotton and is a long sleeve, slim fit. It has a Grey and Black geometrical pattern. In my opinion it is a great shirt and a comfortable fit with and can be worn with the collar done to the top or a few buttons undone and looks good with trousers or with smart jeans. This shirt sells for about £39.50 at M&S.


Picture from Burtons.

This particular shirt is a beautiful shirt by DKNY as we can see, it is a single button cuff and is a textured Navy blue and white pattern. It is apparently 100% Cotton, long sleeved. This shirt does go well with smart blue jeans, (not stone washed) and tan desert boots for a casual night out with friends or for a weekend outfit. As stated this shirt is sold at Burtons and retails for about a staggering £60. But it is worth the money as the shirt is an eye catcher.


Picture from Debenhams.

As seen this shirt is a navy blue design with a floral print. This is a slim fit and good with dark blue jeans but not with trousers in my opinion. It is made from 100% Cotton and is designed by RJR. John Rocha for Debenhams. Personally I would wear this on a weekend out with friends or with a meal with my wife. It does retail for £45 at Debenhams roughly.


picture from Asos.

This too is a slim fit cotton long sleeve fit that looks good with blue jeans and brown shoes. It is for sail on Asos and designed by Farah with a polka dot design. It is a stretch design as well. it is of Bordeaux colour which I personally think is purple or a dark red. This looks good with blue jeans and desert boots in my personal opinion. It was for sale originally at £65 but has been reduced to £29 which is a great buy.

These are just my opinion on men’s fashion in shirts and you may find it different. Please feel free to comment on this and let me know what you think of my opinions or what you would like to know about next.